Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inaccurate Reporting on AB 2072 Bill

Erroneous reporting about the California State Senate Health Committee went forward with the committee votes last Wednesday late afternoon whether the committee kill or send the AB 2072 bill to the General Assembly for the up and down votes.

From the reliable source like Karen Kingrey which she shared her information with numerous deaf individuals like this. With her permission for printing her comments on Facebook -

Karen Kingrey
Let me explain about the CA legislative process... CA. Senate Rules Committee sent AB 2072 to CA Senate Health Committee today. It reaches Sen Health Committee and will be sent to researcher/analysis staff of Sen Health Committee to review and analyze AB 2072 first. The chairperson of Sen. Health Committee will wait until get a report of analysis on... See More AB 2072 from researcher/analysis. Then chairperson will announce the date of a hearing on AB 2072. The support and opposite groups will give their presentations at health committee hearing. After the presentations, they will vote on AB 2072 to support or kill.

Karen Kingrey
encourage the deaf people in us and california to call CA Senate Health committee at 916-651-4111 starting now. Their office opens at 9 am (Pacific Daylight Time)
Yesterday at 7:12pm


  1. What/where is the inaccuracy of which you speak?

  2. Tousi,

    I recently posted the enclosure of my inaccurate reporting within the first paragraph of this blog posting. Okay?