Thursday, May 28, 2009

RE: Edward Nuget (Pure Deaf) Whether We Should Trust Democrats or Not?

Within your "Pure Deaf" vlog posting, there is no comment log for anyone to leave comment.

You asked us whether we should trust Democrats (the Democratic Party) or not due to the Early Hearing Intervention Detection (EDHI) on the federal level (Sen. Hillary Clinton, the leading sponsor of this federal bill for the re-authorization of EDHI) and Wisconsin Democratic
Party legislative majority voted for the legislation to make the mandatory requirement for private health insurance to cover the expense of cochlear implant surgery for deaf youngsters below age of 18.

No matter what the political affiliation or party what the Deaf America ought to embrace. At least, the Wisconsin Democratic establishment leave the sour tastes among deaf Americans.

We could do several things like taking the press conference to display our party affiliation switch
to Republicans and Independents to show the Democratic Party how we, the Deaf America really feel about the Democratic Party so far.

Tear out our voter registration paper with "Democrat" on it in very public way (televised press conference) across the United States and the commonwealth as a symbolic action to show real disgusts with the Democratic Party for taking the dignity and well-being of deaf people.

Deaf youngsters below the legal age of 18 really have no sayings or much choice in the matter of inhumane and forced cochlear implant surgery. Does the parents of deaf youngsters know best for their deaf offspring? Nope!

We must send letters to the National Democratic Party and the media outlets about our own
feelings toward Democrats for violating the human rights within deaf babies and youngsters.

We could publicly root for Republican and independent candidates against Democrat candidates to teach the Democrats the big-time lesson!

Deaf people could run for the public offices. I also think about running for the Florida gubernational office (Governor) or U.S. Senate for the vacancy seat of Republican Martinez. I have not ruled it out yet.

I would urge more and more deaf people switch their party affiliations to "Independent" for the real movement within Deaf America to protect our own linguistic and cultural identity from being further compromised.

Cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies and youngsters without their consents or permission are clearly the human rights violation in many ways. Every children should be not treated as some kind of private property or accessory.

The Democratic Party have played the games with the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual (GLBT) community for many years which the GLBT voters are very feeble to cast the ballots for Democratic candidates.

I am not saying that the Republican Party is the best option for the Deaf America or the GLBT community.

We would be better off with the multi-party political system in the United States of America than the party duopoly! Ralph Nader is absolutely right about the appalling state of our elected representative.

Governor Doyle and the Wisconsin Democratic Party just ride off the most popular issue on the health care for political reasons. They will dearly pay the cost for screwing up the Deaf America especially deaf Wisconsin youngsters and babies. Let's make them sweat, squeal and beg for our votes by overturning the recent passage of legislation on CI surgery.

Why deny any deaf adult (latened deaf) such an option to restore their precious hearing abilities? Those deaf adults do pay their health insurance, not deaf children! That is real looney tunes on the part of the Wisconsin Democratic Party and Governor Doyle!

Mike McConnell and Robert Underhill of "Deaf Republicans" must join our Deaf America battles against the Wisconsin Democratic Party and national Democratic Party since the Democrats infringed on the free market's right to assess and decide the cost of provided service.

Or Mike McConnell and Robert Underhill will be seen as the untrue Republicans if they do not done anything to support our causes against the Wisconsin and national Democratic Party.

We must tar and feather (rhetoric) the likes of Jamie Berke and other CI proponents' blogs and vlogs to show our displeasure with those individuals.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I agree you, RLM!!

    We must tar and feather all who disagree us on CI period!

    CIs are evil!

  2. Hi RLM, Sorry my b/vlogs Pure Deaf comment not on. I did read your post, very good.

  3. RLM,

    We need to understand about the political parties which can be very confusing.

    The Republican Party is more of a business minded type of party that focus on generating money in the society.

    The Democratic Party is more of a morality type of a party to promote the wellness and betterment of the people.

    The mind-set type of organization or business such as AGBell and their bed-fellows, CI industries are more of a Republican flavor type but uses the Democratic Party "mask" to mislead others such as Wisconsin Democratic Party to create the bill in the best interest of AGBell and CI industries to generate money rather than the morality of the Deaf babies and children's needs to have their brains educated via visual language as early as 4 to 6 months. AGBell and their cronies such as the CI industries emphasizes the more importance in education of the ears rather than the brains and majority of the parents and political decision makers have taken the bait to believe that.

    The education of the ears before the brain is like having the horse behind the cart.

    It is not the ideology of AGBell's goal that seems more important but the reality of the needs that the Deaf babies and children's cognitive development skills for their brains.

    The CI or education of the ears are not the most important step at the beginning of the Deaf babies' education.

    The BRAINS of the baby is more important than the ears. And once the brain of a Deaf child is ready to start learning how to learn, then the child can be educated.

    I truly believe that AGBell and their bed fellows such as the CI industries have the Republican Party Ideology with a Democratic Party mask on. A genuine hypocrite organization is in the best interest of raking in money, not the morality conscience of what the Deaf babies really need at start, the visual language, to be educated to learn how to learn.

    I am not against CI but it is not the answer to all the problems that the Deaf people been having in the past 100+ years and that ideology is still continuing on and on with many hidden failures that the society, Democratic Party, Republican Party, parents of Deaf babies and children are not aware of. We need complete research on all these different problems that the Deaf community are having but apparently AGBell and its cronies do not want to have any statistic data on all Deaf children up to the age of 18 regarding with language acquisition and education at all schools.

    John F Egbert

  4. RLM--

    I will not switch to Repub party because they will support CI more than Dems due to their philosophy that it will supposedly help Deaf to "integrate" with society better etc etc. Plus they are too business minded and not enuf social support.

    But Ind. ... Maybe.

    I find you have a very good argument that is ironic that McConnell has to support our opposition to funding CI becuz of his Repub. Views about not using tax money for social support etc. HA! Wd love to see how he would try to wiggle out of that one!

  5. Anybody who's interested, go to, and help us make history! It's time we put out the fires of the 6.67 billion deficit, and businesses leaving the state, and got someone else. We cannot afford to wait to see what other damage he will do to the state.

  6. RLM, in the future, please let me know by leaving a message at my blog about anything like this blog of yours you posted in May. I know nothing of the Wisconsin Democratic Party's legislative efforts at the time and your suggestion that I would be an untrue Republican over that issue is ridiculous. I'm always against the Democrats' efforts to socialize all things America and turn the country into a Soviet Union.

    I visit DeafRead irregularly, so sometimes I don't get to see your blog every now and then.

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