Sunday, June 13, 2010

Was Bill Gate Greatly Influenced By Deaf People?

Not many people realize how much the deaf presence greatly influenced Bill Gates' own destiny of revolutionizing the computer data information transmitted over the telephone line. Gates got fascinated with the text transmission from the acoustic amplifier to the teletype known as the TTY (teletypewriter) from another teletype machine (formerly used as a rapid telegram machine for the newspaper bureaus and other media outlets). Gates saw the TTY machine and asked someone to demonstrate how it works. Gates examined the acoustic amplifier and got an idea about the future of data information highway over the telephone lines.

Bill Gates and another co-founder of the early Micro-soft (before it turned into today's Microsoft) sold the BASIC computer programming to the IBM (International Business Machine) company with sizable numbers of deaf employees with expertise in cold data processing. The IBM company was very prestigious company of its time which many people want to be hired by this very same company with excellent salaries and prestige. The IBM got stumbled in the 80s by the personal computer revolution.

Stanley Kubrick, the film director, had the hidden message about the IBM being the likely monopoly and corporate dominant within the everyday life in "Space Odyssey 2001" classic 1960s science fiction film. The villainous character in "2001" was the HAL, the computer mainframe controlled everything in the space station. HAL was subtly coded as IBM without getting any earful lawsuits from the very powerful corporation of its time. Let's deconstruct HAL after every letter = H (I), A (B) and L (M). The HAL really stood for the IBM.

Why said the cold data processing? It was an opposite to the "off the hot press" known as the time-consuming Linotype dealt with hot metal iron case to print something. The cold data processing became the nowadays' word processing (WP) in many personal computers.

After viewing the ABC-TV's "This Week" television interview with Bill Gates, the founder of "Microsoft". Gates apparently used more hand gestures than usual for any hearing Americans.

The use of hand gestures during interviews or political speeches and social conversations usually done by many Europeans, but Bill Gates was not raised in Europe or lived in Europe. Adolf Hitler of Germany was one of the fine example of hearing person overly used hand gestures along with his speech ramblings.

Let's view the video enclosure and wait for more than three minutes of video after the enclosed ads of ABC-TV's. You will see Bill Gates had his flying hands unlike many hearing Americans -

Quick biographical glance of Bill Gates and his accomplishments -

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