Saturday, June 12, 2010

New "Non-Fiction" Book on Deaf Serial Killer

Gallaudet University Press recently published the new non-fiction book from team of husband and wife on the first known "deaf serial killer", Patrick McCullough, the former student at the Maryland School for the Deaf.

Many former students at the Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD) in Frederick, MD, had the recollections of troubling young deaf Patrick McCullough with his frequent and violent outbursts at the residential advisors or houseparents and school staffers. The new book had many former MSD students pretty surprised to see the former alta mater being the feature subject of the book like a serial killer.

The Washington Post also published an article on the convinction of Patrick McCollough for manslaughter of his girlfriend and other victims back in December 2001:

A Deaf Man's Troubled Life, Death; Md. Carpenter With History of Manslaughter Convictions Kills Girlfriend, Then Self
The Washington Post December 27, 2001
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Patrick McCullough and Randi Lawrence were supposed to be each other's salvation. They fell in love in April, a month after McCullough had been released from a three-year prison term. Both were recovering from substance abuse, and friends said Lawrence, a 48-year-old single mother who worked at Rosecroft Raceway, was full of compassion for McCullough, a deaf and speech-impaired carpenter who had been convicted in two Annapolis homicides in the 1980s. She even began to study sign language so she could better communicate with him. "He had found Randi, and Randi was going to help …

Thanks to Scott Wilson for submitting the attached link at the upper part of this blog posting. If not for Scott, I would never know about this new book. I don't know why I am no longer receive any e-announcements from the Gallaudet University Press so far.

See that the Gallaudet University Press isn't doing any good job with the outreach part. I already registered for the latest e-notifications from Gallaudet University Press and used to receive theirs until last year ago. I don't know why!

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