Wednesday, May 6, 2009

See That??? Any of You Could Do That By Yourself!

Often disappointed in lack of deaf activism among deaf individuals to make the real difference in our deaf lives. Seem that like too many of us rely and wait for various deaf organizations to DO SOMETHING.

Here is the link to the Metro Weekly article about the one guy do something on his own and expose what something is really not ... -

This guy exposed the well-known national organization about its deceptive practice with solicitation of donations.

Have the AGBell done such practice at the fundraising events like saying "We are collecting $$ to help the deaf people", etc.

Sure thing about other so-called cultural eradicators of deaf culture and deaf people from the medical industry to the CI manfacturers. That's what Dr. Don G of "Deafhood Discourses" have explored past quotes and sayings from doctors, etc on his vlog posting - 'Tools? Not A Tool? Please check out his vlog/blog posting -

The Deaf Pundit vlogged about her open letters to all deaf organizations about the troubling trends of entertainment industry for miscasting the images of cochlear implant surgery, etc. Please check out her vlog/blog posting -

Time is too precious for us to sit down and wait upon deaf organizations to do something. Either of you COULD DO SOMETHING ON YOUR OWN!

Let's have the DEAF ACTIVISM blossomed into real full action, not just TALK, TALK AND DISCUSS AND PONDER AND GASP. Do something!

Real sorry about not vlogging at this time. I wish that I could do that. :(

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Deaf Community's advocatorMay 6, 2009 at 2:22 PM

    In the last two years since Gallaudet Protest 2006, many Deaf people came out of the closet(oppressed) and started speaking up. Some may have gotten the wrong foot out once or twice but the heart of the Deaf activist remain the same.

    And here is what happens when a Deaf activist makes a mistake or goofed one tiny move, these certain deaf people starts to criticize this person or organization and set them back and also many other Deaf people that wants to be involved and sees these "crab theory" criticism, they head back to the closet, taking their advocacy desire in the dark.

    Now the Deaf community are hollering for advocators. DBC was doing great at Milwaukee until three deaf people used their blogs to try to destroy DBC and now AFA is next. And also, now several DVTV vloggers are bad mouthing NAD, DBC and AFA.

    Either we stop these "crab theory" V/Bloggers or accept the fact that many good Deaf leaders wish to lay low and not help out with Deaf issues.

    We need to start doing it and stop these trouble makers(crab theory).

  2. Deaf Community's Advocator,

    Deaf advocate leaders need to develop the real thick skin to deal with the external criticism among their own deaf fellows.

    Any deaf individual have much right to the freedom of expression and speech to lambaste the deaf advocacy.

    I could tell you that we have to keep drumming and marching til the finish line to reach our own goals.

    I am very empathetic with you and other deaf advocates what you have been going thru so far.

    I was once a student leader myself. I had many imaginable knives on my back. Too many deaf students expected me to be the "magic wand".

    Your name and other deaf advocates' name will be in real vain for very long time. Look at President Lincoln! He have been horribly villifed and bashed during his presidency. In the end, we know how great Abraham Lincoln as a leader.