Monday, July 26, 2010

No More Apologies -- It's Time to Stand Up for Our Convictions

Howard Dean's thunderous quote - No More Apologies -- It's Time to Stand Up for Our Convictions means for more and more deaf activists and community leaders with progressive agenda ought to DO IT and return the Deaf America to its mighty golden day.

It's TIME for us to drive the steam rollers all over the deaf naysayers and illusionists and get over with it!

How come didn't Mike McConnell, Candy, Russell the Deaf Bunny and Barry Sewell blast the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBad)'s press release statement from last Friday??????????????? Nope! Why?????????????? The AGBad surely twisted the ICED 2010 statement on the Milan Conference.

The AGBad managed to whitewash its own role in the infamous Milan 1880 conference to spearhead the oralism all over the world. This very same organization was directly responsible for the firing and demoting of the deaf signing teachers and administrators across the United States on ideological grounds.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. You're losing it.

  2. RLM,
    Again, I can't believe RLM still rattle the cage with his uncontrollable rage.
    I told you so. You keep mention the names of Mike, Candy, Russell, Barry over and over again.
    Still, you actually rattle the cage forever. Write something else than target to same group who walk pass your cage. lol

  3. See Shelpotma's latest vid: "Forgiveness" and get over yourself. You told me here on your blog that you agreed that this infighting must stop;yet you're one of the more vile instigators of this kind of behavior. I guess you revel in it and unless you turn the corner, my readership at this blog will come to an abrupt cessation!


  4. Your blog reeks of fever swamp.