Tuesday, November 17, 2009


After reading Eddie Runyon of "Thumpflash" and Robert Underhill of "Under the Hill" blog postings. REAL STUPID of Eddie Runyon making phone calls to the Disney video production office because of no "evidence trail" left for us, deaf people to make an issue of "audism within everyday life".

We ought to get someone like the state attorney general's office or customer advocacy group to send in the formal inquiry to the Disney video production office and get the official reply from the Disney Entertainment, Inc.

NEVER MAKING ANY PHONE CALLS without recording them, but many states outlaw any phone recording without the consent of individual at the end of phone receiver.

NO REAL EXCUSES for the Disney people CHOOSE to decline closed captions/subtitles for the "UP" film DVD release since "Mr. Frederickson" character was partially based on John Tracy (deaf oralist person)'s father, Spencer Tracy! The Disney people choose to be very greedy and exploitative by making people to buy the pre-viewing DVD materials. That's what those people done were very unacceptable!

EVER the former Disney employee like John Tracy, the former studio artist, was largely treated in very disrespectful way by the Disney company for snubbing deaf people everywhere.

WHY some deaf people have to be such an apologist for hearing audists, ex. the Disney, Inc like Eddie Runyon, who seems kissing the rear behinds of Disney people??

We should simply send in the letter of inquiry without any threatening manner or insults like Kenneth Samnson sending an email message to get their official reply, then we could kick in their balls and heels to take an advantage of "once happen in a lifetime" about the everday existence of audism. We ought to state the question how come didn't "UP" film for DVD release have any captions or subtitles for deaf home viewers, instead of sending our emotional reactions.

The Disney people have not done the real disservice to deaf people for very first time. Several Disney films chose to overlook the existence of deaf people like the animated "feel-good" films, ex. "The Hunchback of Norte Dame" without the deaf hunchback and the remake of live action film, "100 Damalitions" without any deaf damalition dogs in this film at all. 1/3 of the damaltion dogs are DEAF.

Many deaf people are aware of the Disney past, ex. Walt Disney and the Walt Disney production donated a lot of money to the John Tracy Clinic to suport the ideals of oralism and audism against deaf people in general.

Have you seen any Disney movies being made about deaf people??? NOPE!


Disney, Inc. ever made the 1980s film, "Amy" which this film pathologically portrayed the hearing "so-called savior" to teach deaf children to speak -

Disney, Inc., ever have been guilty of sexism and racism in their past films -

Disney ever stole the original credits from the Japanese classic kids animation creation and still denied the fact that this very same studio ripped off Tesekuo -

Disney parks finally signed the formal agreement with the government that they will abide by the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) laws in 1997! Why the Disney people choose to snub deaf people after the passage of the ADA law in 1990. SEVEN YEARS LATER!! What kind of beloved and well-known children entertainment to deny the deaf children from being fully enjoyed within their DIsney parks and attractions???


The Disney company is one of numerous entertainment companies keep bullying individuals and other media outlets from just using the Disney characters for non-marketing purposes, ex. educational and inspiring.

The Disney company managed to steer the U.S. Congress into approving the Digital Millenium Copyright (DMC), one of most draconian copyright laws ever existed . For example, the copyright protection of Mickey Mouse character already expired according to the past copyright laws. The Disney company want to keep their characters from being used for any reason without their permission.

The Disney company is the one, who keep stealing the ideas of many people and insist that other people have to follow the copyright laws. The Disney people used the past stories and characters like the Grimm Brothers, ex. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Italian classic children stories, ex. Picchonic, then demanded that those characters to protected within the intellectual property. Jesus Christ!

Who the f**k the Disney company thinks?? Let's DEMAND that the Disney production to make the full-cast deaf movie with deaf director and producers and designers and screenwriters and huge marketing money for film promotions and television ads. That is our chance in a lifetime!

Write letters to the mainstream media and television station about how horrible the Disney company are doing to us, deaf home viewers via DVD viewing. We need words out to the society at general and make the Disney video production pay dearly for their arrogance and selfish marketing strategies. That surely backfired on the Disney company in many ways!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. Robert - If you re-read Eddie Runyon's blog, he NAILED Disney. He is no apologist for their actions. He exposed Disney for the hypocrites they are. And on top of all this, Eddie has continuously fought - and fought hard - for captioned movies in Kentucky.

  2. I will re-read Eddie Runyon's blog.

    I somewhat feel bad about bashing Eddie Runyon with this blog posting.

    Eddie Runyon ought to do this exploration more cleverly with the collection of hard evidences from the Disney people regarding the "UP" film.

    Where are the mainstream media reports on the growing snarls of deaf people toward the Disney video production people??


  3. Robert Alfred HawkinsNovember 17, 2009 at 5:58 PM

    Not that I'm condoning anything that happened with Disney but sometimes companies are so huge they're practically clueless about what each of their different units are doing. That's only a reason why runarounds happens when calling or emailing about the concerns. That probably explains "marketing decision" as empty lingo they use to pacify a bunch of angry people until the right people in the right unit are brought in just to address the issue to point of satisfaction. Not many people realize this is normal organizational behavior in situations like this. Believe it or not, the likes of image and risk management are emerging fields.

    We've seen the same kind of organizational behavior occurring especially with many deaf-owned businesses not to mention relay services and many more on top of what we've seen sometimes at prominent deaf organizations.

    A question. Was the omission intentional or not? Referring to Disney as an entity practicing Audism opened a whole can of worms: you have to cite all entities as Audists. Disney is just one of millions.

    Look forward to ordering whatever that have CC.

  4. Robert:

    First of all, I usually don't dignify ignorant comments about me, but you obviously have your head too far up your arse to be objective on this.

    I don't believe in recording calls. Although Kentucky allows what they call "one party recording", which means only ONE person needs to know the call is being recorded, doesn't matter which person, I don't feel the need. Should it become necessary, notes, such as my blog piece where I document what I was told, are sufficient in a court of law.

    Secondly, I am VERY against lawsuits or threats of them, etc. until it is an absolute last resort. Because of this, I choose to act RATIONALLY, a concept that may elude you from time to time, and I file my complaint, let them hear from the many other deaf and hard of hearing people by posting the information to allow them to contact them as well, and so forth. I choose NOT to go off on tangents accusing them of being audist and so forth, I focus on one detail at a time. Disney has, in the past, taken steps to make their theme parks more accessible by providing captions. So to slather them with the tar and feather term of outright audism is uncalled for without more evidence.

    You call me "real stupid" for not leaving an "evidence trail" for you all to follow. It is there already, from what I reported. Quit whining and wanting someone else to do all the heavy lifting for you and do some of it yourself. If I'm not mistaken, you spend a lot of time in Florida. Why don't you call them YOURSELF and post what you were told? If enough people post and show contradictions in what they were told, well, there's your evidence, my friend.

    While you are correct there was no real excuse for them to do this, they did it. Now focus on THIS problem, get it fixed, and move on to the other problems (how they portray or not portray the deaf in their movies), fix that, then on to the next problem, etc.

    You SHOULD feel bad about bashing me. While I don't deny you are a prolific blogger about deaf issues, I have NOT ONE TIME SEEN WHERE YOU HAVE FOLLOWED UP ON A COMPLAINT YOU HAD WITH REAL EVIDENCE YOURSELF, and only a couple of times have I seen you post links, addresses, phone numbers, etc for people to follow through themselves. Grow up, quit crabbing, and start DOING SOME OF IT YOURSELF. It's that old "For-For-For Syndrome" as one friend of mine calls it. Always wanting someone else to do something for you instead of doing it for yourself.

    Eddie (Thumpaflash)

  5. Robert Alfred Hawkins,

    You are absolutely right about the mega-entertainment company like Disney that something could go wrong overlooking little detail (to those people).

    DIsney have the audistic past which they never feature any deaf people in their films and television series until the pathologically film, "Amy". No signing deaf appears in Disney products so far!

    Walt Disney and the Disney company gave sizeable finanical donations to the John Tracy Clinic in name of audism.

    Walt Disney products are very culturally influence in many ways. Why didn't the Walt Disney company recruit "signing deaf" people appear on two different "Mickey Mouse Club" tv shows (1950s) and(1990s) to educate the children about the real beauty of deaf people? They never did!

    Many people are aware of the past "racist" and 'vugular" and "sadistic" Mickey Mouse in its earliest form. The Disney people removed Mickey Mouse's tail NOT to remind people about Mickey being a rat.

    The Disney people put up the hard legal fight with the government and deaf attendees about the necessity of accessiblity means within their theme parks.

    Why didn't the Disney people oblige with the ADA law right away without putting up the long legal fights in the first place?

    Did you see the attachment from the U.S. Department of Justice's settlement with the Disney parks? That is an evidence of Disney's own audistic intentions!

    Have we seen any deaf people in their Disney park entertainment programmings?

    Did Disney mention about Thomas Edison being deaf as one of their historic living figures?

    The Walt Disney productions had been responsible for introducing youngsters to the concept and ideal of "opposite sex co-habitation" within Mickey and Minne Mouse and Donald and Daisy Duck living together and had children without getting married.

    it's time for the Disney entertainment unit to cough up and finance the major film about deaf people with the hirings of all deaf people, no expectations!

    That's what we have to seize the "once in a lifetime" opporunity to twist the arms of very powerful Disney company to our own advantage.

    The Disney people could not afford any bad PR within the holiday times. So the Disney people get the taste of their own medicine what they done to many people thru legal intimidations.

    You pointed out to the real hyprocrisy of deaf companies for not mentioning the relay service for hearing people to reach them. I just learned today.


  6. First of all, I do not know how "Paul" get into my reply to Robert Alfred Hawkins. Someone must leave the Google account on the computer, then I could not possibly change the Google account to mine.


  7. Eddie Raynon,

    YES, I owe you a BIG apology for unneceesarily dragging your name into mud.

    I always have the high respect for you in many ways. That is the truth!

    I guess that my emotions get worst of me yesterday. That is very inexcusable of me! Okay?

    I will write a retraction in meantime with another blog posting. Same thing with Kenneth Samson. I have high regards for him since he is my former Gallaudet classmate.

    What you said about me to be totally true! I could not agrue with you about this one. I hardly have time to follow-up and do something to make real difference.

    That's why I usually leave all dirty works to the likes of NAD and other organizations on behalf of deaf people.

    Thanks for expressing yourself truthfully which you have my deepest respect for you. :)

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)