Friday, June 5, 2009

AFA, DBC, NAD Must Get Together to Denounce "Evils" of Audism

Hopefully will see the Audism Free America (AFA), Deaf Bilingual Coaltion (DBC), National Association of the Deaf (NAD, all State Associations of the Deaf and other deaf organizations STAND TOGETHER to denounce the evils of audism embraced by the Alexander Graham Bell
Association of the Deaf (AGBad) and other audistic people and establishments REAL SOON BEFORE THE END OF THIS SUMMER 2009!

Please issue out the very public statement against the AGBad for its refusal to meet the Audism Free America (AFA) in the middle ground to resolve the issues of audism against deaf people in general on the television show like "Oprah" or press conference with journalists at the National Press Club, Washington, DC.

President Obama made a fine example of excellent chessmanship to counteract against Iran and other evildoers including the former Nazis for such denial of human diversity.

Here is Obama's latest offer to Iran -

The next blog entry - "AGBell No Manner!"

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. As things are right now, this is basically the equivalency of going back in time and telling Malcolm X and MLK to work together during the civil rights movement, which I do not think would have happened if that opportunity arose, because they both utilized completely different tactics, which is what separates NAD from DBC/AFA the way I see it.

    In this example, NAD is MLK and DBC/AFA is Malcolm X. I am going to go out on a limb here and use the example that Barry brought forth a while back, holism and reductionism. Malcolm took the reductionism path while MLK took the holism approach and it was MLK that drew the significantly larger crowd that changed the civil rights movement to their favor and forever changed history.

    Now I am not trying to belittle DBC/AFA here, as I do agree with their mission and goals, but I just go not agree with their tactics. Just the same way that MLK and Malcolm X shared similar goals, but they also had quite different tactics. This was the same reason why the majority preferred MLK over Malcolm X, the fact that MLK had the better tactics.

    Now let me ask you think question, which one do you think was more effective in the civil rights movement? MLK or Malcolm X?

    If AFA/DBC is willing to change their tactics and be open to everyone as well as being open to all communication modes, then the odds of all 3 organizations being able to work together effectively will increase, and that is something I would like to see happen too.

  2. Disappointed with ValhallianJune 5, 2009 at 5:49 PM


    If you think NAD is like MLK, then why haven't NAD organize any Deaf people to march or call for Deaf citizens to gather at the Reflective pool in front of Lincoln Memorial?

    I bet that AFA and DBC might be doing that within 5 years from now.

    You seem to be an admirer of Barry's tactics which turns off the majority of us.

  3. AGBell needs to quit denying of being a defense and cover up to anyone and get busy to be cooperate with NAD, AFA, and DBC. BUT unfortunately, AGBell is taking a seriously advise from Neo-Nazi who already set up the one world to reject and discriminate anybody including racism, sexism, and disability etc.. AGBell is actually true discrimination on our deaf community!

    On my behalf, I am very supportive NAD, DBC and AFA to take actions like MLK's civil rights to overcome true prejudice and discrimination against AGBellism!


  4. Hey L'Chaim!

    You are 100 percent right on the nose about the f**king AGBell!


    FYI, MLK lost his face with the civil rights movement during the late 1960s. More people weren't interested in MLK before he got assassinated.

    If not for Malcolm X's unjust assassination, the story will be much different for the Black America.

    I personally prefer Malcolm X's tactics over MLK.

    Not many people knew of MLK's tomcat activites with young white-milk ladies. If the society at large found about MLK's pig-out sexual activities. He will be no longer effective as a moderate representative of civil rights movement.

    Malcolm X had a pure passion! MLK was a plagarist himself. Malcolm X spoke from his own heart! Comprendo?


  5. Valhallian

    You feel that DBC takes reductionism; however, it has made many different avenues such as rallies, marketings, promotions, networks and many other approaches.

    Your view has failed for not observing the whole picture of DBC actions for the past two years.

    Do you know that DBC has been involved in EHDI programs, mentorship programs, national, state. local associations, different Deaf organizations, other countries, parents organizations and others if I forgot. Now, you call that reductionism!!!!!

    Valhallian, TSK TSK


  6. Val --

    MLK and Malcolm X had very different tactics, it is true. But historians now say that the civil rights movement might not have gone as far as it did or at least as fast as it did, were it not for both of them. They both put different kinds of pressures on our society to look at racism, but they were both working toward the same goal, ultimately.

    Also, some historians suspect that MLK at the time of his death was starting to see some of the positives in X's approach, and X was starting to see some of the positives in MLK's approach -- in other words, they might have started to come together in an unified approach, or at least to work together more closely in achieving their goals.

    So, again, DBC/AFA may be different from NAD, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. NAD has gotten us only so far, but it has not gotten us far enough. Maybe with DBC/AFA's work, they will provide the impetus for quicker or more radical change in societal views toward us Deaf people.

  7. RLM

    Thank you for your support of AFA

    I beg that you dont slander MLK Jr's name and buy into the myths that have been propagated about him by foes

    He was a good man and one of my heros

    Malcom X was a good man also and one of my heros

    Historians say they were both pivotal and necessary forces to bring about social justice in the US

    if one were missing we would not be where we are today

    I do not support or condone Malcom X's position on "by any means necessary" because it connoted the justification for violence but i greatly support his change of heart after his trip to Mecca and all he did for Black equality - especially his focus on the poor and disadvantaged His biography seems to indicated he was sadly played by the Nation of Islam and their dogma and hate rhetoric but once he touched base with his own center re: the religion of Islam, he found the call to social justice via peace

    MLK and Malcom X were both very important and instrumental parts of the whole that is known as the civil rights movement

    Bayard Rustin is the person who is often post overlooked but really was the leader in insuring the overall civil rights movement employed civil disobedience. rustin studied Mohandas K Gandhi's Satyagraha in-depth and utilized it throughout his long life - long after the civil rights movement for other disenfranchised people all over the globe (he took a back seat in terms of visibility in leading the civil rights movement due to the fact that he was an Out Gay man in a time when the US was not ready to challenge both segregation and homophobia simultaneously)

    there were MANY MANY MANY organizations and individuals working for and against civil rights. NO single person or organization or event made this happen - it was two centuries in the making - we must see the whole. from the forming of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 to the Gettysburg Address in 1863 saying 4 score and 7 years ago (87 years) to the march on washington in 1963 and Dr. King's famous I have a Dream speech (5 score years ago) - we see the whole - the sum of these parts - the echos of humanity where social justice ebbs and flows and combats injustice in an effort to make our nation whole

    every time an African resisted being captured and enslaved and shoved in the hold of a ship to leave her or his mother land, mother tongue, mothers, fathers, children - it was an act towards resisting injustice

    every time an African or African-American resisted becoming that which s/he hated - an oppressor - it was an act of resistance

    every time an African or African-American turned to learning to read rather than learning to kill - it was an act of resistance

    every time a Caucasian illegal taught a slave to read, hid a slave as part of the underground rail road, wrote a book speaking out against slavery, gave a lecture as an abolitionist, held a rally etc - it was an act of resistance

    every time an African-American refused to ride a bus and instead walked ONE HOUR to and from work every day for ONE whole year - it was an act of resistance

    every time ... we stand up for justice and love and peace there is a small victory

    the whole sum of our parts is our collective work to end social injustice

    no one person, thing, community or events should be reduced down to one solitary act, moment or decision - we must look at the sum of all our parts and remember first and foremost HUMANISM and HUMANIMANITARIANISM

    thank you again for your support of AFA. I do not believe we need to vilify or hate AG Bell or any other oral / aural only organization. I do believe it is our duty to challenge them with love and hope that they will end their exclusionary practices and see the Deaf infant as a human being worthy of equality on their own terms

    Let Freedom Roll

    Much peace


  8. commenter disappointed in me - I, for one, would love to see a march or gathering at the Lincoln Memorial, but in order for that to be effective, you would also need to bring in the deaf moderates and previous actions on the part of AFA and DBC would keep these moderates away. If they could change their tune, then just maybe, they could get these moderates to come.

    LChaim - You need to realize that in this country, AGB has the right to their beliefs, just the same way AFA has their to theirs as well. If you wanted AFA to adopt MLK's approach, then that would not be singling AGB out for bashing, but that it would be creating positive propaganda to try to reduce the overall audism that run rampantly across the country.

    RLM. I will admit right now that I do not know the advanced history of both MLK and Malcolm X and I am relying what only what I know now. It is my understanding that Malcolm X also believed that the black man was better than the white man, which I do not agree with. However, I do believe that the black man is equal to the white man. Are you going to sit there and tell me that you will apply Malcolm X's philosophy and tell me that you think that the deaf man is better than the hearing man?

    David - I actually think that it is great that the DBC has done that, the involvement in the EHDI programs, and everything else you have stated. They should get that information out and they may help reduce the "scar" that I got as a result of their actions with AGB before they did all what you said. If what you are saying is true, then that also means that they are changing their tactics for the better.

    Don - you almost make this sound like a good cop/bad cop routine ;) And you're right that it isn't necessary a bad thing that DBC/AFA is different from NAD. I only wish they they would utilize better tactics and from what David says above, if that is true, then it looks as if DBC is starting to implement better tactics. I would also hope that they also did all that without bashing anyone.

    Patti - your points are valid. I would think that Malcolm X would have been viewed in a much better light if he thought the black man was equal to the white man, as opposed to thinking that the black man was better than the white man.

    It is exactly what we all want here, we all want the deaf man to be equal to the hearing man. I would hope that at least we all could agree on that.

  9. Valhallian

    im not aware of Malcom X ever having said that the Black man was better than the white man but i can conceive of him having pointed out that the Black man was better than the racist white man - to which i would whole heartedly agree

    Many folks say MLK Jr came to liberate Black people - i would disagree - he came to liberate us all. Any time I personally or my people participate in the oppression of another people - i am enslaved by injustice as a participant or passive observer

    MLK Jr said "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

    re: we can all agree that we want the Deaf person (XY and XX chromosome alike) to be equal to the Hearing person

    yep - that is what we want

    we really are already equal - we just want that to be acknowledged and put into practice

    nothing about the Deaf person needs to be alerted to achieve that equality

    the system needs to be alerted to allow for, recognize, and make room for that equality to be manifest

    I totally accept and value that u dont agree with AFA's commitment to direct peaceful confrontation

    i wish u all the best in planning the peaceful march of moderates to Washington and also your work to spread more information about ASL

    The more hands peacefully pushing forward the sooner we will get there

    much much peace


  10. note: typo above

    alerted XXX should read altered

    geez - why do i proof read AFTER i post - smile



  11. Deaf Cinema (Patti),

    You are absolutely right about such myths surrounded MLK's sexual espacades with white prostitutes.

    I guess that we have to wait til 2027 for the government files to be revealed about what the FBI had information on MLK thru the authorization by RFK himself as the U.S. Attorney.

    I always admire MLK for bringing the real success to the civil rights movement thru non-threatening tactics.

    Yes, how true about Malcolm X had a change of heart and mind about the "blue-eye devil after returned from the Mecca.

    The Nation of Islam is pretty much bigoted and prejudiced thru the use of systematic hatred.

    Rev. Louis Farrakahan is a fine example of the Nation of Islam's worst part.


  12. Others,

    I will respond tmw if time permits. Okay?


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