Monday, August 17, 2009

Where is the AFA? What's Up With Current Media Coverages on CI?

There is a brand-new media coverage on cochlear implant surgery for DEAF YOUNGSTERS in the 8/16 (Monday) edition of "USA Today" newspaper.

Hold on! Why the sudden presence of how amazing the cochlear implant surgery for deaf youngsters and babies SHOWED UP LATELY in the American media reportings in very short time frame?

The Sun Sentinel newspaper of South Florida (Fort Lauderdale) ran the feature story on the awe of cochlear implant surgery for deaf babies and youngsters last week ago. The story was reprinted from the Chicago Tribune newspaper, but the L.A. Times and Balitmore Sun newspapers also ran the stories on cochlear implant surgery for deaf babies and youngsters within same time frame.

Here is the enclosure from the "USA Today" -
Eyeing smaller, faster, smarter ear implants
By Doug Kapustin for USA TODAY
Dr. John Niparko, a cochlear implant specialist, examines Serena Rush, 6, who got cochlear implants about 4 years ago and now has about 70% hearing.
By Mary Brophy Marcus, USA TODAY
Cochlear implants open deaf kids' ears to the world
L.A. Times newspaper enclosure -
The technology is 'close to a miracle,' a psychologist says. Can it work for little Tyler de Lara?
Audio slide show: A miracle of sound
How the implant works
What will become of American Sign Language?
By Shari Roan
August 3, 2009

There is the university websposting on the subject of CI in St. Louis, MO -

Medical News Releases > Medical News Releases > Hearing impaired get better hearing with cochlear implant plus hearing aid By Gwen Ericson
Aug. 4, 2009 -- Adults with severe hearing loss benefit from pairing a cochlear implant in one ear with a hearing aid in the other ear, even though the sound signals from each device are very different, according to a study at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis published in the June issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.

Is there really the conspiracy of marketing the cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies and youngsters during the month of August and health care reform debates across America?

In the meantime, where the hell is the Audism Free America on the troubling trends of media news reportings on CI within short time frame?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Like I said the past few times, St. Louis is the capital of audism... there are 4 oral school programs and several medical centers here. They are manipulating the system here.

    Plantation mentality is running high here!

    *sigh* It is the invasion of audism. Do we declare war?

  2. These CI proponents are promoting what they see as an opportunity for kids to be all that they can be with technology. Ain't nothing wrong with it. We don't need AFA and DBC going around making a fool out of the deaf community with their approach as we have known in the past. Let's hope they learned something from their opponents. What ASL proponents need to do is to promote for ASL in a way that does not "dis" any other approach. This way parents can decide for themselves. Why aren't ASL proponents promoting the value of ASL and showing success stories without putting CI down?

    It is not an invasion of audism, that thinking is what is hurting the deaf community. Declare war? Hmm, Make sure you're representing yourselves and not the deaf community because not everyone in the ASL deaf community shares your view.

  3. Robert:
    The CI is just another tool. Like hearing aids before it, and something else that will come along after it. Nothing wrong with those who want or choose to have their children or themselves implanted.

    Please don't throw out the "children are too young to decide" argument, it has been debated to death, and the fact is, until or unless you are a parent, you can not criticize those who do make the decision. I'm deaf, with hearing kids, and I honestly don't know what I would decide to do it my kids were to be in a position where the CI was being debated. I would cross the bridge when I got to it.

    You don't speak for me, like Gamas said, so please make sure you make that clear. As for the poster, Paul, it's not an invasion of audism. They happen to be doing a better job of "selling" the CI than the deaf community is of "selling" ASL (which I support, BTW). So take a page from their book and figure out a way to get the message across. If people would spend less time cursing the darkness and more time lighting a candle, they could navigate the darkness.

    Eddie (ThumpaFlash)

  4. Paul,

    I second ya for the time to declare the war upon the media outlets for pushing the "audist" agenda upon emotionally vulnerable and confused parents of deaf babies and youngsters.


    FYI, the latest media news reports were technically the ads for the CI industry and medical community to prey upon parents of deaf babies and youngsters.


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