Monday, April 13, 2009

Open Letter to AFA from RLMDEAF

 Here is an open letter to the Audism Free America - 

  I personally urge you, the Audism Free America (AFA) to send in the certified mail with return signature as soon as possible. That is only the way for the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBell) from claiming that they never receive any kind of formal request from you, the AFA. 

  How true about email correspondences being legally recognized as standard piece of communicaton in many judicial circles, but some people manuever deniability in very effective way.  Certified mail with return signature is most economical and reliable proof for legal claim. The AFA have to state the date of expected response, too. That will make the AGBell pretty hard to avoid any legal manuever. 

  Please seek the pro bono legal advisor specialized in organizational issue which will be very helpful for the AFA. 

  The AGBell somewhat violated the terroritial law of District of Columbia and federal laws for not providing the copy of computer disk while denied you, the Audism Free America any options for videorecording for record purpose. 

  Why in the world, the AFA being prohibited of having the meeting to be recorded thru independent means without any editing modes from the AGBell?

  The Audism Free America had a historic meeting with the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf out of courtesy for open dialogue concerned the issues of educational options for deaf babies and youngsters. No video or visual recording, ex. photos are pretty troubling for this kind of dialogue. 

  Please email me at for more private advices from Robert Mason. 

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. On open letter,

    Send certified? Yes, no chance deny it! Email can be denied! If you put ‘Return Receipt’ they can not send but still read email. Signature best proof!

    Get legal advice, yes. Know for sure what to do, I see people give advice on law when they not know about it. I had choice on that advice or lawyer advice and the lawyer tell me other advice incorrect. Lawyer know so that best idea!

    Video of meeting? If AGBell supposed work to help deaf they should be full open of meeting. You could say very least have independent person take minutes of meeting so they can’t deny what they saying but I still say they should video though, why shouldn’t they if nothing to hide?

    And if AGBell not open about this go around them to people who can do something. AGBell supposed to be helping deaf they should not hide, they to help on what deaf needs, not tell deaf what need without knowing for real what deaf want and need. They there to help deaf, not tell deaf what to do and to obey without own opinions!

  2. Hello, I think AG Bell can refuse a certified letter. What then? Just a thought.
    (not very anonymous uh? ha)

  3. Good point but I think if they do that then can prove with no doubt they not want to have talk with deaf and they can’t deny it!

  4. Now that is a good point.

    Looks like a catch-22 to me. Either they sign the certification letter and show proof, or decline and show proof of not wanting to further contact with AFA.

  5. If AFA is major group that deaf go to then AGBell silly to ignore or may do on purpose to make it look like AGBell the choice group for deaf and AFA just pretend.

    From what I can see of it AGBell have own agenda as in possible own gain as in money is made by AGBell. I point out in comments on previous post of RLM that AGBell need deaf and not other way round. If AFA work close with other deaf group and they on same team AGBell will have to be open in what they say. Do AGBell get much of taxpayer money? If that so then don’t they have to be accountable on what they do for money? And more now as people question where taxpayer money is being spent and how.

  6. Yes, that's WHY I rather send in any certified letter(s) with return signature to see if this particular individual is being honest or not.


    To answer your Q's whether the AGBell receive any government fund.

    My best guess is "nope", but the AGBell have the way of extending its tentacles over our own government and corporations and other means.

    No questions about the AGBell being instrumental in establishing the National Center for Deafness the government agency with multi-millions dollars thru their lobbying efforts in name of helping deaf people.

    I will come back to you, Peter. Okay?


  7. a certified letter is being sent


  8. Anonymous,

    Wish you all the best with certified letter.

    Next time to send the letter with notary public seal.

    You could find the free notary public representative in any university or library or non-profit organization or city hall with your non-profit organization status, etc.

    Hopefully, the AGBell will respectfully embrace the AFA letter.


  9. What does AFA say to AGBell? Do they say thing that is true to them and is out to fix deaf problem with AGBell?

    Thing is when it money sometime organisations are real difficult to face, other time they go too far and fall easy.

    I think main problem deaf not unified and AGBell take advantage of it. It interest to me what AGBell do so I will keep looking to this post.

  10. Peter,

    FYI, the AGBell usually done things contradictory to their own sayings.

    In the past, I urged the AGBell to post the open letter to the DBC. Guess what? The AGBell never done it at all.

    I trust the DBC and AFA over the AGBell. I used to have the former enemy within the DBC - DE, but I grew to respect him as a tireless advocate of deaf babies and youngsters.

    Most important of all is to get over the personal grudges with particular individual and move on.


  11. Many place sorry to say contradict what say. Is it right to think maybe AGBell feel secure that they can say policy on deaf and not care what deaf think? If that how things are as always I say go around AGBell and show them they need deaf more than deaf need them!

    Good you not let grudge get in way of fixing issue. In past I see others let grudge ruin whole thing for everybody.

    Meantime will you send letter to other deaf groups as well? Get more deaf with you and maybe you have 5000 or more protest at AGBell instead of only 50. Just think of how many elected in DC will notice if you have that.