Monday, August 17, 2009

Someone Left Open Message for Viable, Inc.

I got many anonymous messages left on my blog posting in regard to the Viable, Inc lately. I ever got numerous email inquiries from deaf foreigners overseas about the current status of
Viable, Inc. whether the company is still running or not, etc.

So here is the anonymous comment for Mr. John Yeh and Viable, Inc. -

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why the FBI Looked Into Viable's Rate Billing Trai...": Needless to say more about Viable's dire situation, I am wondering if other VRS companies, such as Sorenson, CSDVRS, HORVS, etc, have ever considered a possibility of taking over the sinking Viable company and save Viable reputation. In this case, it could expedite payments to unpaid Viable employees in order to avoid multiple lawsuits that have been filed by disgruntled and unpaid employees.Also, it would still keep the Viable server running (MUST) in behalf of all Viable customers who have paid and used their VPADs and VPAD+s. The capabilities of VPAD and VPAD+ rely entirely on the Viable server. Without the Viable server, VPADs and VPAD+s would become obsolete. The Viable server is a heart of the Viable body. It would be catastrophe for all Viable customers.I hope that John Yeh will read this comment and consider a possibility of a company takeover by other VRS companies only if Viable situation is dire. I think Sorenson is the best business to buy Viable because Sorenson has tremendous funds and could keep the Viable server alive for VPADs and VPAD+s customer. Also, Sorenson would expand its customer base!. Yes, it may hurt Viable pride if Viable is taken over but Viable has to swallow a bitter pill for its sake.Anonymous

I am just being neutral on the Viable, Inc and have nothing to do with the Viable, Inc. I do find this anonymous's open message for Viable, Inc to be unbelievably arrogant and improper. I do not appreciate of being the messenger for the Viable, Inc.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. What was arrogant or improper about the message? They stated an opinion that they thought Sorenson would be the best company to buy Viable IF the situation was dire enough. And they stated their reason for their opinion. As far as I'm concerned, you are make a big deal out of nothing.

    If it were on my blog, I would allow the post, and put a response up with the link to Viable and tell the poster to send the comment to John Yeh themself. No muss, no fuss.

    Eddie (ThumpaFlash)

  2. Eddie,

    I decide not to say any comments on this subject.

    I do not want to be the party to this kind of melee between Sorneson and Viable.

    Y have to understand that the Viable is a deaf-owned and run company as compared to the hearing-run company - Sorenson.

    I resent that someone choose to be anonymous and treat me like a messenger.


  3. As you know Viable had been sued for unpaid wages and was being told average former employee was demand for $8,000 in unpaid wages. If there are many people in the class suit, Viable is in deep trouble. This is serious business and it's hurting the deaf community. Viable needs to clean this up and get the facts straight and not abuse the communication for deaf needs.

    John Yeh will be in court in September and other in October. By keep drainning Viable down the road, then there will be no more Viable and everyone who purchased VPAD/VPAD+ would be a big waste and people would have to file a big class suit against Viable to get $99 refund.

    This is a BIG mess, let's see what FBI and FCC and the Court will decide next for Viable.

  4. In which case, simply don't post the message, Robert. As the moderator of your own blog, you have the power to DELETE the message. Then leave a message yourself for the attempted poster and tell them it's not your job to be the messenger, to figure out how to send the message for themselves. Again, making mountains out of molehills. You must be running out of things to talk about.


  5. Eddie,

    I become more selective and careful what to write the blog posting.

    I have too many subjects to write, but time is my real enemy.

    I just want to let people know how I really feel about being asked to be the messenger.

    On another hand, I see how others react. :)


  6. Very interesting!!! Let us see how it goes.

  7. Eddie (ThumpaFlash)

    I would like to thank you for your wisdom regarding my comment which appeared to upset RLM. I do appreciate that you helped RLM gain a better understanding of what my comment meant.

    Regardless of whether comments are nasty or pleasant, they surely help us understand what has been going in the Deaf community and could help us find and suggest innovative solutions to it. It would be called a brainstorming which is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem on RLM’s blog website. That’s my purpose for posting my apparently misunderstood comment.


    Let me apologize if my comment annoyed you but, please, try to understand my reason for posting my comment. I have a reason for staying anonymous. I would appreciate if you could respect my need for confidentiality. In fact, you did offer me four options to choose one from and I selected Anonymous.

    I really enjoy all the comments on your blog website. It is fantastic and, hopefully, will continue in the future.

    My best regards

  8. Most of all Deaf people are so stupid and make up their idoit stories. Viable nothing wrong with FBI. FBI and FCC case closed and no prove. CSDVRS are an asshole because their CSDVRS lawyer won't give federal grant money to Viable. That's why Viable workers and interpters without pay for three months. CSDVRS, Flordia Interpter service and Texas Jealous and ruined the viable inc. I believed that Viable never closing the business. Keep in positive and still runs good anyway. CSDVRS control hearing lawyer. SOREnson VRs control Mormon Church. Viable inc only deaf owner. I don't trust CSDVRS and Sorenson. Hearing owner trying to destroying Viable inc. Also Bastard Flordia interpter services are hispanic owner. Hispanic business people take over U.S. land and business. I don't trust hispanic interpter service in Flordia. Hispanics illegal into USA cuz, no green card, no permit card. Hispanics are using for American Citizen tax payer money. CSDVRS and Sorenson and Flordia hispanic interpter owners are shameful, greedy, and jealous.

    Deaf people wake up and don't be lazy shitty.

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