Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remmy "The Queen of Mean" Making Fun of Deaf People?

Remember last year's NTID/RIT deaf student protest against the "Queen of Mean", Linda Lamponelli? I happened to view the DVD with Linda Lamponelli at the Java Boys coffeehouse last Friday evening in Wilton Manor (gay area of Fort Lauderdale).

Guess what? I surely loved Linda Lamponelli's comedy routine no matter she lambasted deaf people as kind of retards, etc. At first, I found her comedy to be pretty boring and repetitive until she endlessly made fun of deaf people. What a riot!

Here are some examples from her politically incorrect stuff on deaf people -

"Deaf people don't like me!" "I really do not care what deaf people think of me"

"Let me tell you what happened at Rochester" "Deaf people formed the protest against me and said that I could not make fun of them at all" *groaning*

"Could you believe that deaf people coming to the radio station and marched around it with signs, blah?"

"Radio station???" with eye popping act "Who told them??" "That was a blind person with ax to grind!

"I learned something new about the deaf international sign" "Let me show you what it look like?" "Here is the "C" sign refer to the female anatomy (pu*sy)" "Is that rectangular shape?" with tongue popping "Is that really triangle?" refer to the deaf sign for p*ssy or vagina

Lamponelli also added "clitoris" sign to the female anatomy sign.

Many African Americans and Asians and gays endlessly laughed with Linda Lamponelli.

Are we really overreacting without seeing Lamponelli's entire act or what?

Here is her official website -

I look forward to more "insult" materials toward deaf people in near future. Comedian Linda Lamponelli really is not a mean person in real life. She frequently have sex with African American guys and have gay friends and love Asian people. I respect her for saying "n" which I always want to say this word pretty often without getting controversial or hit by African American guys.

Back in the early 1990s, I was totally shocked at my deaf African American male friend for calling another fellow of his "N". I subtly asked if I could use "N". I was told not to Why not??

I usually call some African American thugs "N" for what they really are all about! I am not a racist myself. Just a word! I ever called "whitey" by one of the deaf African American guy. That is totally unfair!

The New York Post enclosure -



  1. wow
    im totally uncomfortable with this post



  2. Deaf Cinema,

    Self-deprication of ourselves sometimes are helpful that show us to be much human.