Thursday, June 4, 2009

Carradine's Brother Appeared in Film with Deaf Characters

Carradine's Brother Appeared in Film with Deaf Characters

The shocking news about David Carradine's suicide death in Thailand during the filming of the film sequel to Quentin Tarrantino's "Kill Bill" film. His half-brother, Keith Carradine had appeared in the 1975 film, "Nashville" with deaf characters. Lily Tomlin's character was a mother of deaf son in that same film. Ironically, Robert Altman's "Nashville" film was largely a musical film with several deaf characters.

Actress Louise Fletcher, CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) herself ended up winning the Oscar's Best Actress for the Nurse Ratched character in Micheal Douglas' "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" film with Jack Nicholson that 1976 year which "Nashville' film was nominated for the Best Picture within the same year.

Louise Fletcher played the chilling and powerful "Nurse Ratched" character based on her real-life experience from going to several deaf asylums with her deaf missionary father during her childhood years. Please check out the NY Times article above this paragraph.

Fletcher was the first person, who used American Sign Language (ASL) on the Oscar telecast, not Marlee Maltin. Fletcher's deaf parents currently lived in Georgia which she frequently visited her deaf parents and donated a lot of money to her deaf father (pastor)'s church and church events.

Many male deaf students at schools of the deaf across the United States in America dutifully watched David Carradine's wildly popular 1970s' tv series, "Kung Fu" about the traveling monk with amazing kung fu. I never liked this tv series which it was all pointless and repetitve.

I was much a Bruce Lee person myself back in the 1970s. Bruce Lee was a cultural phenomeon in the 1970s cultural scenes with his sinewy body and R-rated film with overt violence. Ever loved to watch Bruce Lee in his "Green Hornet" character in the campy Batman 1960s tv series. The kung fu craze took over America in the early 1970s with impressive physique of Bruce Lee. Just ignore first one to two minutes if you want to see the real cultural impacts what Bruce Lee had upon the 1960s and 1970s.

Still couldn't believe that David Carradine would commit suicide at age of 72. I never was a fan of the Carradine acting family except Keith and Robert Carradine. I found Keith Carradine's character as "child molestor/murderer" in the CBS-TV's "Chiefs" 1983 tv miniseries to be most chilling and realistic.

Many deaf people seen David Carradine's well-known father, John Carradine in numerous low-budget horror films from the 1940s to 1970s.

What really make actor David Carradine mentally snapped at that time to end his own life? Or David realized that he was really all worthless himself?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. No person is "all worthless himself" as you put it. Whatever his reasons (I don't support suicide), it is a sad ending to an accomplished life. I grew up watching him on "Kung Fu" and numerous other films and tv shows.

    That was a little out of line, Robert, to imply he was a worthless individual. Not cool.

    Eddie (ThumpaFlash)

  2. Fletcher's deaf parents did not live in Georgia! They lived in Alabama. My husband knew them! He graduated from Alabama school for the deaf. I never met them in Georgia!

  3. Eddie,

    I just implied how David Carradine perceived himself.

    FYI, many performers are vanity-driven and emotionally/finanically insecure.

    Performers in general including erotic strippers overvalue their looks and end up feeling empty and hollow.

    That's what I am trying to imply and try to understand why David ended up taking his own life.

    What will anyone accomplish if he or she decide to end hir own so-called worthless life?

    Everyone have the purpose or reason to be here on Earth.

    Thanks for pointing out such an inconsiderate word use. I truly appreciate it very much. Smile!

    My understanding is that David Carradine always want to direct the film as his lifetime goal.

    I was not sure if David is hired to direct the film as what Quentin Tarrantino mentioned it on "Larry King" show.

    I never like that f**ker, Larry King anyway for his softball questions and irregularly schmoozed with celebrities during his journalistic duties.

    Larry King was a former criminal anyway.


  4. Anonymous #2,

    YES, you are correct about Fletchers' parents lived in Alabama!

    My sincere apology for this inexcusable slip-up or factual error.

    Thanks a zillion times for bringing up the correction. I am very grateful for your correction.


  5. Still couldn't believe that David Carradine would commit suicide at age of 72.
    At first, it was commit suicide but later rumor fly wild over from ex-wives or friends of David.
    I would like to make clarification. He did not commit suicide himself. He died from freak S/M accident. He or someone tied up David's neck and his penis but somehow his neck cause strangled , more investigate going on.

  6. BGMARON8,

    Thanks for your clarification on the S/M freak accident which went unforunately wrong.

    The Carradine family obviously got embrassed about David's kinky sexual practices known to his past wives.

    That was not in David's gene for committing suicide.


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