Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's Matter with NAD?

After receiving an e-alert mail from the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) about the Early Bird I combo package and registration for the Philadephia bi-annual NAD conference on 29th of January 2010.

The real problem is the absurd and illogical registration deadline is January 31th. Two days notice for the Early Bird I combo registration! Never receive any past notices about the Early Bird I combo registration until 29th of January 2010! Why???

I have been looking forward to the NAD 2010 conference in Philadephia pretty much.

NAD ought to offer the scaling fee for low-income deaf individuals or economically devastated
deaf individuals, ex. unemployed and laid-off. Of course, the low-income deaf individuals have
to do real volunteer works for the NAD conference in exchange of scaling fees for conference registrations.

Many non-profit organizations do that for any members, who have economic difficulities to pay
reasonable conference registration fees.

Don't the NAD want to show its real political prowess by attracting more deaf individuals to the national conference?

Or what the NAD really stands for? Well-off deaf individuals and deaf corporations?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason,


  1. RLM,

    Maybe NAD got carried away after they got rejected to give the presentation at Chicago EHDI, March 1st and 2nd.

    It is really sad what Early Hearing Detection Intervention did to NAD and maybe the Deaf community need to ask NAD what they can do boost their self-esteem at the same level as NAACP and other strong minority organizations.

    John Egbert

  2. John,

    Really about the EDHI organization rejected NAD's proposal for the presenation at the EDHI conference.

    Very shocking!

    NAD need to get real tough with the EDHI, AGBell and other audist organizations by taking off the gloves!

    Why the NAD just post the Early Bird I combo registration THREE days before the 31th of January?


  3. RLM,

    Guess it is time for the Deaf community to realize about who should be the next new NAD CEO.

    Really, it is time to stop playing with the present doll house and get real about building a sturdy NAD empire house.

    That is a simple common sense after having the stupidity leadership that got us no where since NAD was the first Civil Rights organization established 1880!!!!!

    It is Time for Real Change!

  4. Yay! I completely agree with you about the real signifance of new NAD CEO. :)

    I have no ideas of who apply for the NAD CEO replacement yet.


  5. RLM say this... "what the NAD really stands for? Well-off deaf individuals and deaf corporations?"

    I agree with RLM and this is how i felt that way and deaf corp shall be include of hearing too.
    When VRS industry scream for help... who will be there? compare to 20,000 deafies scream for help...

  6. Let's offer constructive suggestions.

    Ask NAD to offer alternative fees and alternative accommodations, available on request. Taking over certain duties such as setting up, recordkeeping and hostess duties in exchange for lowered fees, and alternative hotel reservations (a block of rooms in a cheaper hotel with shuttle service).

    The cost of the early bird package plus travel and meals now approaches $1,000. I'm sure many more Deaf would charter buses if the cost could be about half that.

  7. What do you mean that EDHI rejected NAD on what grounds?

    It shows EDHI is practicing audism that way.

    I will be curious to go there but unsure of what it has to offer.

    If it is similar to AG Bell crapola, forget it.

    Of course it was founded in 1880 to perservere the ASL and deaf culture.

    It needs to stop spreading out to other interests that harms our progress.


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  10. Hello Robert,

    I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I understand, not many people visit websites often. However, NAD did post these on their website -

    Registration info - both Combo and Non-Combo - has been online since last fall (at which time an eblast was sent) and the deadlines have been posted as well. The difference between Early Bird I and II Combo is $25.00. I believe.

    Regarding John Egbert's remarks re: the upcoming EHDI Conference - here are the facts:

    Howard Rosenblum and Rosaline Crawford (NAD) are scheduled to co-present on an EHDI panel discussion called "Connecting the Dots: Deaf Community Participation in EHDI Programs" with Tami Hossler (DBC), Barbara Raimondo (Clerc Center), Beth Benedict (ASDC), and Jodee Crace (ISD).

    Abstract: This session will describe the importance of including deaf community members in EHDI and family support programs. It will describe authentic inclusion and involvement. It will cover research findings and personal experiences that demonstrate the benefits to families of deaf community participation. It will address deaf-hearing partnerships, bridge-building among communities, and supporting parents in their acceptance of their child?s deafness. And it will provide information on steps EHDI directors can take to more equitably include deaf individuals in EHDI systems.

    This is a 30-minute session so panelists each have 4 minutes, in order to leave a few minutes for Q&A.

    I trust this information is helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a note -

    Be talking with you more soon.



    Region 1 Board Member

  11. Does NAD give discounts to deaf people?

  12. Kevin,

    That is a good question for the NAD to give such a discount for any deaf individuals, who are economically disadvantaged or on low-income.

    More and more nonprofit organizations are doing the scaling fees to help attracting more confernece attendees.

    NAD should do that kind of options.


  13. Sean,

    You are really one of responsive and effective NAD board members ever I seen in my entire life.

    That could be true about many people rarely check out the NAD's Philly conference website/link. :)

    I really look forward to attend the Philly conference very much.

    Many thanks for leaving the comment to clarify about the EDHI and other things. :) I truly appreciate it very much.


  14. Taking Amtrak might be a good alternative for those who have some time on their hands.

    Coming from Orlando, it's a 20-22 hour trip, either going straight through or a layover in DC's Union Station. The fare is $117 round trip, leaving July 5, and returning the 11th.

    Then you'll use Philly's SEPTA rail to go from the station to the hotel, about 5 minutes. Then walk a block to the hotel.