Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deaf Iran

What is the latest status of Deaf Iran within the ongoing Iranian People Revolution backlashed against the current Iranian government and powerful Alloyahahs on the question of fair presidential election without getting tainted or corrupted.

Here is the video link of "Pledge of Allegiance to the Iran Flag in Persian Sign Language -

Here is the link to Deaf Iranian, who happened to be deaf himself as an educator of the deaf after returned from the West. Many Iranian educators of the deaf supported the use of natural language. Yes, there are other educational methods like the Persian Cued Speech in Iran.





Awaiting for the latest news report from Deaf Iran within their citizenry reaction to the surprising riot

Deaf America and the rest of Deaf World ought to stand solidatary with the Iranian People Revolution. We must send the strong message to the Iranian government especially the powerful Alloyahs that the Iranian people deserve their desired choices of elected leaders, not tainted election ballots.

Deaf America proved itself to the entire world within the peaceful protest activities of "Unity for Gallaudet" (2006) and "Deaf President Now" (1988) by its demands for fair-minded process on the selection of new university president without any kind of corruption or bias.

Deaf Iran is in much uncertainity where the Deaf Iranians stand in the melee of the growing Iranian people backlash against the Iranian president, Adamanejeahiah.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Thank you for sharing the links about Deaf Iranians

    My mind and heart goes out to the people of Iran. it is a very very difficult time and a very important movement they are undertaking.

    Im fearful of violence by the current regime against the people and a destabilization in the region

    i do hope justice will and shall prevail

    keep us posted if u find any link re: Deaf Iranians' sharing about the current crisis



  2. Hi,

    Just want to says, thanks so much for sharing this information with us.


  3. Deaf Cinema and Tooty,

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    I will get in touch with the signing Deaf Iranian. who is currently living in the U.S. to find out about the updates what is going on with the Deaf Iran. :)


  4. This "revolution" in Iran is unfortunately a joke. These people involved in the protest demonstrations are not exactly what they seem to be, too many different actors playing out their agendas differently. Look at the color they're waving: green. Green is the color of Islam, the color of jihad and conquest. Mousavi is not what he seems to be. He supported the Islamic revolution 100%, helped founded Hezbollah and support the country's nuclear weapon program. He's a softer and gentler version of Ahmadinejad, an extremist with a nice, kind face. It's like replacing a mean-looking Hitler with a nicer-looking Hitler.

    It's unfortunately that a lot of young people are being purportedly misled by both sides into something that would only embolden and harden the very leadership and the theocratic government they sought to overthrow.

  5. Rob,

    That is really very revelant of Mosavi as another Islamic facsist.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about Mosavi with all of us.

    Have you include this info on your blog posting for others to see your knowledge about Mosavi and the so-called joke about the people revolution.

    If Amadehjerdhia whatever his name spells, remains as president. He would be more radical than before due to owe the Alloyahs more than ever.


  6. I would not blog about this "revolution" in Iran since it's in flux and it's truly hard to know what's really going on in all this confusion. It's really sad to see many young and urban Iranians suffering and dying in this "uprising" against the government and its crack loyal troops. However, I'm wary of this mass demonstration since I'm seeing it as somewhat similar to the Tianenmen Square crackdown in 1989, as the army and the Revolutionary Guards are being mobilized around the city to restore order. The people of Iran doesn't stand a chance against the well-armed and well-supplied troops. Mousavi is hardly seen as someone who can be counted on to lead some changes in Iran, as long as the Supreme Leader's position is absolutely secured in his place. It's really sad to see Iranians are suffering and fighting against a well-entrenched, powerful government backed by a large Islamic loyalist army (these loyalists are willing to die for the Islamic Revolution, not for Iran, following the same kind of tactics they used against Iraq in the Iran-Iraqi war). Damn sad. :(

  7. An unsubstantiated Twitter report from Iran saying that tanks are getting into Tehran, just as I was expecting that the government would resort to that. Just like the Tienanmen Square crackdown. Damn it.

  8. Hey, RLM

    Check out this blog about a CNN interview with an Iranian student protester in Tehran:


    Very interesting statement from him.

  9. Rob,

    I could not possibly open this blogspot attachment.

    I will do the reading of this blogspot. Okay?

    Thanks again for your share with this blogspot.