Friday, February 12, 2010

Gallaudet University Closed Unprecedented For More than a Week!

Gallaudet University of Washington, DC, seems closed their campus for everyday functions from classrooms to other extended services by unprecedented means more than a week due to the snowstorm.

Not any known history of Gallaudet University/Gallaudet College and the National College for the Deaf Mutes on the Kendall Green campus had been shut down more than a week in response to the weather inclement situations.

Gallaudet College have been closed for a week during the Deaf President Now (DPN) protest in March 1988.

Gallaudet College had faced the 1968 racial riots and other chaotic times and kept its door open. The college had dispatched the D.C. National Guard to protect the Gallaudet students from any possible harms during the 1968 racial riots after the MLK assassination.

How interesting about the NTID/RIT keep the campus open in despite of regular snowfalls up north in Rochester, NY!

Dr. Harvey Goodstein, the retired Gallaudet professor, often sighed at the idea of closing up Gallaudet campus over few drops of snowflakes back in 1989. He quipped "Many DC-area drivers really do not know to drive during the snowy weather".

Gallaudet Campus Security, Campus Grounds and Cafeteria personnels could report to the campus anyway to keep the campus functioning.

Some people speculated about what Gallaudet students are to do during the snowstorms - "party, party, party". Weren't the students partying or what?

In the modern technology like vlogs and email messages, Gallaudet professors probably have to remind students that the classes are remaining open thru the virtual world.

No questions about the Kendall Green campus being truly a magical landscape within snowy dumps from heavens! Look at Fred Weiner's enclosed photo above the attached link!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Have you even SEEN how big a blizzard the area had? 55 INCHES!

    Have you ever been IN a blizzard, shoveled the resulting mess, and driven in it afterwards? I have, even been stuck in one and actually fallen in a few drifts.

    This same blizzard closed George Mason University and some other colleges for about that long, same with the local schools.

    So what's your point?

  2. Robert G,

    I just reported the newsworthy stuff for the DeafRead blog readers what is going on with
    Gallaudet University and DC snowbound.

    For years, DC usually shut down almost everything over few drops of snowflakes.

    DC area residents are too dependent on expanded suburbs (I forget the word for that term).

    If more and more people lives in DC where they work within walking distance.

    In the past, many professors lived on higher education campus.

    The nowaday society spend too much on commute time and expandable highways to get from the A to B.

    Other countries would keep things going on, not shut down the everyday functions.

    DC area is one of worst traffic congestions among other major cities.