Friday, March 27, 2009

Create Our Own "Audism Monologues" Skits/Play

The 8-days countdown to the "Audism-Free America" (AFA) mass protest against the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBell or AGBAD)'s Volta Bureau building in Washington, DC next April 3rd, 2009.

Why not create our own "Audism Monologues" skits and plays within the solidarity affiliations for the "Audism Free America"'s DC protest in our own local areas to educate the general public about the evils of audism.

From viewing the original "Audism Monologues" play directed by Alison Aubrecht and produced by the LightKitchen at the Gallery 5 of the Eastern Market building few blocks from the U.S. Capitol last November 22, 2o09. This play left me pretty inspired and satisfying how true about the existence of audism within the dominant society at large. Real powerful and unforgettable play. Wanna see it again and again and again! You will, too!

Here are several video clips from the Audism.TV and take a look and get some ideas what many of you could do in your own local area - and ENJOY!

We really could do the fundraising within our "Audism Monologues" skits and plays from our own personal experience as deaf person within the audist society and send $$ to the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) to fight off the seeping practices of audism among some deaf "Uncle Tom" people and ignorant hearing populace.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Hooray! Glad to see more AFA supporters. Barry Sewel and Amy Cohen Efron are still at it trying to stir up things. It is very pathethic. They should have leave Deaf people alone and let them think for themselves.


  2. I noticed everytime DBC finds brilliant idea, Amy Cohen hijacks then her gang join her terrorize DBC. I can't follow a leader who's s very dominating person. No way. She already lost credibility long time ago anyways. We resist a person who's "me, me, me."

    No name plz! Freedm of speech!

  3. You know what? Dreambigz is a totally insulting! She's a big time new idiot rookie vlogger! She's kissing on Barry's ahss. She's already brainwashed from Barry. She's a Barry's follower!

  4. RLM thank you so much for posting ideas of how educate folks about audism!

    I find the above comments targeting individuals unproductive to the discourse and positive, peaceful activism we all would like to pursue

    I know folks are frustrated as am I

    Thank you again



  5. Hi everyone,

    Well, I did not check out the latest comments until Sunday afternoon, 3/29.

    Everyone have the right to their own opinion whether those comments are negative or positive.


    I am much for the greater freedom of speech and thoughts and expression.

    I am with you that we needs to resort to the real activism to succeed and resolve issues facing all of us, Deaf America.

    I personally like Amy Cohen Efron and Misha Zena. I also embrace their concerns and expression as some kind of no big deals for me. :)

    Every of us needs to get together and build the real coalition to enrich our everyday deaf life. :)


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