Wednesday, May 6, 2009



I am not trying to do the spin control what I write the blog posting earlier on the "Deaf U.S. Supreme Justice". 

I personally embrace deaf oralists and deaf CI users at social scenes and personal friendships. 

I strongly feel about the "symbolism" of normal deaf individuals without going through any human artificiality, ex. unworkable and abusive oral trainings for the sake of societal conformity and human vanity. Same thing with the hearing imperialists to remake the image of deaf people in their own expectations.

Let the hearing people taste their own medicine for what they done to us, deaf people over more than 100 years. 

Note: This writing submittance is NOT the translation of the ASL vlog posting. 

I usually write in English with different approach than in ASL signings heavily emphasis on visual means. Thanks. 



  1. It's pretty pathetic you have to go to a store to do your vlog. Do you have a job yet?

  2. “Let the hearing people taste their own medicine for what they done to us, deaf people over more than 100 years.”? Hearing not do anything to us anymore and not really do much to us over 100 years. There is greater understanding by hearing for deaf, at least more hearing understand deaf not some weird creature. Most things hearing do are just from lack of understanding and instead of deaf educating them too many deaf cry discriminate.

    More education is needed but none of it is big hearing plot to keep us down, it just lack of understanding and deaf attitude to hearing that get in our way.

    And perhaps with exception of AGBell there are no ‘hearing imperialists to remake the image of deaf people in their own expectations.’, again it just lack of education by all involved with issue.

    This ‘taste own medicine’ attitude is wrong. You won’t get hearing people onside if you try and punish them for what is not their fault. Most hearing have nothing to do with deaf issues. Most not educated on legitimate problem. All they hear about is silly issues like people wanting to make children deaf and how they will have to taste the medicine they not give to us anyways. To cause issue with hearing and punish them just make more people unhappy and that will achieve nothing of use to deaf people.

  3. Anonymous,

    First of all, I am currently travel from FL to DC, then NYC.

    My friends advised me not to use
    my laptop with WI-Fi for vlog posting download or will get the jumpy images.

    I have to say F**K Y since you are very pathetic for not using your real name anyway. You are a big chicken yourself. Capsice?

    I also struggled with the vlog posting insertion from time to time.

    The Apple Mac store employees assisted me with the vlog posting.

    I am not tech savvy person myself.

    That's why I hardly do vlog postings. SCR*W YA for going slealthy! Be a real man or woman to show your real face! Comprendo!


  4. Eddie,

    I am very sorry to learn about the nasty name-callings toward you at Gallaudet which I never support that kind of abusive tauntings toward deaf oralists and CI users.

    I am not really a deaf militant myself. I just hope for real culturally deaf individual to be selected, not because of their fluency in vocal speaking or use the CI device.

    That's what I try to emphasize on the symbolism itself.

    No one should judge your signing skills or behavior (hearing wannabe). Real cruel of Gallaudet students for deflating you on emotional level!

    You seems doing real fine so far.

    I rather stand on my own principle than compromising too much for the sake of conformity and societal expectation.

    Gotta go now.


  5. Peter Perkins,

    You already had your sayings.

    I just let yours go without any rebuttals.

    Thanks for your comment. :)


  6. I've already had my sayings but you haven't been able to disproves what I have said even though you seem to disapprove of it.

    And I’m still waiting for response of my comment on your ‘Radical Notion’ idea. Did I bringing you to Earth there in that you realised that what you were suggesting was wrong as in it harms people so you realising it wrong and you prefer to forgetting it??

    Some of things you say are useful as there are problems that needed to be solved for deaf but some of attitudes you have then keeping the problem going. Get Deaf U.S. Supreme Court Justice, is good idea as it suggest that deaf need it to increase tolerance of deaf then you suggest it with intolerance on it which straight away make suggestion intolerant one. You can’t solve that general intolerance with more intolerance.

  7. Robert,

    A deaf Supreme Court judge? That would be neat but it's not going to happen. A judge has to represent a significant portion of the makeup of this great country called the United States of America: African-American, Hispanic, Gay, etc. Deaf is such a tiny, tiny minority.

    Despite their hyperbolic claims that there are over 26 million people with hearing loss living in USA, but the reality is there is less than .01% of the USA population is culturally deaf.

    Enjoy your trip.

  8. Bouyea,

    WHY NOT for us to have the deaf U.S. Supreme Court justice???

    President Obama and the U.S. Senate are looking for the right individual to broaden the life experience to apply to the daily aspect of life affecting the lives of Americans.

    We must keep doing the vision for our deaf community no matter how much obsacatles lie in front of us. :)

    Thanks for the comment.


  9. Peter Perkins,

    I am in New York City (NYC) right now.

    I do not have much luxury time to compose the reply to your comment.

    I will do that when I have some plenty of time. Okay?


  10. Have fun in New York, try the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.

  11. Peter,

    I am not interested in any "tourist trap" places anywhere.

    I already have the full schedule. Thanks anyway.

    I am not much a fan of Hard Rock Cafe anyway. What a big deal about music memorabialias?

    You ought to remmy that I am profoundly and culturally deaf myself. I hardly bother with music stuff. :)


  12. Remember, not remmy. Please.

  13. Bouyea,

    I like to write "remmy" which is much easier and time-saving.

    I never used this word until few years ago. I got it from my good friend, who raised in Indiana. I kinda liked it.

    When I was a kid reading other deaf students' letters from their own parents and siblings like writing "XO XO XO XO". I asked what it meant.

    My parents never wrote like that. I also got fascinated with the "hill language" among hillbillies in the Appalachian region when I was a teenager.

    Thanks for your correction and friendly reminder for using the proper English writing. :)