Monday, July 26, 2010

AB 2072 and Cereals

Mike McConnell, Candy, Russell the Deaf Dud and Barry Sewell keep saying "choices, choices, choices, choices".

Why the millions and millions of parents always MADE the wrong choices with their children's supermarket-bought cereal boxes??? These parents believed that they made the good choice with the cereal purchase consisted of healthy stuff. In the end, parents were being duped by the misleading labels on cereal boxes.

Same thing happen with what audiologists and doctors and corporate wolves, ex. CI makers and AVT schools!

The Food and Drug Adminstration (FDA) found too many cereal boxes to be real sugary above the recommended daily dose of sugar.

How for the so-called choices among parent of deaf babies and kids with the cochlear implant surgery and educational methods (AVT) if there are the corporate wolves preying upon vulnerable and unsuspecting parents?

Just remember CEREALS, CEREALS, CEREALS, CEREALS! The cereal companies never have been honest with customers in general. Same thing with audiologists, doctors, politicians with social engineering agenda, AVT schools and other people!

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)



  1. Yes, I agree!

    Mike McConnell, Candy, Russell the Deaf Dud, Barry Sewell, White Ghost, Richard Roehm and other similar clones have been eating nothing but cheap brand cereals that caused their mind to be mentally disabled.

    They ate so much cereals that they are sick beyond being fixed.

  2. You may be surprised, but these guys are right. The law do give the parents the rights to make a choice how to raise their deaf children. I prefer both ASL and English, too, but these children aren't mine. I recognize that the parents have the right, whether I like it or not. This is America.

    However, there is one thing you all can do. Do the homework and show the proof to the parents that not all cochlear implants and AVT cases are so great like the experts claim. Show proof. Like get the Deaf people who grew up using cochlear implants and AVT and have them share their experiences on blogs, vlogs, and the media what their experiences were. Educate the parents. If the information isn't there, how can the parents learn about the dark side of cochlear implants and AVT that Deaf Community sees?

    Let me give you an example. In the past, puppy mills didn't have a bad reputation. They were certified by the Dept of Agriculture. DOA recognize puppy mills as a business, like livestocks, farms, and ranches. So they are all cooped together? Well, that's business.. just like chicken and pigs.

    Until animal lovers start going undercover and videotape the brutal reality, how poorly the dogs were treated, their health severely neglected and their living quarters filthy and crowded. That tapes opened the eyes of the public, who became outraged. Thanks to these undercover people, the public becomes educated and realizes that puppy mills are a horrible industry.

    That's what we need to do.. educate the parents the reality. Show them the weaknesses. You all have a very powerful medium. Blogs and vlogs. Parents use the Internet to do research. Grab this opportunity and educate the parents that some children don't do well with cochlear implants and AVT. That it is a big gamble. The parents don't know it is a big gamble. They are told by the doctors cochlear implants will work. Wake the parents up.

    It is always very important for people to hear or see both sides. Unfortunately with cochlear implants and AVT, the parents hear one side.. doctors and AVT. Do what the puppy mill undercovers do. Show the proof to the media. Put down the evidence for all to see on the Internet. You all need to roll up your sleeves and get busy.

    Oh, another example: Remember with Unity for Gallaudet, the media was controlled by Gallaudet public relations. The Deaf people use blogs and vlogs where they educate both the media and the public. We won the protest.

    Why not get busy and educate the parents?

  3. Mishkazena,

    I think that they want to educate all parents but these bitter deaf people are trying to ruin their creditability to help the parents.

    It seems that these bitter deaf people - Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gina Candy, Richard Roehm, Ann C., White Ghost are trying to tell the Deaf people that these misguided parents are being fully informed to make their decision while people like yourself, Mishazena do know that they are being misguided by capitalism ideology auditory industry complex.

    Do any of you have any morality to understand what is going on?

    I really believe that these bitter deaf people do know our morality but chose to focus on their selfish agenda... Is it their mental illness of why they are doing this?

  4. Yeah, we are sugar-free cereals on right side of aisle. so we are healthy and wise advice for parents of deaf infants. Did you notice we are leaner and wiser but not you? Check your scale please.

  5. We don't go into the cereal aisle at all. So seems you eat sugar-free cereal all day and don't have balanced diet food like we do. Did you notice that we are mentally healthier but not you?
    Check your mental health with your psychiatrist please.

  6. Let me use a different analogy. Even after FDA finds that the cereals are overladden with the sugars, they don't ban the parents from buying these cereals. The law doesn't require parents to use one specific cereal. The parents still need to make informed choices. We have many health awareness literature and organizations educating us about cereals, the benefits and dangers of different cereals, and so forth.

    If there is fraud, then I hope whistle blowers will alert the government. Unfortunately there will always be fraud around us and we need to maintain vigilance. It doesn't mean everybody will commit fraud, just a minority.

    Some people go for the holistic approach while others go for the medical approach. Different people, different philosophies, different preference.

    All parents need to do research before making decisions what they think is best for their deaf babies and toddlers. Other parents face the same obstacles with autism, ADD, ADHD, LD and other conditions. They face a wide variety of approaches. It can be confusing for the parents. They need to consult different experts. More and more groups of parents facing the same problems are showing up on the Internet to share their experiences, frustrations and support with each other. They find out that they cannot rely on the experts all the time. Some parents choose to go the natural way, others seek the most update medical treatment very aggressively. Some will ask people with the condition for their experience, but not others.

    Personally I think it's wise for the parents to seek Deaf people for their opinions and experiences, but it's up to the parents.

  7. Mishkazena,

    Then why are people like Mike McConnell, Gina Candy, Barry Sewell, Richard Roehm and the likes are trying to tell us that we should not help or be available to help of our opinions and experiences?

    This is where the problem is and we are not allow to be whistle-blowers according to these deaf detractors such as Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gina Candy, Richard Roehm, White Ghost, Ann C. and others like them.

    This is all about morality, not selfish "righteous" of these sick individuals!


  8. huh? I am not sure where that's coming from. I see people expressing their opinions, including disagreements. They are entitled to their opinions, just like you and others are to your own thoughts.

    If you feel there is some serious misdeeds, of course you do have the right to whistle blow. If you see systematic cover ups, etc, well, report it.. either in your b/vlog or contact the media. Sure, some people are going to disagree with you and may try to discourage you. Not only is that to be expected, but they do have the right to express their thoughts. But so what? Don't let that stop you. It certainly didn't stop me. I also had no problem with people disagreeing with me, as long as they did it constructively.

  9. Mishkazena, i think you missed the point.. Nobody forces parent to enter cereal aisle and pick one. When baby is born, they all are required to take an hearing test. If baby turn out to be deaf, with that bill, they are referred to Audiologist.... The motion of oppression is already in motion once baby are identify as deaf. Doctors would not tell parents to go and find the information, they are required to refer and hence, with this bill, they are required to refer them to audiologist get it now?? we are living in this crappy society that we have to be hearing or we are done..

  10. Ah, ok I get it.

    I'll need to read that part of the proposed bill. It came to my attention yesterday that parents, including Deaf parents, are legally required to go to the audiologist. I wasn't aware of that.

    Can you show me that part of the bill? There has been so many changes in the bill.