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Believe it or not! The Vatican recently created the new defense in light of the recent church sex abuse scandals - Priests Not Guilty of Padeophila (Pedophilia) If Deaf Boys were Post-Adolescents -

Pope Benedict and the Vatican are surely dismissing the whole deaf community as some kind of casualty of war which they FAILED to DO SOMETHING TO STOP the authority figure within the school of the deaf from exploiting deaf boys and girls for the sexual gratification of priests.

The Vatican's public relations and high-powered attorneys said that the 1962 documents are

just the "smoking gun" not proved anything. They said that the Pope ought to be treated as the head of state. What the fuck???

Look at the Newsweek article about the latest court case in Kentucky against Pope Benedict and the Vatican -

Ever the Vatican attorneys dared to say that the clergy are not the employee of the church and should be not responsible for the act of priests and related clergy staffers!

In the past, the Pope ever sold their priest's wives and children into slavery after making the new church policy for the vows of celibacy.

Very common of the Catholic Church and the Vatican turned the BLIND EYES to the physical abuses and malnurtiton of the Catholic Church female parishioners and children for many years.

My deaf Escplopian mother plead with the Catholic Church for help with the domestic violence from the Catholic hearing husband of hers for years until she realized that the church coddled the wife beaters and left women and children defenseless. The Catholic Church protected the wife beaters by getting in touch with the law enforcement officers to dismiss the charge of physical battery. Ever the sexual molestation of my deaf mother's only daughter by the same individual.

My deaf mother finally had the sense of leaving the Catholic hearing wife beater and went into the hiding and lived off the welfare. She married someone else to get away from the wife beater and the Catholic Church.

Guess what? The local Catholic church helped my deaf mother's separated husband to hide in their church and provided the shelter and foods and clothing. The Catholic Church chose my mother's husband for $$$ over the human decency of protecting the family from any kind of harm.

My deaf mother had to move into another state to get away from the Catholic husband every steps to get the divorce in the 1960s which the divorce laws hadn't been commonly enacted yet. My deaf mother waited for years to get the legal divorce from the court with the help of her new husband (my hearing stepfather). I was a bastard from the forced rape by someone unknown.

My deaf mother was horrific to see her still-legal husband came down the next morning after last night's rape and gave the devilish smile and left off where she attempted to hide from the husband. My deaf mother attempted to abort me in her fetus, but failed at it.

I ended up sent to the foster home after the unimaginable birth (C-Section) on my beautiful deaf mother against her own will. My maternal grandmother kept reminded my deaf mother that I was also deaf like her for few weeks. My deaf mother decided to get me back from the foster home, but had to face the judge. The local welfare agency opposed my deaf mother's petition to regain the custody of me and told the judge about my deaf mother being deaf, deaf, deaf. The judge ordered my maternal grandmother to shut up and forced here to remain silent for the entire court proceeding.

The foster family brought me without any clothes in very frigid cold weather at that time to the courtroom and dropped me slightly on the table and left off. My deaf mother took me back into her arms and raised me all her life.

My deaf mother turned to alcoholism to dealt with the real disgusts at the Catholic Church for its failure to protect the wife and children from any physical and verbal abuses. She finally stopped drinking irrationally on the day of her wedding to my hearing stepfather in 1970s.

The Catholic Church and the Vatican seems keep doing the same cycles of destruction within children everywhere around the world.

The Vatican ordered the Jesuits to poison the Jamestown colony of Virginia to terminate any Protestant settlement(s) in North America after viewing the PBS documentary "Secret of the Dead" few years ago, but couldn't possibly find any specific references to the Vatican's involvement. Not really surprised at all that the Vatican spewed the Internet search engines to remove any unfavorable historical documents about the "Whore of Babylon".

The Catholic Church via the Vatican shipped the British and Irish orphaned children to the "Down Under" (Australia) to inflict upon the majority of deaf Aboriginals and systematically molested and abused the children in name of Anglo-Saxon Catholicism supremacy (1920s and 1940s and 1950s).

The Catholic Church done the infamous "Spanish Inquisition" all over the world - Europe, Mexico and Latin America by tortured, imprisoned and forced the human subjects to convert their religion preference against their own wills.

Ever Francois Goya, Deaf artist, witnessed the evils and corruptions of the Catholic Church and wrote down in his memoirs. Goya knew about the highest church authority impregnated the beautiful young female , 20s from the wealthy family of the Jewish descendants. The wealthy family already paid a lot of money to free the innocent daughter from the church's wet and cold dungeon, but never seen her again. The daughter ended up pregnant with the church authority.

Here is the link to the Samuel Goldwyn's "Goya's Ghosts" film -

You ought to view the "Amen" fact-based controversial film (2006) about the Vatican and the Catholic Church played the sinister role in Hitler's Final Solution of exterminating the Jews -

Ever the Catholic Church persecuted the respectable scientist of their time - Galileo and imprisoned him under the house arrest for his whole life. Galileo supported another scientist's theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun. Everyone knew that was all factual, but not the Catholic Church until 350 years later. The Church finally admitted its own mistake -

The Catholic Church usually re-write the history what the church done to the people with the whitewashing of church history. Pope Benedict and Cardinal Rodgenizer want to lead the Catholic Church away from the democratic means of its church as a "people's church" to more hierarchical system back to its glory day monopolizing and ruling the world with the final authority on everything.

Let's put the Catholic Church and the Vatican, Inc. out of business for good! I could go much further but I will do the Part 2 to put the stick into the pig's eye of the Catholic Church.


ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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