Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That Will Not Happen at Deaf School ......

Repeated incidents left the parent of deaf daughter very upset about the extent of audism and lack of effective communication to keep the deaf student physically safe.

This kind of incident would be not happened in most deaf schools of the deaf where the constant language use of American Sign Language (ASL) will not deprieve the deaf student from compromised situations involved poor communication system within the audistic settings.


Many thanks to H.C. of Miami, Florida for supplying this enclosed link. I truly appreciate his constant contributions on deaf news in the state of Florida. I did see the tv news report about this feature story this early evening.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Robert:

    This has NOTHING to do with deaf school versus mainstream, etc. schools. What this has to do with, is a severely autistic child who has been neglected or not properly supervised, by the administration at the school, PERIOD. Fault the school, fault the administrators, but don't drag this into a deaf school vs mainstream school fight. It has no bearing nor relevance.

    Communication between the parent and the school is obviously the problem, in addition to the galling lack of oversight of student safety. BUT, I could also go and find no less than 5 or 6 incidents (in just the past couple of years) in which students at deaf schools have been mistreated, allegedly sexually abused, etc. Those show that deaf schools can be institutions of incompetence towards student safety as well, not just mainstream schools.

    Eddie (Thumpaflash)

  2. auDism is different from auTism.

    D is different from T. See see.