Saturday, May 1, 2010

Todd Silvestri Passed Away Yesterday

No, no, no, no. That couldn't be possible for someone like Todd Silverstri passed away. No official confirmation how Todd died. In Loving Memory of Todd Silvestri

Everyone at Gallaudet University and MSSD and the Deaf America and countless deaf communities knew who Todd Silverstri was. Nobody overlooked this amazing and coolestand generous deaf guy walked among us.

All sympathy and concoldences go to the Silverstri family and friends during their difficult times.


  1. I was aware of such conversation surrounded his death, but doing out of respect for the Silverstri family and friends.

    I knew what factors led to Todd's unexpected death, but not going to share such details with the general public.

    Let the family and friends of the Silverstri family do the talkings.

    I owe Todd a great deal of respect which he always treat me pretty decent (good).

    Todd rest in peace.


  2. Why don't you share the news too?

  3. Why should he? If he respects the privacy of Todd's family and friends, so be it.

  4. Anonymous #2,

    I rather let the Silversti family and friends handle all the family matters and choose to share with other people in regard to Todd Silversti.

    I also didn't get all sources to be officially confirmed anyway without any formal response from the family.

    I did see that other bloggers enclose much further information on Todd Silversti. I don't want to be part of the feeding frenzy within Todd Silversti's death.


  5. Anonymous #3,

    Many thanks for standing up for me. I truly appreciate it very much.


  6. RLM, the information about Todd's suicide was posted by someone on Facebook Saturday morning. That someone claimed it's a reliable information and confirmed. Once Facebook friends saw that information, it became an instant fact. However, there is still no official confirmation from the Silvestri family insofar and since there was police involved (to report a suicide and conduct investigation), I expected the report may become public someday or the Silvestri family may ask the police to make it a private matter.

    As Todd was a well-known and prominent figure in the Deaf community nationwide and worldwide, his death as result of suicide should generate awareness about depression and suicide in the Deaf community. We may know someone (a friend, a family member, a peer) who committed suicide or considering suicide as result of battling depression, it's important to bring awareness regarding depression and suicide in the Deaf community, and do something to prevent someone we know from doing the same thing as Todd did.

    To those who are battling depression and contemplating suicide, you're not alone. There are good helps and good people out there.

  7. Rob,

    That would be great if you compose the blog entry on the state of mental health services for deaf and HOH. :)

    Yes, I am much aware of too many deaf people being deprived of the mental health services whenever they need.

    Thanks again for creating the good awareness for the existing helps for deaf individuals whose needs to talk and feel out their frustration and other related situations.

    I do not meant to imply that you are one of the blogger who posted TMI. Okay? :)


  8. When I first read this, first thing I read was a very very terrible thing to say about Todd. What the fu*k matter with you!!!!!
    It said:

    Anonymous said...
    He hxxx.
    May 2, 2010 6:57 AM

    Are you stupid or what???
    Where is your respect for this wonderful human being?

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