Friday, May 22, 2009

L'Chaim, Please Do Not Pander to SEE/PSE

L'Chaim, you are one of real ASL users on the DVTV. Please do not pander to the use of SEE/PSE like signing "dentist" in "D" handshape sign. Okay? Smile!

If you feel that you have to clear up what the ASL sign is all about. Just fingerspell "DENTIST" which will be very helpful for non-ASL viewers to understand your ASL signings.

The Deaf America is cleaning up its messy signings from the years of infliction from the SEE/PSE or Language Contact.

That's why the real importance of standing up to our ideal ASL signings than pandering to the non-ASL users.

I am still struggled with the use of ASL signings in despite of my deaf parent and cousins and residential school of the deaf and Gallaudet University. I do sign ASL profoundly, but sometimes catch myself using partially SEE/PSE.

Back to the early 1990s, one of my Gallaudet University male friend blasted me - "YOU DEAF PARENT AND INSTITUTION (SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF)! WHY YOU USE MIXED SEE/PSE? on the way to the Safeway store at the Hechinger Mall (Northeast DC).

Of course, I was somewhat defensive and denied such claim like using mixed SEE/PSE to ASL. I went home after shopping and signed in front of the mirror. My Gallaudet friend was absolutely right about my f**ked up signings. I was repulsive with myself for letting the Gallaudet University and WV School for the Deaf (WVSD) infected my pure ASL signings. I occassionally cleaned up my signings to more appropriate ASL signings.

I realized that many and many deaf West Virginians' tendency of using heavily SEE/PSE signings than ASL signings as compared to much older deaf generation using purely beautiful and flawless ASL signings.

Damn the hearing and deaf audists for messing up our beloved ASL signings!

Real important to use our natural ASL language and stay with it! Smile!

I always enjoy viewing your vlog postings and fascinate with your thick hair mane and non-reserved personality and worn-out conference/office chair.

Remember that you are also a role model to the Deaf America and everywhere with your ASL signings. Smile! Ruth Gordon and other deaf people surely have very eloquent ASL signings.

I wish that I could leave the video comment. I do not have an access to the webcam. My friend still have my laptop computer in Washington, DC area. Always take care, L'Chaim!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. It happens to me...I grew up with SEE (Seeing Essential English..invented by David Anthony who moved to USA from England)

    me sign in SEE:

    It happen s to me I grew (grew- ed) with See ing Es sent i al Engl ish in vent ed by David Anthony who move ed to USA from Eng land.

    That was how I signed...sign each small part of a word...each word.

    Dentist in my old SEE: Using D and the last part of this word with I as a person.

  2. Hi Deb Ann and Hannah,

    Yes, I understand your personal backgroud growing up with the use of SEE signs.

    We could keep improving ourselves everyday like polishing up our ASL signings.

    Hearing broadcasters and voiceovers always keep practicing their voice frequency to make sure that they speak clearly and understandable.

    SEE signs cost deaf people their precious time for having sign conversations.

    ASL sign for DENTIST give much clearer picture of what it meant as compared to the SEE sign of dentist.

    No questions about real difficulty to kick off the habits of SEE signings. :)

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your loved ones and friends.