Monday, November 16, 2009

Disney's "UP" film character based on deaf person's father

Not many deaf people realize that the Disney 2009 film, "UP" character, Mr. Fredericksen was modeled after deaf person's well-known father, Spencer Tracy. That was John Tracy's own father.

You could check out the info from the Wikipedia about the character based on
Spencer Tracy.

We could mobilize the John Tracy clinic about the Disney slapped the face on
our deaf community by not enclosing captions and subtitles into the new DVD film release, "UP".

We ought to do the nationwide boycott of "Disney" as real Scrooge since this very same company is doing with the new digtialized "Christmas Carol" film in 3-D.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. Aw Geez! What will they do? Probably nothing!

    That program is so audistic that I was caught up with.

    My family doctor told my parents to check with that clinic. I wish a million times over and over that they never met that doctor or the clinic.

    Simply SUE Disney for violating human rights and disability laws!

    It is a matter of finding a right attorney to file a class action suit against Disney.

    I am not licensed to give any legal advise so it is merely my own words from personal experience.

    Good luck!

  2. Paul,

    You are definitely right about the audistic intentions of the John Tracy clinic.

    We could play the poltical ploys to see the John Tracy clinic being truly hyprocritical since John Tracy was employed with the Disney company for many years!

    Just put the John Tracy clinic in very awkward postiton since the "UP" movie character is based on John Tracy's own father, Spencer Tracy.

    We ought to make the Disney look bad since it is doing to their own former employees like John Tracy.

    Real good idea to sue the Disney for the violations of human rights and other accessible means.

    We ought to do this kind of stuff real soon within holidays to put the Disney in real shi*ty position to teach all audists the big lesson for not messing with us, deaf people. :)


  3. Where are you getting these ideas? Where does it say that the character from UP is based on Spencer Tracy? That doesn't make any sense if you have actually seen the movie.

    I have also never heard that John Tracy worked for Disney.

    Oh, and I actually loved my experience at JTC. They were wonderful, caring and knowledgable. They loved and took wonderful care of my daughter and we are proud to be part of the JTC family.

  4. So I read a little further and Pixar did say that the LOOK of the character was partially modeled after 3 men, one of them was Tracy.

  5. Pardonez moi! Miss Kat :

    Obviously you did not do your homework.

    Here is the info:

    John Tracy was born in Milwaukee, graduated from†Pasadena City College and attended Chouinard Art Institute. For a time, he worked as an artist in the Art Props Department of Walt Disney Studios.

  6. Miss Kat's Parents,

    I really was glad that you did look up the enclosed source that the Disney did do the model of Mr. Fredericksen character partially on Spencer Tracy.


    Many thanks for enclosing the info about John Tracy's employment with the Walt Disney company.