Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Do You Really Think of Marlee Matlin's Alleged Abuses?

From reading the US weekly magazine last weekend on Actress Marlee Matlin's alleged (real shocking) abuses from sexual molestation by her 16 years old female babysitter to the heavy-handed treatment by respectable actor William Hurt.

Last week's US magazine edition revealed more about MM's enduring abuses than in the CNN interview.

Marlee Matlin is well-known for her gay-friendly friendship with numerous deaf gay guys which she personally attended one known deaf gay marriage pretty long time ago (before the gay marriage became fashionable). Matlin also have close friendship with deaf gay guys.

That seems very shocking about Marlee dealt with sexual molestation from her female babysitter as the fact of MM's close friendship with deaf gay guys. Marlee also dealt with the inapporiate relationship with the high school teacher. Matlin had no resentments toward deaf gay guys. Evidently, Marlee felt connected with deaf gay guys due to her personal experience with sexual molestation.

Actress Marlee Matlin really gave the superb performance as Sarah in the 1986's "Children of the Lesser God" in despite of scathing responses from the deaf community. Her performance and actor William Hurt's performance in the "Children of the Lesser God" revealed true afflictions of their relationship later in real life.

No questions about William Hurt being patronized toward Marlee Matlin as some kind of little girl. Hurt was known for using the sign language communication with MM, but he had somewhat a tendency of being an audistic.

The real surprise about Marlee Matlin's past recreational drug uses which never strike me as a person for the drug abuse. Same thing with actor William Hurt for his drug use and alcohol abuses.

I personally never like actor William Hurt as a person, not because of his affiliation with Marlee Matlin. Something off (vibes) about Hurt himself. I always enjoy William Hurt's film performances.

Marlee Matlin made a brilliant timing of her new autobiography book, "I Will Scream" which she always want to spill the beans about alleged abuses from actor William Hurt.

In the 1980s, actor William Hurt was a big-time Hollywood star with box-office clouts from "Body Heat" to "Altered States". No questions about Marlee's affection for William Hurt as a fellow thespian which Hurt done many memorable film performances.

Ought to read Marlee Matlin's new book this week and share my thoughts with all of you, Deafread blog readers.

ASLize yours


  1. The recent STARmeter showed 30 percent plummented for the rating favor of William Hurt this week due to MM's new book.

    Surprisingly, William Hurt born in Washington, DC and raised there, but ended up in private school. Hurt's father worked at the State Department.

    That explained his willingess for going out with Marlee Matlin and role in the "Children of Lesser God" film.


  2. The fact that MM was sexually abused growing up I feel is not connected or related to why she has a close strong bond with deaf gay men. Some people are just gay friendly and do not need to have a bad experience to be able to relate to gay people etc.

    MM will be at Cal State University Northridge next week Tuesday April 21st at 3pm. Maybe she can answer some questions for everyone.

    I don't think we should judge her on past happenings in her life. Let her explain for herself and not let media change stories.


  3. Alleged does not mean "real shocking."

  4. I'm afraid this will jeopardize her reputation! I'm an avid MM fan and I was disappointed that lot of occurrence is too revealing. Why does that have to happen so often during her lifetime? She need to keep this relationship in private like William Hurt and others. But, her childhood molestation, sure!
    I don't think she will gain more opportunities to come and the book is not going to sell very well.

  5. Jackie,

    Thanks for the comment. I truly appreciate it very much.


    Oops, I do not meant to sideline "alleged" to be the meaning of "real shocking".

    I meant my own personal feeling - real shocking at the alleged abuses MM recently espouses.

    I am really glad that you point out this kind of confusion. My sincere apology.

    I have to realize how careful I have to be with my writing. Thanks for the correction. I TRULY APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH!


  6. Anonymous #2,

    I have to disagree with you about MM's reputation and career opporunities to be severely curtailed.

    That will bring MM to much stronger personal and career level beyond imagination.

    MM's new book will earn the true respect from the Hollywood community and the Obama's America.

    I feel more empathic toward MM than ever. I always root for MM no matter how many times I put up with deaf people and my deaf relatives' naggings of MM as lousy actress, blah.

    MM is truly a gorgeous lady with admirable quality which she is very loveable and approachable person.

    I look forward to buy MM's book! I love salicious details of someone else when she or he admit publicly.

    Thanks for leaving the comment. I truly appreciate it very much.


  7. Hey, Doper

    Re: "Marlee Matlin made a brilliant timing of her new autobiography book, 'I Will Scream.'"

    Her book is called "I'll Scream Later."