Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is Audism Involved with the NFL Contest?

There is an official National Football League (NFL) contest for the elementary kids to submit their written essassies (essay) for meeting the football players at the XI Super Bowl in South Florida area.

The WTVJ televised newscasts of young deaf girl with cochlear implant made her presence for television viewers without any use of American Sign Language or any kind of sign language.

The media portrayals of this very same deaf CI user to be seen as a true miracle and success without any "deaf' features. Very troublesome about how the deaf youngster being portrayed in that manner without any balanced and objective newsreportings. http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local-beat/Miami-Girls-Winning-Moment-Wins-NFL-Contest-83348002.html

Is the real counteroffensive tactics within the Alexander Graham Bell Association (AGBell), American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and other proponents of cochlear implants, ex. medical professionals? That seems the way as the National Association of the Deaf (NAD)proudly announced the close working relationships with the NFL to bring the students fromthe Florida School for the Deaf and other schools with deaf programs with the use of ASL.

Why every Super Bowl time like last two years ago' Pepsi tv commericals create such an opporunity for the AGBell Association to steal all the thunders from the effective display of
true beauty and eloquence of American Sign Language (ASL) within the presence of Florida School for the Deaf students?

The Pepsi carbonated drink manfacturers decide not to do any Pespi tv commericals for the annual Super Bowl tv commericals which they make the recent press statements about rather spending $20 million dollars for the introduction of new carbonated (soda) drinks.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. I see where you're coming from, but I'm glad you brought up the Pepsi Super Bowl TV commercial.

    Your argument is much like AGBad's. In a letter to Pepsi, the organization's president objected that the commercial portrayed all deaf people as using sign language.

    The NAD countered that if the TV commercial actors were oral, it presented the same problem in that it would portray all deaf people as capable of speech.

    In this circumstance, what goes around comes around and this time, it's against your argument.

    At least the unbalanced newcast was local and was not a Super Bowl TV commercial. :)

  2. Agree with what Tayler said, that what goes around comes around. The Pepsi commercial gave excellent national publicity to deaf people using sign language, and AGBell objected to what they perceived to be a misrepresentation, that all deaf people use sign language. You're objecting to what you perceive to be a misrepresentation, that all deaf people are oral or have CI's. Takes all kinds to make the deaf world go 'round, RLM.

    BTW, if you click on the small video buried in the article, the audio part also plays. Being oral and hearing with a hearing aid, I'd say the young girl spoke excellent English.


  3. It seem to me that CI is more attract than sign language?? *this is my guess...*

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  5. Deafnet,

    Really about the girl with CI speak excellent English?

    I really do not give any fuck about that girl.


  6. She is a little girl who wrote an essay. Leave her alone!!

  7. It is a proven tactic of how audists took advantage of poor little deaf girl.

    You audists need to fuck off, too!

    The same goes for Miss Kat's Parents who are manipulating the poor girl to satisfy their egos!

    This is how audists have paraded poor deaf children around showing off that there is a 'miracle".

    Nope! It is simply a snake oil that they are selling!

  8. Anonymous above,

    You apparently have a problem with "snake oil", that is, the medical view of deafness.

    Pray tell, what's gonna happen when stem cell treatment will cure some forms of deafness? And I don't mean 'if', it will be just a matter of time when a cure will be on the horizon soon.

    Oh, right, you're gonna keep calling it "snake oil", no matter what.

    BTW, Miss Kat's Mom didn't tell you to "fuck off", she said to leave the girl alone.


    I find it appalling that you don't give "any fuck about that girl". And yes, she does speak English very well. That girl and Miss Kat's daughter are a part of the deaf community whether you like it or not. WTF are you doing, making a "bad example" out of this young girl who has nothing to do with the issue of ASL vs. oralism?

    Geez, pick on somebody your own size. :(


  9. Ann_C:

    The way you write or talk about it, you are sounding like purely an audist! Shame on you! Oh, that's right we cannot fix stupid. That's how stupid audists are!

  10. Anony,

    You've resorted to name-calling, "audist" and "stupid" to be specific. Since when have I called you names? Apparently you've resorted to this tactic because you can't think of anything more than to criticize everybody right and left, including the girl who is the subject of the article.

    Again, I say the girl shouldn't be made an example as she's not old enough to defend herself. She won an award for her writing and ya wanna rain on her parade?


  11. The schools held a contest and asked the kids to write an essay. There was no required subject. They could write about whatever they wanted. This girl chose to write about her cochlear implants because she liked them.

    This is not an "audist AG Bell conspiracy". This is a girl who won a writing contest and she is being honored for it.

    Shame on everyone who is being critical towards her. It is this kind of attitute that keeps hearing parents from engaging the Deaf Community if they have chosen implants for their kids.

  12. It is not the girl I am referring to.

    It is you and parents who are doing it.

    Stop bullshitting with us!

    We know what we are talking about.

    It is not name-calling.

    It is a FACT!

    You are the ones taking advantage of deaf community.

    So please leave the little girl out of our crossfire!

    It is you and others that we are targeting at!

  13. "It is a FACT!"

    What is IT you're referring to? Enlighten us. What FACT?

    "It is not name-calling."

    Well, sorry to inform you, but you did do just that in some of your previous comments. The word "audist" as applied by some deaf to just anybody who doesn't agree with them is a form of name-calling. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't necessarily make that person an "audist", ok? I'm profoundly deaf and I don't believe in calling ANY deaf person, regardless of his/her communication mode, an "audist".

    "So please leave the little girl out of our crossfire!"

    Believe me, that's exactly what I'm trying to do here. RLM is the one who has made her the object of what he perceives as a misrepresentation of all deaf as being happy with CI's and being oral. I know that deaf people cross a spectrum from deaf culture and sign language to oral deaf with speech or ASL to those deaf with CI's and AVT, and many in-between who cross both worlds. Like I said before, it takes all kinds to make a deaf community, and this girl and Miss Kat are part of that community as well.

    For RLM to say he doesn't give a fuck about that girl says a lot about his character. To not have compassion for another deaf person bespeaks a world of rejection. Should this young girl become an adult and desire to know other deaf, is this what she will experience? Sad. It is more telling on the deaf community than on her.


  14. Bravo to Ann C!!!!


  15. RLM,

    would Dat make you feel a lot better Dat another local TV news station had a contest and Dat UWM's Interpreter Training Program, American Sign Language (ASL) Studies Program is one of the finalist. You can vote, maybe it would make you feel a lot better? no?


    Gosh, Karma is a bitch, ain't it?

    *sings Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?*



  16. Name calling?

    No it is a FACT.

    The way hearing people behaves towards deaf people is audism.

    You sound so defensive about it.

    Did I read you correct?

    History shows how hearing people manipulated the system that was to be determined by deaf people... no... hearing people are the ones who are laughing their ways to the bank!!!

  17. OK, we all know about Humphrey's definition of audism. We all know the history of what hearing people have done to deaf people. We all know that hearing people have profited in one way or another off deaf people.

    But to make an example of audism out of a young deaf child is not the way to do it. Doesn't matter if the child uses assistive technology or not, uses sign language or speech.

    The question should have been directed towards the media editors about why wasn't there some balance about Deaf culture and sign language in the newspaper to offset the impression the article created that all deaf wear CI's and speak.

    And no, I don't "sound" defensive about it. The young girl deserves to enjoy her award. After all, had she been Deaf and used sign language and written the winning essay about how she loves Deaf culture and sign language, would we begrudge her for winning?

    Masia is deaf, too, and we should all be proud of her accomplishment, even if her essay was about her CI and the ability to hear.


  18. Aye, Ann C! We should be proud of her accomplishment. And kudos to her for her bravery and confidence to stand before people and use her voice. What a bright and confident deaf girl she is.

  19. Question here is, were there any deaf/hoh people that participated in that contest? If the answer is no, then it isn't preferential treatment.

    Yet at the same time, those who have CI and/or Hearing aids whom enjoy sounds are still deaf. Don't ever forget that, RLM! They're still deaf. Respect their choices.

    Finally, those of us who are assertive in our approach to be all that we can be in the world at large, tend to find success. Those who look for blame tend to wither in the bottomless pit.

    Kudos to Maria!

  20. Well, this is all very interesting. I am "the little deaf girl"'s sister, RLM, and I believe you are the most insensitive prick to ever walk the earth. Her name is Caroline, by the way, and she was born profoundly deaf. Our mother is a musician and wanted my sister to be a part of the hearing world so that she wouldn't have to be put in a deaf school, wouldn't have to learn sign language, would be able to communicate easily with others, and most importantly, hear the beautiful music my mom makes for a living every day. Caroline is the happiest girl I have ever seen, and cherishes her ability to hear more than anything. When she was born, we were told she would never be able to talk or be understood; she was developmentally delayed as well and our family was heart broken. Then came her Cochlear Implant, and now she is in mainstreamed classes, the biggest chatterbox in her class. Pretty cool for someone we were told would never talk. She sings with my mom and me, and you've never seen anyone stand out in a crowd like this girl can.

    And don't you worry, RLM, Caroline still has her challenges. Children sometimes make fun of her because she is different, and she often comes home crying because she doesn't feel "normal." So there you go, feel better now?

    Caroline was asked to write an essay on her "winning moment." We were not present at the time when she wrote the essay, and what she wrote was astounding to all. Her winning moment, the best moment of her life, was getting her "hearing" turned on, and finally being able to hear the sounds of the world.

    And yes, we met a few NFL players. I'll send you an autograph.

    So, RLM, we know you don't "give a fuck" about the little girl.

    But guess what? We don't give a fuck about you either :)

  21. LOL, what goes around comes around...:P




  23. *Shake my head*

    Over the years, the deaf students from other schools came to the Super Bowl to sign and sing the National Anthem. Even the Super Bowl invited Marlee Maltin to sign and sing the national anthem as well! We have so much thankful for....what more do you want from the Super Bowl?

    Let the Super Cute Little CI Girl with or without sign language to win the contest....I am glad she wins. Let her be.....Go, Go, Go, Caroline, Go, Go, Go!

    So, what more do you want from the Super Bowl? I find you the most selfish blogger ever.


  24. Have some class RLM. You are giving your deaf community a bad name. I have a daughter who is deaf and I try to educate with compassion and facts. You on the other hand need to learn both. My daughter will be having her CI implants Feb 26th. She will always be deaf therefore we will use ASL and implants, whatever works for her. It's people like you that moan and call foul every chance they get because they're bitter and are more concerned about what everybody else is doing. Boo hoo.

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