Friday, February 27, 2009

The Jonas Brothers' Own Mom Taught Sign Language

According to the ABC-TV's "Barbara Walters Oscar Special" television programming last Sunday, February 22nd (2009) that the wildly popular pop rock "boys band", the Jonas Brothers' own mother did teach sign language in Dallas (TX) area before moving out to Los Angeles. Her name is Denise Jonas.

Many questions arisen whether Denise Jonas is really a certified American Sign Language instructor known as the ASLTA (American Sign Language Teacher Association) or simply teach basic sign language thru religious themes, ex. religious signings.

Another deaf blog did report about the Jonas Brothers' own mother taught sign language back in last August 2008. Several deaf commentators questioned whether Denise Jonas is really teaching sign language or what?

Denise Jonas closed her "My Space" e-account to the general public which left me not able to pursue much further like inquiring her for more information about how she learn the sign language, where she did teach sign language, any formal training for sign language instruction, etc. How fluent Denise Jonas really have for sign language?

Real surprised to learn that the Jonas Brothers' first group album, "Mandy" was really based on the experience of dealing with sign language which Denise Jonas taught the mute female neighbor some sign language for communicating with the deaf. One of the Jonas Brothers trios singers also dated that very same mute neighbor.,0,5015472.story

Here is the Jonas Brothers' first album enclosure -

Deaf blog reporting first back in last August 2008 -

There is the YouTube posting of ASL signing of the Jonas Brothers' "Lovebugs" theme songs. Not able to post this one due to technical difficulty.

Many Jonas Brothers (JoBros) fans are inspired by the Jonas Brothers' own mom teaching sign language. They often want to learn some sign language.

The Jonas Brothers could be the hearing ambassadorship of sign language for more people to appreciate the beauty of sign language along with their own mother, too.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason



  1. Hi RLM,

    How interesting! Perhaps you
    would consider checking out
    for a fact by consulting the
    editor of PARADE. I would be
    interested in learning what
    had motivated her to learn
    in order to teach ASL.

    Jean Boutcher

  2. Grand idea, Jean Boutcher!

    I will send a short email message to the Parade, Sunday supplement magazine or its competitor, "USA Today Sunday".

    Many thanks for the suggestion.


  3. RLM,

    I don't see any on update on Parade. I would know if you already written a note to Parade and it has already print out since you wrote?
    I hope I don't missed it?
    I might need to run to recycle bin to find old parade from few week ago.
    Before I set up the garage and recycle bin for threw it away about three weekend ago?

    Deaf Pixie. :S

  4. ummm yea u seem to have some mis imformation Mandy (Amanda) is not mute never was though Mrs. Deniese did teach her sign launguage at church Joseph Nick and Kevin we're all taught sign launguage and im not sure if Mrs.Denise is sertified and it would be very rude to ask but i know that nick kevin and joseph know enough sign launguage to hold up a decent conversation and if u look very closely when on stage they tend to sign "my" "me" and soome others incorperated with their songs and lease correct your information thank u

    Jonas Roadee

  5. Jonas Roadee,

    Thanks for your assurance to make the correction regarding Mandy, the Jonas Brothers' so-called mute neighbor that she is really not mute at all.

    That's what I read from the Internet about how the Jonas Brothers' mom teached Mandy some sign language which Mandy was a mute herself.

    Really about the Jonas Brothers' tendency to sign 'My", "Me" and other some sign language during their concert performances?

    At least, you already issued the correction regarding misinformation on my blog posting.

    I will issue the ombudsman about your correction. Okay? Thanks. :)

    I truly appreciate your sharing info about the Jonas Brothers' use of few signs withint their songs.


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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