Sunday, May 23, 2010

McC's "DeafHood? No Thanks" FB Site Is All BS!

For your own information, Mike McConnell of KP, is really an agitator and fact-twister, who would do anything to manipulate and deceive anyone into being feeble-minded to his own agenda and interests to keep the deaf community DISFRANCHISED all the way. That's where
get us right now in the seas of confusion and uncertainty and audism.

If you take a close look at Mike McConnell's past blog postings to see the pattern of his ideology what the society should be all about. McConnell keep defending President George W. Bush's actions and records without being pragmatic and reasonable if someone done the wrong thing.

McConnell is the kind of person, who would NOT admit to any misjudgement or illogical thing.

I would criticize President Obama's horrendous handling of the "BP's disastrous oil spills" if I did vote for Obama in 2008. I rather be doing the right thing than saving my own face unlike Mike McConnell's staunch Republicanism to the end. Mike McConnell would not diss any Republican elected officeholders at all.

Mike McConnell is the new Alexander Graham Bell of the 21th century! Bell, an eugenicist, divider, schemer, profiteer, exploiter, saboteur, "wolf in sheep's clothing", sadist within countless experiment on defenseless animals (vivisectionist), thief, gold digger, egomaniac, would be VERY PROUD of Mike McConnell for what he is doing now with the deaf community to keep it divided, weakened, non-unified, disfranchised and powerless to make deaf people fully whole and functional as true human beings, not less than the dominant society.

Does Mike McConnell really understand the educational and language needs of deaf kids and babies? Does Mike have any children of his? Does Mike employed in the educational facility for deaf kids? I don't think so!

Have Mike McConnell attend the past conferences that concerned deaf youngsters what we could help those kids to excel in the educational system to be real equals to hearing peers? I do not think so!

Did Mike McConnell volunteer for any charity cases to help people like the Hurricane Katrina, Haiti Earthquake Relief and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster? McConnell is a trained geologist (soil and rock stuff) which he never express any concerns or urges to help the disfranchised residents within the Gulf of Mexico region.

Did we see Mike McConnell offering any long-term solutions for the deaf community? Nope!

The deeply concerned deaf individuals are not going out to destroy Tayler Myers. They just expressed such concerns about how the DeafRead and DVTV getting more and more audistic. instead of being more balanced aggregators.

The likes of Russell aka Deaf Bunny owner (note- Mike McConnell was the first deaf blogger to post about the Deaf Bunny while his Republican Party heavily promote the family values) and Barry Sewell aka Dr. Hoockom and another fictional alias of his, dehumanized the proponents of strong deaf leadership to lift the Deaf America out of its misery into the real success and achievements among us.

Here is the proof of Mike McConnell praised the corruption of deaf people thru pornography -

Mike McConnell did blast the Deaf Expo for shutting down the Deaf Bunny vendor BECAUSE many deaf parents objected to the Deaf Expo organizers for letting the deaf porn merchants
have the vendor booth in front of children. McConnell have no sympathy or understanding for deaf parents wtih kids. He rather defend the rights of pornographers to corrupt kids with such degrading materials of human beings to exploit for the private pleasures.

Many deaf individuals within the Deafhood movement HAVE THEIR OWN CHILDREN AND EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBERS TO TEND AND TAKE CARE AND NURITIFY AND RAISE . Ever they are in the long-term relationships and marriages. Those people KNOW how to be PART of the community!

Look at Mike McConnell's social status for how he interacts with people in general. Many ASL users interact with the society at large very well.

Respect and embracing other human beings to be part of the community is the REAL KEY!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Many many people share your sentiments.

  2. He's one of the most despicable people I've ever met.