Friday, July 24, 2009

John Yeh, Founder of "Viable, Inc (VRS) I Know Of

John Yeh, most successful and hardworking deaf enterpreuter ever known in the United States and the rest of Deaf World as I have a honor of knowing this very decent and respectable person.

I had been to John Yeh and his warmly-embraced family's residence in Potomac, Maryland many years ago. I knew their children before they grew up attending the Gallaudet University. John and his American wife regularly interacted with the deaf community at large, ex. social gatherings for the deaf.

John Yeh donated his hardworking multi-million dollars to the Gallaudet University while he served on the Gallaudet University board of trustees for many years. Yeh had done so much for
the deaf community at large in many ways from his finanical generosity for the creation of the Deaf Nation magazine and other deaf events.

John Yeh always have been a responsible and cautitious businessperson. Yeh always have been a main supporter of the Asian Pacific Association of the Deaf. Mr. Yeh also have been real patriotic within himself feeling for the U.S. armed forces by opening his heart and hosptiality
for numerous armed forces members whose happened to know the American Sign Language.

That really upset me to see some deaf individuals eager to kick someone within the falling status down from leaving several comments on my blog posting -

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why the FBI Looked Into Viable's Rate Billing Trai...": Actually, Robert, if you read the criminal complaint against the Miami call center, it makes it clear that interpreters also accused Viable's Rockville call center of running up calls as well.From what I heard, CAC has stopped payment to Viable pending this investigation and many Viable employees have not been paid this past month. Viable has also started to lay off some eomployees.My concern is that Viable was poorly run because they did not have enough money to cover their employees' salaries when CAC stopped payment. Viable has been in business for three years and did not ave the common sense to save up money for even ONE MONTH of payments to its employees?!The Yehs should be ASHAMED!

Another comment left on my blog posting - "Why the FBI..... " -

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why the FBI Looked Into Viable's Rate Billing Trai...": I 100% agree, management knows exactly what is happening with the minutes and how they are being counted. When contracting for the United States government there are precise restraints and restrictions and guidelines that have to be followed. This is not new information coming form Viable as we saw from the Texas location. This is not some “oops we made a mistake” this is a documented systematic fraudulent behavior that was investigated and accumulated enough evidence to freeze their assists and gain an indictment. This is such a shame for the EVERYONE, Viable management has let so so many people down. The good hearted, dedicated, brilliant minds that worked hard and gave up good jobs (most relocated to work for Viable) to the dedicated interpreters that were stuck in the middle of all this. Shame on Viable, they ruined their name, reputation and destroyed and credibility they had. Say hello to the Enron of the VRS world.

We must let the American judical catch phrase - "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

I still stand beside John Yeh and the Viable, Inc. I will be not one of the sharks smelling blood and circling around the fallen ones. I hope that the FBI investigation will clear up John Yeh and the Viable, Inc's name in timely manner.

ASlize yours, Robert L. Mason (RLM)



  1. Make it known that evidence against Viable as well as possibly more against Mascom and ICSDeaf have been mounting very quickly. Be careful about your writings.

  2. From: Glenn Lockhart []
    Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 6:11 PM
    To: undisclosed-recipients:
    Subject: Friday Update

    To: Viable Employees

    Re: Friday Update

    It is my pleasure to recap the 4:30p announcement made by the executive management team to Rockville employees, call center managers and the manager of the national support team:


    Everyone will be paid. Our funder has committed to moving forward and taking the steps necessary to infuse Viable with the cash that will allow us to meet our payroll and other immediate obligations. We are enormously grateful to them for working with us at a breakneck pace and finalizing an agreement within 10 days that normally takes months. We are also grateful to every one of you at Viable for the commitment you have shown to our customers and the faith you have placed in us.

    However, how exactly financing will move forward is entirely in the hands of our funder and the banking process, and we cannot pinpoint which day next week the funds will come in. We also anticipate 48 hours between receipt of funds and disbursement, and we realize this also raises the question of whether you will be paid your wages due July 17 and July 31 with one check or two checks. You have our pledge that we will work to finalize all this information as early next week as possible.


    I would also like to take this opportunity to inform everyone that our health insurance coverage is temporarily lapsed (dating back to July 1) because we were unable to pay our premium by its due date. However, we have finalized an agreement with our insurer and our coverage will be reinstated retroactive to July 1 once we pay our premium and you should not be concerned if you receive notice on any medical claims. The immediate reinstatement of your health insurance policy takes the same high priority as your paychecks and we expect to resolve this next week.

    In meanwhile, executive management wants you to have the weekend with assurance that you will be paid in full for the wages you are owed, that your benefits will remain intact, and that Viable remains with a future of stellar service to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

    We deeply appreciate your understanding and would like to thank everyone and their families for their patience.

    This e-mail, including any attachments may contain information that is protected by law as PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL and is intended solely for the use of the recipient or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the recipient. Please note that if you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, copying, distribution, retention, re-transmission, printing or any other use of this e-mail or the information contained herein is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail communication in error, please immediately send an e-mail reply to notify the sender and immediately and permanently delete this e-mail from your computer system. Thank you.

  3. All of comments are bullshit. FBI didn't arrest Yeh. Obvious they're jealous of Yeh and try to make rumors. Shame on deafies for acting like jealous crabs "crab theory!" ya know.

  4. John Yeh knew that it was completely wrong and continued doing this! He deserves the consequences.

    He should be placed in Hall of Shame (same place as I.King Jordan).

  5. "Your guilty until proven innocent" seems to be shamefully ingrained into the sacred pillars of deaf culture.

  6. The FBI is still investigating and it is not done. John Yeh has not been accused of anything. Yeh is not the target as I know of and it is important to wait until all the facts are in place. Viable has hired an attorney to look into this as well. Remember, someone reported to the FBI and it may be one side of the story. Viable is still doing business and this is a hint that all the facts are not in yet.

  7. To all, Deaf community.

    John Yeh is one of our Deaf heroes in this world. He supported a lot of different generations with his deep passion. No matters anything happened to him, we, all will stand for him and we know that our community owed him a lot. Remember that Deaf-owned corporations are endangered species.

    Why should we stab John Yeh and Viable??? They provided the best technology and giving back to the community. Without them, other VRS will not improve their standards and less giving back to the Deaf community.

    Think about this! How many Deaf-owned corporations in US? in the World? Life is too short.

    Then, to crab-mentality deafies. Shut up! move on!

    To all other VRS providers, STOP taking advantages of Viable's reputation, to compete them. Come on! We NEVER support HEARING corporations! Full of a bullshit! They only want their OWN pocket.

    Wake up! all Deafies!!

  8. I am still standing by Mr. John Yeh which I personally know him pretty good.

    I am fully sure that Mr. Yeh and Viable, Inc will be cleared of any wrongdoings by the FBI.

    I am much sure that the FBI will find the VRS subcontractors are the one whose done such illegal practices, not the Viable, Inc.

    Many of us know that the Viable, Inc comes into the VRS competition pretty late as compared to other VRS companies.

    Viable, Inc did try its own best to be competitive and customer-oriented enterprise.


  9. With no more than 250 employees Viable is very small. You need to remember who signs the checks. No way Viable's executive brass didn't know what's going on.

  10. Anonymous,

    You seems have a real issue with Mr. Yeh and Viable, Inc. Just keep between you and this company.

    Why the FBI would do such investigation into the Viable, Inc while many people are aware of the Haliburton bilked billion and billion and billion and billion and billon dollars out of our government treasury?

    Where are our outrages from American taxpayers?

    I am not saying that I advocate any kind of criminal behaviors for what the FBI take the investigation into. Okay?


  11. Please notice that ICSDeaf is a certified VRS business to obtain VRS fund from National Exchange Carrier Association. Viable is not certified VRS so they sort of operating as ICSDeaf's subcontractor doing business as ICSDeaf VRS. It appears ICSDeaf's certification is revoked so it appears Viable is not able to get any fund from National Exchange Carrier Association until then...

  12. "Why the FBI would do such investigation into the Viable, Inc while many people are aware of the Haliburton bilked billion and billion and billion and billion and billon dollars out of our government treasury?"

    "Where are our outrages from American taxpayers?"

    You can blames it on Main Broadcasting Media....they indirectly profiting some by doing business along with Halliburton and effectively control huge numbers of mass audience's mindset. Like NBC is owed by General Electric; CBS is owned by Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, a broadcasting division of Westinghouse Electric Co. Fox News would not dare mention anything negative about their dear friends - GOP.

    So we are left with family oriented ABC, now owned by Walt Disney -- they are alright and are not in war profit business.

    So, both businesses, CBS & NBC, are in business, to make profit by bringing in billions dollars of "no-bid" contracts under DoD along with Halliburton. As of now I heard rumor that DoD is in process of cleaning up their procurement rules and will eventually stop unlimited "no-bid" contracts in which grew and expanded explosively under recent Bush's WH.

    CBS and NBC used to be privately owned businesses.

    Under former President Reagan, he authorized deregulation of governmental regulations on Mass Media businesses. Prior to 1983, before Reagan's term, all mass media businesses (TV, radio, newspaper, publisher, etc) must be privately owned businesses as to prevent propaganda control -- where two or more businesses can act in unison or agreement and in secret towards a deceitful or illegal purpose to give repeated information and news on similar issues as long as they don't lose profit from it... GE and W love war and they make sure CBS and NBC talks good things about war and do not talk much about their failed military equipments (electronic, hardware, parts, etc) and airplanes build by the,

    Deregulation allows military related businesses to buy mass media and treat it either as division business or subsidiary business -- they love making war profits and would not dare to say bad things about war under their "controlled" media.

    Be wary about what you read and watch under military business owned media.

  13. All of comments are bullshit. FBI didn't arrest Yeh..........shame on deafies for acting like jealous crabs "crab theory!" ya know.

    I gather that you've not read the FBI files concerning "company 2" or unable to grasp it... You know this is a free country, we can and yes we can freely able to speculate and reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete information or evidence dealing with "company 2" AKA Viable, Inc.

  14. John Yeh has very shady business practices and has a policy of having zero profits reported at the end of the fiscal year to avoid taxes.

    Everything he does for the community is bare minimum and ALWAYS has an ulterior motive. He will screw you over the instant he feels it benefits him.

    Don't believe me? Just ask John Proffer what happened to him. He was John Yeh's business partner with Viable some years ago. He got screwed over badly.

  15. Anonymous,

    Thanks for educating me on the tv networks and media considilations on the issue of ownership, etc.

    I learned something! :) I truly appreciate it very much. :)


  16. RLM

    I agree with you with your comments. I dont take anyone's word about yeh and viable inc. I know vrs business is jealous because Yeh knows how to growth better business no question ask ..

    frined of mine told me that John's brother and his son are in jail is that true? I couldnt beleive this but I could be wrong I want to straight with you and others who knows him or work wi th viable. Im tired of full of crap deafies rumored too much bad informations also said out of business in some states.
    this is not making any sense that i see the webstite "viable" still alive which means still running bussiness correct???
    can you explain and clarify fact of true that

  17. Anonymous,

    To answer your question honestly whether I know anything about John Yeh's brother or son being incaracated (in jail) or not.

    The answer is nope! I am really not the kind of person, who feeds off other people's misery.

    One of the deaf blogger and vlogger asked me how can I leave all the unfounded rumors or nasty comments attacking the Viable, Inc.

    I also had such a thought about all the unpleasant comments whether I should remove the offensive comments against the Viable, Inc.

    In the end, Viable,Inc probably come out much stronger than it have been previously performed.

    I wish Mr. Yeh and the Viable, Inc all the best within their legal absolutions. I am sure that they would come all right after the FBI investigation find the non-connections between the Viable, Inc and VRS subcontractors.


  18. A number of Viable employees were laid off today due to financial circumstances according to an email sent. The tone was brief. This is the second or third round of layoffs at Viable.

  19. Anyone who stands by the Yeh's just because they are "respectable members of this community" is an idiot. What they knowingly did was defraud the United States government. As the ONLY Deaf owned VRS company, they should be ashamed of themselves. They donated filthy money to Gallaudet University, and have put a black mark on the Deaf community that will not soon be forgotten.

    My heart goes out to the many many employees who were just trying to do their jobs and are not caught up in this mess. What a disgrace.

  20. I know from experience that most of the calls comming into Viable VRS are from the Viable company itself. They are getting paid to process their OWN calls. Almost all of these calls are conference calls with up to 10 sign language users, EACH having their own interpreter. The calls are 1 hour long, with about 20 minutes dedicated to roll call and a 10 minute break. Viable's buisness model is to rip off the government (and taxpayers) to perform no real-world service.


  21. By the state law of Maryland for labor issue, all companies must pay their workers daily. No companies can furlough their workers, therefore must laidoff their workers in order to get their unemployment benefits. If Viable VRS do not have the funding, there must cut back their services. It is a fraud for running up the billing to get more money. If John Yeh was involved in such manner, then he should do time for the crime that he commit. I heard from Viable worker that the people who won the prize in the sweepstakes will not get any prizes. If that is true, that is other fraud crime piling up. Do not shame on me, I am with the government. We have been watching all activities.
    The Government

  22. I am one of those employees who has been laid off and has not been paid. I am struggling and am very angry! I have not been paid in over a month! They made two announcements that we would get paid and I still have not gotten paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Maybe help here?

  24. I wanted to observe about Viable spending a huge sum of money in marketing and promoting their services and their products and employing people all over the country for the Deaf expos in the last few years.

    Now wonder why Viable is in such a financial strait of late?

    Methinks Viable is a poorly managed company when it comes to handling its finances for all things Viable. It just needs an experienced chief financial officer and a well-planned, long-term financing strategy to ensure the company's solvency.

  25. Well, Viable,INC. May be one of successful business and it is short lived. Whetever they can be regroup or they maintains to declines. It's up to deaf community to make a difference, NOT VIABLE! Viable is just simply a tool to upgrade the deaf communities.

    Keep it in your mind, i have to agrees with the crab theories. It's getting too old and we need to find a way to unite as a one family instead of split it up into million families where we wont be able to identify ourselves as a deaf community.

    I, Myself, Decided to withdraw from deaf world for a while so I can face the hearing world to learn how business is really all about. I hopes to became a philantrophist one day. Impossible? Who cares what u think... I do what I do. I m only 1 year old and i will learn more and more until i m ready to show my face. Only if I success.. Only time will tells.

  26. The curtain is coming down on Viable, Yeh, and all his cohorts. What a horrible blemish they have put on the wonderful service that is VRS.

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