Monday, August 10, 2009

What Marlee Maltin Doing with the "Hearing Angel" Foundation?

After seeing the 1/4 color newspaper ads on the upper right corner of USA Today's "Life" section with the pic of Marlee Matlin with quote - "Be someone's Hearing Angel" . It runs by
the Starkley Hearing Foundation.

I checked out the to see if Marlee Matlin is being duped by the foundation or use her likeness without her authorization. This foundation seems responsible
for spreading the "audism" in other countries with the emphasis of hearing aids use.

Is that much better than implanting deaf kids and toddlers with cochlear implant (CI) devices by providing the hearing tests and hearing aid devices?

You decide -

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I understand first-hand what it's like to live in silence. But for millions of children, only a hearing aid separates them from hearing everything the world has to offer. Become a Hearing Angel - together we can make miracles happen.
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ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Robert Alfred HawkinsAugust 10, 2009 at 5:39 PM

    Marlee Matlin openly endorses hearing aids and talked about her success which in part was attributed to the hearing aid she received from Starkey.

    I'm no apologist (a term I learned at eight years old to tell my deaf teachers apart. It's Marlee's own choice. I'm sure many of your friends use hearing aids too.

    Enough said :)

  2. It's hearing aids for poor kids in other countries.

    What is not said is whether these kids have hearing levels that are best helped by hearing aids, and not profoundly deaf kids who would get little help even from powerful aids.

    This isn't audism, but giving kids who have very little just a little bit more. Hopefully the more deaf kids are already getting visual language support.

  3. I guess that MM know what to do with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to help deaf kids to hear again thru the use of hearing aids. *sigh*

    I rather see the more deaf-centric education for deaf kids in other countries than spending considerable time with hearing aid fittings and training for hearing detections.

    Yes, many of my deaf friends do use the hearing aids. I sometimes scoff at them for dealing with the hearing aids problem or cost of hearing aids out of their pockets.

    I guess that I need to be less judgemental toward other deaf indivduals wearing hearing aids or CI.

    Thanks for all your comments.


  4. RAH and Dianrez,

    I am kinda fearful that the "Hearing Angels" campaign will lead to the more intrusive and imposing approach for deaf kids in poor countries within the next step for CI.

    Remember the history of human invasions like the Europeans' arrivals in the New World and ended up colonized the unclaimed terrorities.

    That 's my own concern ...


  5. Why is getting a hearing aid a bad thing? If you need help seeing and glasses would help, wouldn't you get glasses or would you rather be visually impaired? What about people who get lasik surgery to help with their vision? Do you shun them too? I being against any form of help for communication is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with "culture" "acceptance" or antyhing.. it has to do with helping what is not working well. Period.

  6. Finding faults for Marlee in helping a charity providing hearing aids for those needy children? Many children do benefit from these electronic devices, including some who are profoundly Deaf. They may also be culturally Deaf and use ASL.

    I see nothing wrong with Marlee's actions. Are you discriminating against Deaf children who may benefit from hearing aids and enjoy hearing sounds? Because some of us don't enjoy our hearing aids don't mean they are a waste of money for all Deaf children. Some of my Deaf friends love their hearing aids. I don't judge them for that and they don't judge me for hating hearing aids.

  7. Jose,

    I am quite concerned about the educators of the deaf spend valuable time dealing with hearing aid device problems at school than spending real time on basic education necessitys.

    From what I experienced at my deaf school. I often seen many deaf students and teachers spend time to straighten out the hearing aid device problems or ask the student to turn off the hearing aid due to the screeching sounds, etc.

    I rather see deaf students spend their best time to get the real education or educators of the deaf to focus solely on the classroom lesson than hassle with the technology stuff or toxic materials like hearing aid battery.

    If one or two deaf kids accidently swallow hearing aid battery. You know what will happen.

    Just think about it! :)


  8. Jose,

    Here is another thing why I resent hearing aid stuff very much.

    I grew up noticed that many educators of the deaf fawned over deaf kids with hearing aid devices and looked down on me and other non-hearing aid users.

    You could see WHY I personally hate hearing aids and CI stuffs. :)



    Marlee Maltin should not be represnted for the deaf community period!

  10. Anonymous 11:11am,

    I agree with you all the way! :)

    Thanks for leaving your comment.

    Robert L. Mason

  11. It sounds like you are terrified that more and more deaf people will enjoy the benefits of hearing aids/CIs and lean towards the hearing world. I am not trying to attack you -- but it seems very selfish to actually hope that no deaf children will get any hearing aids, so you can keep them within the confines of the deaf community. I feel sad for you and your thinking.