Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I personally owe a real sincere apology to Eddie Raynon, a deaf blogger of "Thumpflash". That's what I have done is very inexcusable and unacceptable thing.

I do not want to be seen as another Ricky Taylor aka "Ridor". I guess that I let my emotions get worst of me yesterday after
seeing Eddie Raynon to make the phone contacts with the Disney people. I know how the Disney people operate in very
aggresive and unpleasant way. The Disney people would do anything to preseve their wholesome image. I would be not
surprised at all that the Disney people will deny such phone conversations with Eddie Raynon or other deaf individuals.
They would claim "That is very news to us. We will do everything to correct the existing problem. We support deaf people,

I do have a real admiration for Eddie Raynon in many ways for his advocacy with the introduction of first-run captioned
films in the "Bluegrass State" (Kentucky). He is really a sincere and passionate individual. Eddie is doing the grudgy works
of other "advocacy" organizations of the deaf without any given salary.

I sometimes disagree with Eddie Raynon's approach with the film industry and lobbying representatives and legislators.
Eddie Raynon seems "too nice" and "naive" in my opinion, but Eddie knew what to do anyway according to his own style.

I have a lawyerly mind which I usually state the fact clearly in non-threatening way and get hir reply. I would give anyone
an opporunity to resolve the issue she or he face. If not, I will resort to the lawyerly manner like reminding that person about
the existing law that he or she have to comply with. I have to hit the person with mallet (rhetorically) with the possible lawsuit to get things done. Sadly, many people understand "lawsuit", not the velvet touch.

I often let people get away with the so-called violation of my civil rights on everyday basis. I also am very nice person myself.

From what Eddie Raynon said about me on his comment on my latest blog posting to be all true. I could not argue with Eddie about this one -

Anonymous said...

First of all, I usually don't dignify ignorant comments about me, but you obviously have your head too far up your arse to be objective on this.

I don't believe in recording calls. Although Kentucky allows what they call "one party recording", which means only ONE person needs to know the call is being recorded, doesn't matter which person, I don't feel the need. Should it become necessary, notes, such as my blog piece where I document what I was told, are sufficient in a court of law.

Secondly, I am VERY against lawsuits or threats of them, etc. until it is an absolute last resort. Because of this, I choose to act RATIONALLY, a concept that may elude you from time to time, and I file my complaint, let them hear from the many other deaf and hard of hearing people by posting the information to allow them to contact them as well, and so forth. I choose NOT to go off on tangents accusing them of being audist and so forth, I focus on one detail at a time. Disney has, in the past, taken steps to make their theme parks more accessible by providing captions. So to slather them with the tar and feather term of outright audism is uncalled for without more evidence.

You call me "real stupid" for not leaving an "evidence trail" for you all to follow. It is there already, from what I reported. Quit whining and wanting someone else to do all the heavy lifting for you and do some of it yourself. If I'm not mistaken, you spend a lot of time in Florida. Why don't you call them YOURSELF and post what you were told? If enough people post and show contradictions in what they were told, well, there's your evidence, my friend.

While you are correct there was no real excuse for them to do this, they did it. Now focus on THIS problem, get it fixed, and move on to the other problems (how they portray or not portray the deaf in their movies), fix that, then on to the next problem, etc.

You SHOULD feel bad about bashing me. While I don't deny you are a prolific blogger about deaf issues, I have NOT ONE TIME SEEN WHERE YOU HAVE FOLLOWED UP ON A COMPLAINT YOU HAD WITH REAL EVIDENCE YOURSELF, and only a couple of times have I seen you post links, addresses, phone numbers, etc for people to follow through themselves. Grow up, quit crabbing, and start DOING SOME OF IT YOURSELF. It's that old "For-For-For Syndrome" as one friend of mine calls it. Always wanting someone else to do something for you instead of doing it for yourself.

Eddie (Thumpaflash)

YES, I intend to write the blog postings to expect others to do the work for me. I hardly have luxury of time to do the follow-ups or contact some people directly. That is no real excuse for me at all.

Eddie Raynon is a young guy with full of energy and passion to make the real difference in our deaf lives. I greatly admire him for that. I have no intention of dragging Eddie's name into mud. I apologize again for my reckless blog writing.

Same thing with Kenneth Samson. I privately was amused by Kenneth Samson's email message to the Disney people.

Wr have to be real smart with the strategtic tactics to make real impact for our deaf community at large. We sometimes better let particular individuals or organizations of the deaf to deal with issues affecting our deaf community at large.

We also need people like Eddie Raynon and Kenneth Samson and others including YOU to do the impromptu efforts since time is crucial.

Or we need to get together to make the group strategy to make things happen.

I have seen what the Disney people done to people in general. I still want to see the Disney people to finance the non-pathological deaf film with the hirings of deaf director, screenwriter, producer, performers and crews in the meantime to give our deaf people the footingl in the entertainment industry.

I grew up worshipped the Disney characters and products as a kid. I begun to know the Disney stuff more and more. I got
real disgusted with the Disney company in general.

We have to think how powerful and influential the Disney company is within the world. We must make the Disney people pay dearly for the past audism.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. "Lawyerly mind"?

    Best line I've ever seen on this side of the planet about you. You're a riot, RLM.

    Why not call yourself a legal beagle or something, counselor?

    I can see you in the courtroom action:

    "Your honor, my lawyerly mind tells me of a certain degree of probl..."

    *loud snickering from the judge's bar and in the courtroom*


  2. Rob,

    I am not a lawyer myself, but would think like a lawyer to get all necessary evidences.


  3. Apology accepted, but in the future, please email me if you have concerns about the way I am going about doing something. My way works too.