Sunday, March 1, 2009

Open Message to ASLforLife and Missouri VR

    For your information, ASLforLife. 

    There is the official "independent" agency in fighting any VR decisions on the behalf of Vocational Rehabilitation  (VR) clients - Missouri Protection & Advocacy Services - 

   The U.S. Congress passed several incentives since the 1970s til recent 1998 to assist any VR clients if they have any problems with their own VR agencies from the PADD to Client Assistance Program well-known as the CAP and PAIR. 

  This CAP attorney will represent the VR client why he or she should get that kind of assistance within the VR agency. 

   I once asked for the CAP attorney to help me fighting the DC VR for denying me the VR assistance to be the new client. I was told that I was not qualified at all. What??? I finally got the DC VR to pay for my Gallaudet University tuition back in the 1990s. :) 

  I am truly sorry for not able to leave any video comment(s) on your vlog site. 

  Please check out the enclosed link - for contacting someone in Jefferson City, MO. Okay? I also want to know the progress on that deaf couple's deaf son's VR case, please. Thanks.  Deal??? 

  Did you know that I used to be employed with the Office of Honorable Kit Bond, U.S. Senate in Washington, DC back in the 1990s, ASLforLife? 

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason 



  1. Wow, NO I did NOT know that you worked for Kit Bond, US Senator!!! Got a photo of you both US Senator Bond??? Thanks for your blog, RLMDeaf!!

  2. Very interesting that I got few Deaf complaint about their own Deaf VR counselor who graduated from same Oral Catholic School did turned them down, so they did switched to different better VR counselor... You can go view on my number 15 and 16 video comments on this DVTV (copied and pasted) link:

    Hope you will have a very good week, RLMDEAF!!!

  3. ASL Risen,

    Shucks! I never thought about having myself and U.S. Senator Kit Bond the joint photo session in the first place.

    Kit do know handful of sign language and fingerspellings. His son, Sam, also was very interested in learning sign language, too. I had not seen Kit for about five year. I haven't seen Sam for more than 18 years.

    You are absolutely right that I should be included in Bond's staff group photo or individual photo with Kit. I never like his chief of staff which he was really an a**hole. That chief of staff sneaked behind my back and forced the student interns under my care to work overnight many nights without letting me know.

    My name should be on the staff listing directory of Kit Bond back in the 90s under the Legislative Correspondence Unit.


  4. Really about such existence of bias among deaf VR counselors based on philsophical leanings within the deaf education??

    That is totally unacceptable of any VR counselors have such kind of bias without having any good reasons to deny the VR client.

    Please have the deaf couple to contact the Missouri Advocacy via CAP attorney to help them and their deaf son to appeal to the VR why the deaf son being denied for finanical assistance for his NTID tuition. Okay?


  5. You worked for Kit? That's interesting. I am upplauding his departure from the Senate. That's all I can do. I stopped supporting him when I changed party affiliation. He was good governor back then but now the public opinion is what it is.

  6. Paul,

    I would not blame you at all.

    I am ever not a registered Republican myself.

    Some Bond staffers thought that I was too liberal for Kit's office.

    Kit gave me a cold look when I accidently bumped into him at the local supermarket near the U.S. Captiol. I simply said Hi! Kit looked glum when he saw me. I really don't know why!

    I was fired by Kit's office without no good reason or explaination.

    Kit always think that he is some kind of special Senator. Kit failed many things to make himself more recognizable. He hated most are amublance chasers, ex. money-grubbing lawyers.

    Kit's wife is kinda a bitch anyway.

    Several Gallaudet students had a sex party with some Bond female staffers at Kit's house while Kit and his family went somewhere in Europe. Interesting stuff!


  7. RLM, thanks for sharing with us your dig deep details about our former Missouri 47th and 49th Governor Christopher "Kit" Bond.

    I remembered that Kit Bond was a 47th governor of Missouri before a year I did graduated from Catholic Oral School in 1978 with 48th Democrat Governor Joseph P Teasdale.

    Then in 1982 I got enrolled hearing women college in the middle of Missouri, I got confused that Kit Bond was 49th governor of Missouri again! Scratching my head!!

    Then I got a full time job after dropped out of hearing women college in 1984, Kit Bond was running for US Senate in 1986. After Kit Bond won 2nd term with 49th Governor of Missouri, Kit sued his investment manager for $1.3 million trust fund but got money $900,000 in 1996.

    In 1994 Kit Bond's first wife, Carolyn filed for a divorce. Then Kit Bond married to Linda Pell in 2002.

    Oh boy, was it fun party at Kit Bond's house???!! Wish that you have photo of that house in DC!! ha ha ha