Monday, May 3, 2010

Shocking Revelations about Similar Groups for AB 2072 and AZ 's New Law

Many of us already knew about the entire" California Coalition" consists of audistic people whose pushed and pushed to rein in 16,000 deaf kids into the money-making schemes and deprived the very most vulnerable youngsters from acquiring the good educational foundation.

More and more interest and hate groups are behind the scene to remake America into their own fanastyland -

So we are not the only victimized by the so-called hate groups like the California Coalition, but many and many foreign-speaking citizenry face such similar treatments.

Another example of how the American media and society at large surely engage in systematic bias against foreigners and their own language-

Figure out who is really a racist and audist. That would be NOT Ella Mae Lentz.

David Eberwein (DE) already explained in his vlog posting on the Alexander Graham Bell's legal arms like the Children's Legal Fund (CLF) which were much similar to the hate groups pushed for Arizona's recent immigrant law by checking and verifying the citizens' legal residency.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I blame the English lol when we were a colonial power we took over countries and systematically used our language to drive out local ones, they even did IN their own UK by driving out Welsh. To date one of the widest used languages in the World is English, (I know china has more people but we are talking widely) that has permeated into signed languages as well, Britain may have lost the battle as a power,but it seems to be still winning the 'war' of language, spoken and other. What language are we using now ?

  2. Hi MM,

    Real good to see your comment posting back on RLMDEAF.

    Yes, the Great Britian once ruled the world within colonization and empire expansion.

    The lasting effect is the widely use of the English language among many countries.

    This article pointed out why the United States increasingly turned into the nation of intolernance, instead of embracing the diverse use of language within the country.

    Thanks again for the comment.