Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Larry King and the CNN Didn't Hire Certified Interpreter For Interview

To my surprise, Larry King and the CNN did not hire the certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter for last night's nationwide television interview with two deaf victims of sex abuses. Why???

Gigi Budzinski, the Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) daughter of Arthur Budzinski was assigned as the sign language interpreter for his own deaf father.

What reason for Larry King Live producers let the non-certified ASL interpreter to appear on the nationwide television show? Was the deal made between Arthur Budzinski and the Larry King Live producers of insisting that her CODA daughter be an interpreter for the interview?

Or the Larry King Live producers asked Arthur Budzinski to bring his own ASL interpreter as many of us, deaf people commonly experience lately?

That would send very troubling message to the American society to make all right for leaving all the dirty works to deaf interviewee to secure hir own ASL interpreter.

The CNN broadcasting people and Larry King Live producers ought to know better about the real importance of professionalism for news reportings, not leave to the amateur people like Gina Budzinski to relay the spoken and sign language back and forth.

Not all the CODA individuals being an effective and qualified ASL interpreters! My own hearing sister and brother ever DO NOT understand what I say. Could you imagine? My siblings have their own deaf mother and deaf cousins and still do not fully understand me. How sad!

Will the Registry for Interpreter of the Deaf do something about the "Larry King Live"'s lack of professionalism for not hiring the certified sign language? NAD?

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)



  1. THis is Gigi Budzinski and they did ask if he needed an interpreter but we did not. I know my fathers story the best and I'm the one who can tell them all about his childhood, and how our life is now and what his mother has said to me. Cnn had nothing to do with it. I cannot believe that all the pain my father went through all you can think of is the interpreter how dare you all.I as his daughter have seen the pain my father went thru the pain his family has been thru his grandchildren not some stranger interpreter. Most Interpreters cannot even read ASL I do not appreciate your comments and I would like you to support him instead of bringing up more negative things. If you cannot Stop posting negative things about my father he is very brave and is helping others come out as well.

  2. Gina,

    With the due respect, I never said anything negative about your father, Arthur in any way.

    I just brought up such an question about the CNN's lack of professionalism. The CNN knew better than asking you or someone else to see if Arthur will provide an interpreter.

    You probably confuse me with Ridor9th's vlog posting which he was more harsh on you and the CNN unlike me.

    I am totally supporting your father to come out as a very brave person to speak out against the Catholic Church for what they done to Arthur.

    Many thanks for leaving your comment. I truly appreciate it very much.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  3. i have a hearing husband & 2 hearing children, all of them are fluent in ASL, I will never allow them interpret for me!!! it's a VERY VERY serious case!!! it was totally embarrassed seeing YOU (Gigi) DO THE TALKING ALOT than interpreting....i recommend u to re-watch the video again and see you father's face. Hire legal/cerficated interpreter! Thanks