Monday, May 24, 2010


REAL SHOCKING about how true for the deaf hate crime intentionally happened in the Hoosier State (Indiana) against the deaf high school student and her own mother. Look at the enclosed vlog -

How much we ought to see the real existence of DEAF HATE CRIME in our society at large lashing out against deaf people? DEAF HATE CRIME DO EXIST in many ways despite some people's skepticism.

Carl Schroeder and his "DEAF HATE CRIME" team unit and audience had been toured around the country to educate what we often overlook and not realize such existence of hate crime against us until too late.

I had been a victim of DEAF HATE CRIME when I was in the Library of Congress's Madison building in 1998. The hearing guy stabbed me with the fancy kind of pencil with lead in it out of blue. I sat in front of the computer doing some research. I felt stingy and looked backward immediately and found the real hatred on the light-skinned black guy's face. His words - "Don't you lipread?" I sat in the office cubicle with the computer in front of me. I never met this guy before or make an acquaintance with him. I tried to calm this guy, but he went berserk on me.

The guy seems resentful toward me for being deaf. I had to dispatch the library employee to call the Library of Congress police unit to arrest this guy. The police immediately came to the scene and interviewed several people around and asked me to fill out the police report.

The Library of Congress police screened the security video and found out that was really intentionally done by the guy. The video showed that the guy mocked ASL in back of me while I did not see what the guy done behind my back. The Library of Congress police sent the video and related documents to the U.S. Attorney's Office to prosecute the perpetrator.

The term for "Deaf Hate Crime" does not exist yet until Carl Schroeder begun the formality on "Deaf Hate Crime" definition.

The court case had the guy paid me some money for damaging my shirt like $20 which the U.S. Attorney's Office originally want $500 dollars. I told them that was too much for just a shirt. I was too honest and sympathetic. The prosecutor successfully had the guy banned from the Library of Congress for five years.

I dealt with past intentional deaf hate crime against me in several occurrences. One hearing guy rudely told me "Get cochlear implant!" at the museum when I politely asked the museum staffer please to write down what she said to me at the information desk.

Let's pray for Tina and Dawn Boozer for the speedy and full recovery. We must make sure that the guy inflicted the intentional harm toward those two individuals in presence of deaf students to get the real justice in the court. Nobody ought get away with the "Deaf Hate Crime".

Governor Crist and the state of Florida recently issued the new "hate crime" law for anyone, who intentionally harm the homeless people. Too many teenagers and other individuals often get away with dousing gasoline on homeless people in sleeping mode or stomping on their heads.

Any kind of hate crime against someone must be vigorously prosecuted and spend years in prison to keep the society at large safe from any undeserved intentional harm.

Mike McConnell of "Kooklnut Pundits" mocked the idea of "Deaf Hate Crime" as some kind of desperation. How odd for Mike McConnell blast such legal incentive for hate crime as Governor Crist, Republican Governor of Florida signed the bill to protect the homeless people from hate crime.

Is Mike McConnell a fine example of another Rand Paul, the current Republican U.S. Senate candidate in the Bluegrass State (Kentucky)?

What will the Deaf Republicans do with Mike McConnell's divisive and anti-deaf people rantings?

Hopefully that more of you calls for the "Deaf Hate Crime" presentations come to your town and invite the police officers and politicians to be aware of the ongoing "deaf hate crime".

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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