Thursday, February 12, 2009

ASLforLife, NAD Could Not Do Everything ....

ASLforLife, you have a good intention about what to do about the current state (hearing) employee with the Missouri Department of Education overlook the Deaf Education program. 

 We need to understand that the NAD could not do everything on the state level whether the state employee is qualified to supervise the Deaf Education statewide program or not. 

  Another issue is the qualification of this hearing state employee whether she is really qualified and competent or not. 

   We could expose the contents of political cronyism and status quos employment hiring practices among unqualified and questionable individuals working at the state-level department concerned the statewide educational program. 

   What qualifications, skills and degree(s) this hearing state employee to be fit for supervising the Deaf Education program? What make the Missouri Department of Education to hire that so-called questionable individual after got fired from the Missouri School for the Deaf for whatever reason(s). 

  The deaf Missouri community could get together to challenge and question the Missouri Department of Education for hiring the hearing individual within questionable employment history, ex. MSD. 

  The deaf grassroots leadership like you and other deaf Missourians are best equipped to do the statewide protest. Hopefully, NAD could provide some kind of guidance, support and advice what to do with this issue. 

  Real glad to see you getting your own vlog! 

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. RLM,

    The different between Audism and Racism.

    One is hearing and deaf

    the other is black and white

    Racism have gotten controlled and rectified

    Audism is acceptable because of the double standard that hearing knows more than Deaf people for/of/by the Deaf.

    When genuine Deaf people speak or say the truth, they get attacked by audism of hearing and colonialized deaf people.

    We need to reveal those oppressors that denying our rights to be respected as fully normal human beings just like a Mac and PC computers, we both are just functional as you are.

  2. Kim,

    How true about the difference between "racism' and "audsim".

    The silent mechanism of audism could be not detected right away, but on several encounters to observe any hearing individual's true colors, ex. audist.

    Thanks again for your comment. :)


  3. Missouri has too much audism in it. It takes more political will to abolish it. BUT not until every Deaf Missourians stand up, it will be gone.

    Bottom line is that the hearing people tend to control policies and decisions affecting the deaf community. That is "paternalism" at its best.

    This fine lady is doing great to making noises about cronyism and "corruption". It is very unfortunate that some deaf do not see anything worth supporting.

    I have been supporting her from Day one when some left and did NOT give her support.

    Despite it all, we are progressing!


  4. Paul,

    Good for you supporting Shawn (ASLforLife) on her cause to weed out that incompetent hearing lady from her undeserved postiton.

    I still could not find that hearing lady's name.

    Here is my email address -

    I hope that some people at NAD and other deaf activists will give Shawn some advice how to boot that lady for all good.

    Thanks again, Paul for your comment.


  5. RLMDEAF, I already left my video comment on number 23 for you under my vlog from DVTV.

    Paul, I already left my video comment on nbr 24 for you, too. Thanks, Shawn

  6. State association of the Deaf should be able to provide assistance in this case. ASL Risen, have you contacted them?

  7. Kim, I beg to disagree. We outthrew Board Chair Jane Spilman because of her audism. She said "Deaf people are not ready to function in the hearing world." That was paternernalistic of her.

    If audism is persistent, "audism" will be published in the dictionary in five, ten years.

    Rememner "D/d"eaf was coined in the Deaf community in 1960's, but wass not published until 1990's.

  8. mishkazena,

    Done sent email to NAD again plus cc to ASLEveryday and blindcopied to Prez of MoAD, 2 Deaf Missouri Private citizens and my Deaf husband. Sorry took me long time because I was WORN OUT from working OVERTIME!!!! Thanks. Shawn