Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey, Barry Sewell on the Issue of Deafless and DBC

Barry, How could you discount the existence of A U D I S M from what many deaf people often face in their lives? You seems telling us that there are no such thing like "audism".

FYI, DBC or the Deafhood lectures NEVER tell us to form the collective mentality like the ant or bee colony to be DEAF. The Deafhood philosophy is to urge deaf people to explore their self-identity as a deaf person, not clique themselves to be an expectational minority.

From what you learned from the Nevada task force on disability was purely the political strategy to string up and convince the lawmakers for political purpose for the passage of
legislation. Nothing to do with the self-identity based on language and cultural formation.

Deafhood is not the strategy to tell deaf people to be part of the collective group to think
and behave conformity. You seems instill the ideal of conformity within your own family
and other people to co-exist with your own personal philosophy.

I personally am very disappointed with the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) and Audism Free America (AFA) from how they run the organizations. I greatly support their concepts of what they are doing to do, but not with their organizational effectiveness to make the real impact and change things how they are.

I assume that you feel resentful toward DBC or other organizations of the deaf do not take you seriously as a political strategist. I could see that you are not deafened yourself pretty much to the personal experience and philosophical movement of deaf activism.

AUDISM DO EXIST! You are partly right that the society at large needs to take a look at us as individual, not the generalization of who and what we are all about. We do have our names, instead of saying "That deaf black person with potbelly!", etc.

I also agree with Carl Schroeder aka Kalaku's Korner for your absurdity and illogical term use of "deafless". Every of us know the frightening and scary "headless horseman" from the classic American short story, "Sleepy Hollow". I guess that you are Mr. Crane character whose usually dismiss the existence of "headless horseman" until he met his own fate in the end. Refer to the dismissal of "headless horseman" within the existence of A U D I S M.

You are somewhat an entertaining and interesting deaf vlogger/blogger which I do find you to be real fascinating. I would not mind of meeting you someday.

Why would I write this blog posting, instead of leaving my comment on your vlogsite? I basically do not trust you after you censored and altered my comments in the past. Or delete particular comment and leave another comment of mine to leave such an impression that I am in total agreement with you.

That's why I hardly leave comments on your blog/vlogsite. You always have your own agenda what the deaf society should be. I am not a hit man for the DBC or AFA or anyone else. Caspice?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. RLM,

    You said:
    "I personally am very disappointed with the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) and Audism Free America (AFA) from how they run the organizations. I greatly support their concepts of what they are doing to do, but not with their organizational effectiveness to make the real impact and change things how they are."

    Really, DBC, AFA and other grassroot movement group are doing the best they can according to the amount of money they have to keep it going.

    I have been donating my own money to DBC to keep it going as well as some of others that want to keep the movement going and I think that we are keeping the Deaf community inspired according to our ability and once something comes along to fund the movement, we will progress much stronger, please have faith to these movement group.
    I, and as well as other members of DBC are putting their money into anything such as Powerball lottery and effort to raise money that can help DBC and also AFA and other groups.

    The year of 2010 will be big with plans to wake up the society of how organizations such as AGBell that are "legally" trying to "destroy" American Sign Language and Deaf culture. Please have faith with DBC, AFA and NAD.

    NAD is slowly changing to be more of an activism type of organization after many of you are complaining of how Deaf people are being treated of their concerns with language and education in the past 100 years in the Deaf culture reality. Please support NAD. Come to Philadelphia for the NAD convention and elect activism leaders to operate NAD as an activism organization for the betterment of the Deaf community in the future.

    It is simple to say, Enough is Enough. But it take your activism to make it work.

    John Egbert

  2. I ask this simple question:

    Why do we even listen to a total jerk like Barry in the frist place? Everyone should remember the damamge that he did to the Deaf community last year....I thought he was expose for the real selftish , self-centered person that he is.

    Please...practice what I do..... I don't even read anythng that has his name on it.

    It gives Barry great joy that people are paying attention to this jerk. It's feeds his ego...and I , for one refuse to come down to his level of causing problems for us, the Deaf community.

    Raphael J. St. Johns

  3. Hee hee Barry censored you. hahahah
    you also censor my comments.
    You are a jerkknee coward.

  4. John,

    Your point is well-taken. I will reply in details how the DBC and AFA could greatly enchance their potentials to greater level of success. Okay? :)

    I always have a high respect for you and other DBC leaders. Same thing with the AFA.


  5. Raphael,

    With due respect, we have to respond to Barry Sewell's illogical definition of "deafless' and discounted the existence of audism to EDUCATE other individuals, especially hearing people and parents of deaf children. :)

    If we do not address the issues as what the German people became politically passive toward Adolf Hitler and his loony rants. You could see what Adolf Hilter and his cronies exploit the passivity of its citizen and turn them into the state of feeble-minded zombies or feared citizenry by saying nothing.

    You could see why I mention "the headless horseman" from the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" which every of us know that the unseen horseman did not have any head on it. That refer to "deafless" and existence of audism. The schoolteacher Mr. Crane dismissed the legends of the headless horseman until he met his own fate.


  6. Anonymous,

    If you refer to the comment left on my blog entry lambasting Ben Vess's liveihood.

    Yes, I have to delete your comment which considered real cheap shot and personal attack upon Ben Vess.

    That would be not really fair to Ben Vess. Thanks.


  7. RLM,

    That Anonymous, 9:54 AM is the real jerkknee coward by naming him/herself an anonymous.

  8. Sharon,

    Thanks for your kind concern.

    I just ignore what the Anonymous, 9:54 am said about his delights to see my comments being deleted or edited on Barry's blog/vlogsite.

    I usually put up with many people's "AH" behaviors. :)


  9. RLM,

    Yeah, these people are so insignificant in numbers and yet they make a lot of noise hoping to represent a tiny (invisible) group which are actually jerkknee cowards.

    Keep up your inspiration that the larger part of the community needs to hear of how true you are.


  10. Sharon,

    TKY again! :) I always put up with those kind of people from time to time and not make a mincemeat out of it. :)

    Thanks a zillion! I am trying my best to keep the deaf community at large abreast of many important issues and newsreportings. Okay?

    Warm regards,


    please help and spread this with your audience.

    see joey baer's letter.

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