Friday, May 14, 2010

What Do You Really Think of Sorenson's Rebuttual Video?

Someone posted this video posting from the Sorenson VRS which the VRS company made the "rebuttal video" with other naysayers on the proposed FCC/NCES rates.

Should we demand to see the hard data on the operational costs of the Sorenson VRS to embrace their concerns?

What about the transparency among the VRS companies?

Will we see the congressional hearings on the proposed rates for VRS companies in the near future?

Who is this deaf lady or hearing lady in the enclosed video? No questions about how presentable and effective signer the lady is. Of course, her clothes are very appropriate as compared to the NAD video promos for Philly conference. NAD could take some lesson from
many presentable video promos within the VRS industry and other deaf video presenters.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Sorenson has a long standing practice of exploiting the Deaf community. As far as I'm concerned, it has NO credibility. I wish FCC will fine them for using scare tactics!

    Me respect them? ZERO!


  2. What I think of their rebuttal? I just let it go to the trash can. They are really moot. Today, I received an email from them encouraging us to write to our Senator. While I read the whole thing, it was their own written statement and all you deaf/hh just type in your name ...address.. etc and send it off... Hello!!!! I am not their PUPPET to be an IDIOT to follow them. The letter stated about function equalivancy that FCC is not mandating to follow as per the ADA requirement. I have news for you, Sorenson did VIOLATED the Function Equalivancy of not allowing me to call my point to point friend with the 10 digit number that FCC has required us to apply to the rules being adopted. So What are they trying to do?? The rest of u deaf /hh u better read extreemly carefully and do not fall pry to what they tell you. WAKE UP!!!! and do not be PUPPET to them. Thanks!!

  3. I wonder why Sorenson is contradicting what FCC had said, that those claims are not supported?
    NAD had put out the response by FCC, followed by the vlog from NAD director Bobbie Beth Scoggins (they got it straight from the horse's mouth) and yet Sorenson is still claiming that VRS rates will be cut?

  4. Unfortunately for Sorenson, I have a copy of an email shared with consumers by CEO of ZVRS who stated that the rate changes will NOT bankrupt ZVRS,

    "This cut would be bad for us. It would not be catastrophic to us and it would not bankrupt us."


    however, it would mean:

    "The FCC proposes to drop our rate approximately 10%. You can imagine if we were at break even and had a 10% cut in revenue we would have to cut costs."


    "We would also find ourselves in a position where we would have to cut back on new initiatives and the quality of service (interpreting) would suffer."

    So, if ZVRS isn't going to be bankrupted by the rate cut and Sorenson says they will be, you know they're lying.

  5. Sorenson video surely misleading the deaf community so hard and I think its unprofessionally. I had warned many deaf people do not listen to Sorenson's statements at once. I hate lyings, biased, false information. This is the reason I developed myVRS Relay Central to provide accurate information that everyone should know. I am fighting and will not give up until we get all the facts.

  6. Boy-there is a lot of misinformation out there.
    No one has said it would be immediate bankruptcy for other companies.
    If Sorenson goes down-which it will if rates are cut to the amount the FCC proposes then small VRS businesses would be unable to handle the number of VP users/calls..unless they grow-BUT if they grow to handle the work-they will become a higher tiered company and then have their rates cut-THEN they will be at risk. It will have a domino effect.
    It is sad to see people believing whatever is said without carefully reading for themselves.
    Waking up involves first understanding what is being said.

  7. MyRelayVRS--your blog is hardly accurate. It's clearly biased and does not give an accurate view of how things are.

    Candy--Just because ZVRS, a small company, says they won't go bankrupt does not mean other, bigger companies with different budgeting and services won't. Sorenson is MUCH bigger than ZVRS and provides ALOT more services than ZVRS does.