Thursday, February 11, 2010

Actress Betty White Incorrectly Postioned "ILY" sign. Look at That!

More and more celebrities and politicians attempt to say the classic ASL "I Love You" (ILY) gesture lately. The "ILY" ASL sign seems out of fashion for many deaf people in general.

Ever handful of deaf people roll the eyes when hearing people proudly sign "ILY" in one dominant hand.

Actress Betty White recently attempted to use "ILY" ASL symbol in such an inaccurate hand postiton. Let's take a look her

Yes. Actress Betty White get unexpectedly popular since her appearance on the "Snickers" candy bar television ad during the Super Bowl XIL. More than 125,000 thousands already mobilized the NBC-TV thru the Facebook campaign to have Betty White to host the "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) late comedy tv show to show our true appreciation for her often "underappreciated and underrated" television actress of our time.

Will anyone from the Deaf America gently remind Actress Betty White about her incorrect ASL symbol postiton?

The shocking revelations about actress Betty White as a person. Look at this - "V8" info!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Does it really matter, now? She is 88 years old and has earned her wings. She has accomplished a lot more than any of us have and her heart is always golden. What did she do to you?

    We will always love you, Betty!

  2. are you sure she's trying to sign "ILY"??

  3. Anonymous,

    I dearly love Betty White, who is really raunchy and cool lady! :)

    I have nothing against Betty White in any way. She is one of my favorite comedy performer!

    I look forward to view the DVD of "The Mary Tyler Show" and "Rhonda" where Betty White played the slutty character.


  4. Toby,

    Good questions whether Betty White really did attempt to sign "ILY" or not.

    I will write a letter to Betty White to ask her about this one. Okay?


  5. Um.. what's the whole point of this? Did you actually research whether if she really posed "ILY" or not? Based on your comment, obviously you did not.

    If I recall, this picture was taken during her interview about a movie called The Proposal. She did some funny poses with her hand.

    So, it is possible you might have mistook it as "ILY" - here r other pics of her posing other shapes of hand. Here r pics I can find.

  6. I agree, I hate the "ILY" sign as well. But, whether she meant to sign "ILY" shouldn't matter. What matters is how we treat hearing people who attempt to make any connection with the signing deaf community. If we continue to jump on them, they will continue to shy away from us. We need to be more welcoming if we want acceptance in the hearing world. We need to learn when to let some things go.


  7. Jes just used the "ILY" pose recently to his hearing friend. I stopped him saying no, don't do it. It might upset some deaf people.

  8. Seek Geo,

    FYI, your attached files are not possibly workable.

    Please repost your enclosures. Thanks.


  9. (e,

    I do not meant to jump on Betty White for incorrectly sign "ILY" in any way.

    We ought to inform Betty White the correct ASL sign form for "ILY". She surely will appreciate our feedback very much.


  10. Seek Geo,

    Really about your Jes's unintentional postiton of "ILY"?

    ASLTA ought to get busy with the general education of what is the proper ASL sign or not. :)


  11. I checked these links and they worked just fine. Did you copy/paste?

  12. Seek Geo,

    Any commentators have the responsibility to make sure that their attached links are easily accessible and workable.

    I could not possibly copy and paste to see links. I have to type per web address laboriously to see
    the pics of Betty White attempted to say "ILY".

    That is real evidence of Betty White definitely saying "ILY" ASL symbol sign.

    I will write Betty White a letter of inquiry whether she did "ILY" sign or what. Okay?


  13. How sweet. I love Betty. I didn't realize she is 88!


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