Sunday, April 4, 2010

NYT Posted Extensive Documents on Wisconsin Deaf Sex Abuses

You, Deafread readers could view and examine all the enclosed 87 documents (flyers, pictures and letters between the St. John School for the Deaf in Milwaukee, WI and the Vatican, posted by the New York Times newspaper on its website. You could see the real patterns of audism by the Vatican and Pope Benedict (Cardinal Ratingezer) himself.

That's how the New York Times examined all the related documents firsthand before running the breaking news on the Vatican's repeated failures of removing Father Murphy from the St. John School for the Deaf in WI.

NOT many people realize that Cardinal Ratizengizer is the SAME person as Pope Benedict! Why the different name for very same person?? The Catholic tradition for giving the officiating name for every pope when crowned "the fish-shape hat" (symbol for turning people into gullible ones whenever the pope say).

The Associated Press recently uncovered more and more evidences linked to Cardinal Ratigenezer /Pope Benedict for delaying any true action to get the Father Murphy and other guilty priests to be defrocked and send away, especially 200 deaf sex victims.

Sadly, the Vatican and their idiotic followers made all the rambling comments from the comparsion of the latest church sex abuse scandals to the extent of anti-Semitism and the works of the Devil to destroy the credibility of the Church.

The Boys Scout of America and the Mormon Church via Latter Day of Saints (LDS) also shifted the blame on negligent parents for allowing their boys going with the scoutmaster (Mormon bishop himself)/ The LDS sponsored the BSA chapter which the church itself ought to take the full responsibility for what happened to the boy scouts. The Mormon church had been aware of many sexual predators in its own midst for years anyway.

Not many people realized about the overlooked history of the Mormon church slaughtered their own people, especially women and children in the 1800s.

The LDS issued out the formal church acknowledgement of its involvement with the Meadows Mountain massacre -

If NOT for the organized religion's prudence and intolerance toward homosexuality and deaf people in the first place. That would be not happened to the 200 deaf boys and other deaf sex victims (deaf girls, too) at most parochial schools of the deaf and churches.

Organized religion in general, foster such prejudice and bigotry against deaf people and gay, lebsians, bisexuals and transgenders (GLBT) people for centuries in form of audism.

ASlize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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