Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo of Jon Dresser with Cochlear Implant As Perfect Deaf Audist!

Here is the enclosed newspaper photo of Jon Dresser with cochlear implant (CI) -

You could see that Jon Dresser perfectly looked as a deaf audist in that kind of body pose!

Let's ask an question if many people say that the cochlear implant will help the quality of life for deaf kids and adults. How come did Jon Dresser get hurt with his hand as Jon failed to use his own CI to the real opporunity of communicating verbally with the arrested officer (police officer) to prevent any bodily harm.

We could see the real birdbrain of any deaf adult to choose to get the CI. The future studies would show that the CI will lessen the IQ's of any deaf kids and adults. Hope so!

Culturally deaf people would not get their hands hurt like Jon Dresser. They know how valuable hands and eyes are. Those people would be not stupid to jeopardize their main body parts like Jon Dresser.

Look forward to learn how Jon Dresser get hurt with his hand thru the courtroom proceeding.

The newspaper had incorrectly labeled Jon Dresser's CI as hearing aid. How ignorant of that newspaper!

This deaf blogger have nothing against anyone deaf with CI if he or she have been victimized by their parents or audist guardian. Just like to mock any deaf audist with CI if he or she hurt other deaf individuals for any kind of reason. That is the kind of entertainment we really need among ourselves.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Are you kidding? You actually hope that getting a CI makes kids have brain damage? How can you wish that on a child?????

  2. Miss Kat's Parents,

    I never said that I wish upon deaf kid with CI to have the brain damage.

    I just said that I hope for the future studies to prove that the forced CI surgery on deaf kids and babies will result in lower IQ's as compared to culturally deaf kids with more happy viewpoints of life.


  3. RLM, you need to get a job! Living on SSDI is not cool!

  4. Anonymous - 9:53 pm

    More hearing people living on SSDI than Deaf.

    Insulting hearing people is not cool.

  5. You have wishing that kids with CI's end up with lower IQ's than they would have had without a CI. That is disgusting! My daughter has a CI AND she is culturally Deaf. Why would you hope that CHILDREN are injured? These children are still deaf. They can join the Deaf community when they are older, or even as children growing up. How can you turn against the very people you claim to love and want to protect???

    Is it any wonder that parents of deaf children read garbage like this and want no part of the Deaf community. People like you push hearing families and their children away from the Deaf community by spewing hate. I'm glad I never read this blog before I chose to give my daughter ASL and the Deaf community, because you would have convinced me not to.

  6. Anonymous,

    First of all, you are a TRUE COWARD for posting behind the anonymous alias and not have any guts to face me.

    FYI, I am not on the SSDI. That is a fact!


  7. Miss Kat's Parents,

    You repeatedly misunderstood what I said.

    I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE that the future studies will prove that any deaf kid with CI end up having the lower IQ's rate as compared to the culturally deaf kids. I am speaking of the studies, not upon kids. Comprendo?

    You have to see that I do NOT represent the whole deaf community. I am just a minon of the deaf community.

    I just mocked how Jon Dresser and other individuals with CI, could manage to keep hirself from getting hurt by the police officer.

    What is really good about having the CI if Jon Dresser could not avoid getting hurt with his hand?

    Many proponents of CI always said "CI will help the quality of life", but I seen pretty opposite of illogical behaviors done by deaf people with CI.

    What happened to the deaf individual with CI down in Miami area. He don't know how to run the organizational meeting without doing the parlimentary procedure and order of business.

    That person is surely an audist which he chose to speak to the hearing ASL user in front of us, culturally deaf individuals and excluded me and others from being part of the conversation. The hearing ASl user was not really pleased with that audist person with

    You also have to understand that my blog postings should not reflect upon the whole deaf community.


  8. Robert:

    I have to say this. First, I know you don't represent the whole deaf community, okay? But Miss Kat's Parents is simply saying that when people read stuff like this, they tend to lump ALL deaf people in with you. Sort of like YOU lumping ALL CI users in with this Dresser guy.

    Secondly, by hoping that studies show CI user kids to have lower IQ's than culturally deaf kids without CI's, you ARE SAYING YOU HOPE CHILDREN SUFFER AS A RESULT OF HAVING CI'S. There is no other way to interpret that. You can twist it all you want, but wishing for lower results IS HOPING that kids are harmed to prove your point.

    Look, you have a right to your own opinion, misguided though I think it may be. That's America. BUT, your hatefulness towards CI's blinds you. You are often irrational in your arguments towards the CI's. The deaf person in Miami with a CI who didn't know the parliamentary rules? MANY people, deaf and hearing, don't know those. Wouldn't it have been more constructive to simply give him a copy of the rules? They can be bought very cheaply online. Rather than sit here and mock him for not knowing the rules and somehow implying that the CI had anything to do with it. And lastly, I did not see in the article that the police caused the injury to his hand (Dresser's). I may have missed it in an earlier article, but nothing said that in the one you linked to above.


  9. RLM AKA the most ignorant man in the world!

    "How come did Jon Dresser get hurt with his hand as Jon failed to use his own CI to the real opporunity of communicating verbally with the arrested officer (police officer) to prevent any bodily harm."

    I won't mention the grammatical errors above.

    You are right to have your own opinions on the Cochlear Implant I do agree with that. You do not think it's a good idea while others seem to think it is and has helped.

    Don't wish horrible things on young children.

    "Though, for years, clinicians and parents have been reporting that children implanted younger do better with their devices..."

    "...Others have shown that children implanted at younger ages make more progress in speech perception and speech production than children implanted at an older age."

    "For adults, chronological age is not as important as the amount of time between reaching severe or profound levels of hearing loss and receiving a cochlear implant. Individuals who have had short-term hearing loss can anticipate an easier transition to hearing with a cochlear implant than those who have had long-term deafness."

    Jon received his CI later in life, and results vary. Not to mention that the situation created a lot of confusion regarding what was happening and maybe the police just weren't listening to him or trying to be accommodating to his disability.

    If have such strong opinions maybe you should do some research to back it up.

    However, I will say that Jon did not get his hand hurt. You will soon find out that how and why he was hurt and I can guarantee 100% it was not done by himself.

    You speak blindly. Read up!


    u gotta think before you speak.

    RLM was NOT the one who left 3 clients in the van.
    simple as that.

    why are you defending a man (jon), the who made lack of judgement???

    why are you targeting RLM? we are entitled to speak our views...

    "Declaration of independence' be grateful for freedom of speech.. why did you think BLOGS were created?


  11. Kathy,

    Many thanks for defending me. I truly appreciate it very much.

    I do see that I kinda jumped to the conclusion how Jon hurt his hand. That was not from the arrest itself.

    Thanks again, Kitty. You surely make my day! :)


  12. How about getting the fact before you blog anything? Is that hard to do? You are hiding behind this blog than digging up the fact! It is very sad how you spread rumors and making the Deaf community look bad.... What a waste....

  13. How could you say that about deaf children? Time and time again facts prove that having a cochlear implant improves the social skills and auditory memory of a deaf person by large amounts. For you to wish that kids lost their IQ points when receiving a cochlear implant, or for you to wish that the study would prove that kids loose their IQ points shows us how immature you truly are and makes us disregard your blog as a reliable resource on this subject. You are an embarrassment to the deaf community and an insult to people and I hope you grow up and begin to realize that the cochlear implant isn't such a bad idea after all.