Saturday, April 24, 2010

FYI, Deaf School Adminstrator Got Terminated Yesterday

The latest news about the deaf school administrator officially got terminated yesterday around 4pm (4/23/2010).

Most employers or state government usually have to wait for the "guilty" verdict or the circumstantial evidence against someone. That changed much from the administrative leave to FIRED in less than a week. No official press release from the ENCSD or the state education department.

Were more and more people came forward in expressing their personal dealings with the deaf school administrator. Or what made the school board or state education board or state supt. dismissed the deaf school administrator without waiting for the incoming trial to prove this deaf individual "not guilty" or "guilty".

Was the institutional racism and audism played in the role of firing Dr. Reginald Redding, the
head school director of the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf?
According to Ridor's latest vlog posting, Dr. Redding accused the deaf lady of seeing someone else beside him which led to the violent confrontation. Redding placed the pillow on deaf lady's face. She managed to escape and report to the police.

Many of us have been concerned about the negative aspects of Dr. Redding's so-called criminal action possibly affected the future of hiring of deaf individuals to the teaching and administration positions.

The state of North Carolinia is well-known as the bastion of "AUDISM" or "Audistic State" since Dr. Bruxton, the state administrator declared the use of sign language for unintellectual people pretty long time ago.

Ever the state of North Carolina tried to merger the two existing schools of the deaf into one large school of the deaf serving 250 students altogether in entire state. That would save only $17 million dollars.

Fully sure about Ridor that he already knew about the firing of Dr. Reginald Redding before many of us. I already could tell that Ridor knew.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. There is no audism in this play... there is something more to it than just audism...

  2. ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with audism and everything with Reggie's inability to respect women. He has a long history of sexual harassment and not understanding boundaries with women.

  3. Neither audism nor racism were the factors in termination of this obviously troubled gentleman from his position at ENCSD. With his track record from his previous employers (other states where he was employed to assist in adminstering the Deaf Schools), North Carolina felt it was necessary to separate the state from this gentleman from his employment in order to minimize the fallout after his arrest for the unacceptable sexual behavior towards another person, be it a student or a fellow employee. With the current economic situation affecting so many states, it is obviously prudent to take quick action to minimize financial hardships on the state's budget. He foolishly set himself up to destroy his career by continually chasing after the skirts. With his proven track record, North Carolina had no choice but to take quick action to protect its taxpayers.

  4. He have made us the Blacks looked bad after what he did to Black Deaf communities over the USA who have known him! He makes US LOOK BAD after what he did to us, a lot of Black Deaf people were highly of him UNTIL few weeks ago what he did to a deaf woman (he acutally tried to KILL her and she managed to escape from him. He makes me SO SICK! I lost my respect for him, every time I hear or see his name, I have always wanted to POKED at him personally!
    What he did was soo horrible, HONESTLY, I never never thought he would kill a woman, also I was shocked to learned that he has long history with women (I NEVER KNEW until a few weeks ago, I was like "WHAT WHAT U MEAN HIM, REGGIE?? NO WAY" I was stunned.
    Now I call him Dr. Self-Destruct Man NOT DR. REINGALD L. REDDING because he DOESN'T KNOW HIS NAME AT ALL! I liked what DakotaDeaf said "He foolishly set himself up to destroy his career by continually chasing after the skirts" DUH, that's why I called him Dr. Self-Destruct Man!
    For next women, STAY AWAY FROM HIM! he is worthless, he better off to be SINGLE rest of his LIFE!

  5. Anonymous #1 and #2,

    Thanks for leaving your comments. :)


    I am with you all the way why the ENCSD have to remove Dr. Redding from his adminstrative position.

    Deaf Womyn from Baltimore,

    Thanks for all your comment which make the sense. :)

    Dr. Redding also lied on his
    "My Space" account about himself, etc.