Saturday, July 25, 2009

Believe It or Not, MJ's Children Will Receive SS Benefits

According to the MSN e-news report, the multi billionaire deceased singer, Michael Jackson's children will receive the monthly Social Security benefits. What???????? Are the children from the well-off parent(s) deserve this kind of benefit?

I am really tired of seeing such a stereotypical claims about too many deaf people drawing on the Social Security Income (SSI). I am kinda perplexed about children of well-off parents like
Michael Jackson are entitled to the Social Security benefits. I do aware of the usual arrangements for wives of deceased husbands and children of deceased parent(s) to draw the Social Security benefits for maintained the living support, but children of well-off parents??

Why didn't Michael Jackson arrange the trust fund for children in the first place? Is another fleecing of America by the irresponsible group of rich people like the megabanks and financial securities companies?

On another hand, Michael Jackson paid all his Social Security taxes anyway. His children seems have much rights to draw the Social Security benefits like other children of deceased parent(s).

We must stop labeling the deaf community at large for being dependent on the public assistance.
Many of us KNOW that is totally UNTRUE! We greatly often contribute to the society at large for being a hardworking and productive individuals paying taxes to all levels of government. We, deaf people often not get our real benefits from what we pay taxes.

For example, many and many deaf people could NOT participate in their local town hall meetings or enjoy the local events within the taxpayer subsidy, ex. the local city park event with
free music concert, etc. What about our deaf needs for the public entertainment??

It's TIME for us to stop demoralizing our own deaf community at large as a haven of welfare dependents!

We really NEED the 2010 census to identify how much percentage of deaf people being fully and part employed, self-employed and draw the public assistance to know for SURE! Don't you agree?

How true about handful of deaf individuals being very LUCKY to have some kind of disability benefits during the economic hardships as compared to many struggling hearing people being unemployed and homeless!

I wonder how much Michael Jackson's children will receive for their monthly Social Security benefits.

I personally do not have much respect for Michael Jackson since he really did not being very responsible person with his finances. MJ chose to spend, spend, spend, spend (shop, shop, shop).

Why can't the government/debtors do the auction on Michael Jackson's properties to reap
what MJ left his own financial mess in the first place?

The recent news report indicated that Michael Jackson's executor paid $5.5 million to someone undisclosed for the Las Vegas residence within the secret agreement. MJ instructed his executor to keep the deal the total secret. See that?? Michael Jackson had the cash money available!!

Too many rich people are very good at exploiting our public treasury by acting irresponsible and greedy, then expect our very own government to help out them during the hardship time. Huh!

The very same people like well-off and rich people whined about paying their fair share of taxes and other financial incentives and leave the middle-class populace hang by the thread. Sheesh!

Of course, we must expose the true evils of public assistance like the Social Security Income (SSI) benefits for handful of deaf people from making themselves truly financial independent and productive.

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) also was partially responsible for instructing several states not to do the mandates for deaf people to be required to go to work and get off the public assistance pretty long time ago like the late 1990s and early 2000s. For example, deaf people on the public assistance living in District of Columbia, do not require to participate in the welfare to work program to get off the public assistance.

The real suspicion for the NAD to be concerned for the well-beings of Gallaudet students from being required to participate in the welfare to work program or not able to get any kind of public assistance during their students' days, etc.

Ever numerous deaf foreigners (non-U.S. citizens) got real advantages from the HUD programs for buying condos and houses at the expenses of American taxpayers, especially struggling deaf Americans.

One deaf Canadian,who ever was not the U.S. citizen at all. He bought the condo unit in very nice Northwest DC neighborhood and DENY other deaf Americans, who would have the chance at the home ownership. He LAUGHED and LAUGHED at our country how idiotic we were with our American tax money. The deaf Canadian sold the condo at very handsome profit more than $150,000 from the HUD loan of $20,000 loan for $18,000 condo. He pocketed appx. $90,000 after paying taxes and loan and relocated to Canada in very comfortable life. That deaf Canadian recently died from AIDS.

Other many deaf foreigners from Etophia and Russia took real advantage of our generous American taxpayer-funded programs like the Section 8 housing programs to pay for their monthly rent. Those deaf individuals ever were not the U.S. citizens yet!

Not only deaf foreigners exploited our American taxpayer money. Hearing illegal immigrants, too. 3/4 of the Montgomery County (MD) housing subsidy were going to the illegal immigrants after the government investigation discovered. The housing authorities across America did not done their part to verify the U.S. citizenship.

Should we deny the Social Security benefits to Michael Jackson's children and let them experience the real economic hardships like many of us, deaf Americans? What the families are for? Why can't Michael Jackson's own family members help out with Michael Jackson's children?

Many parents of deaf children, especially hearing parents exploited deaf children's SSI benefits for their own spending, not on their children's needs.

Personal recollections of many and many deaf individuals were not allowed to draw the SSI benefits after they once had past employment. For example, 40s deaf mother of teenager son had to work at the restaurant at very low wage and not able to focus on her teenager son's emotional and educational needs. In the end, deaf mother's teenager son impregnated another teenager girl. You see that the endless cycle of poverty circling and circling out to keep too many people to get out of the permanent poverty.

It's a time for us to revolt against the filthy wealthy people for exploiting us for too long!

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Children under 18 who are dependent on their parents are entitled to surviving child's benefits when their parents die.

    This isn't SSI, but under the umbrella of SS benefits that includes retirement, disability, widows and dependent children.

  2. Michael Jackson paid yes.

  3. I remember one deaf mother eagerly spread her legs nine times so she can collect welfare in the thousands. She's currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  4. learned that colorado slut moved back to montgomery county, maryland and her whole family sued a bunch of people for nearly $10,000,000.00 over eviction.

  5. well, what you heard about this nice woman with 9 kids is all false. its all rumors when you get to know her you will come to realize the truth

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  7. Der Sankt said...

    Michael Jackson paid yes.
    i do agree with you...their daddy paid those taxes so they deserve to have it!

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