Sunday, May 24, 2009

Guess What? Very Deaf-Friendly TV Actor

Guess what? I happened to be at the Starbucks coffeehouse in the Los Olas, weatlhy enclave within the downtown Fort Lauderdale area this Sunday morning, 5/23.

I simply asked the blond gentleman with eyeglasses to see if he could loan me the Sunday local newspaper section to read and return it promptly. This gentleman was more than gracious and pleasant by loaning me several newspaper sections. I returned them which I found the gentleman's face to be very familar.

I wrote down "Are you an actor from ABC-TV's "General Hosptial"? This gentleman nodded yes. He was very deaf-friendly individual by willing to communicate with me thru notepad and pen. The very same gentleman gave me all his Sunday newspaper sections. I offered him $1 dollar for the Sunday newspaper. He shook his head in nay. I felt somewhat bad about blowing up his anonymonity.

I really do not know the name of well-known soap opera actor. I recently look up the Internet to find his name by matching photo of his. That is Kin Shriner living in Fort Lauderdale, FL, too.

Here is the pic of Kin Shriner -

I am not much a star-gazing person, but never expect to bump into this actor. I never watch the ABC-TV's "General Hosptial" except "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) tv programming. I always remind my deaf mother why she would waste such a time on the pointless and endless soap opera tv show since I was a teenager. In the end, my deaf mother told me how right I was about the mindless soap opera tv shows. She got real bored with the DOOL show.

I always bump into celebrities in unexpected places most of time which we ended up having good chats. I usually treat celebrities as anyone else. Celebrities are just like us, human beings. I always respect their privacy.

I have the regular contacts with four celebrities which they like me for who and what I am. Other celebrities always embrace me whenever they see me.

I was surprisingly approached last month by one of major celebrities in North Miami Beach area which I haven't seen him for more than 15 years . This celebrity instantly recognized me out of blue. Whoa! We chatted for more than a hour along with his wife. This celebrity looked for the latte drinking and ended up spotting me.

I miss John Kennedy Jr (JFK Jr.) very much. We did have a great time together on several occasions. His death surely devastated me for weeks after finding out about the unforunate plane crash. I met JFK Jr back in 1980. then late 1980s and early 1990s.

I just learned that actor Matt Damon lives in Aventura area of Miami, FL.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Why I usually ask other people to see if they could loan me the newspaper section. The Starbucks coffeehouse only carried the Sunday New York Times which cost five dollars.

    That is also an environmental-friendly thing to do, too.

    I also am very fast reader which usually leave newspaper sections aside for other people to read.


  2. RLM,

    Cool to know you bumped few celebrities. With respect their privacy social-normal life. I like that! I bumped just two celebrities in my life. They are just like us.

  3. Hedy,

    That is great for you bumping into celebrities, too.

    The truth about many celebrities want to be treated normally like anyone else.

    One DOOL male actor wanted to have sex with me on the cruise ship which left me very uncomfortabl. He also brought his own mother to the cruise. I also went with my mother to that cruise ship at that time, too.

    Guess who? That is Susan's ex-husband character, the slimey one lawyer for Brett character on the Deperate Housewives tv show. This actor keep flirted with me in Jamicia. Several DOOL stars, my mother and I went to the well-known and beautiful waterfall.

    That evening, this actor suddenly returned home on the helicopter from the cruise ship. I felt relieved. No question how hot this actor was. I was not really comfortable when his mother or my mother around.


  4. Hedy and others,

    I recently looked up the name of former DOOL actor.

    That would be Richard Burgli.