Saturday, July 3, 2010


RLMDEAF will go to the 50th bi-annual historic National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Conference in Philly - the City of Brotherly Love. RLM dearly love Philly to the heart of the great cosmopolitan "walkable" and "livable" city. Great and amazing dining options beyond imagination like getting the hearty meal during the wee nights at the family-owned/local-owned eateries. No chain restaurants like "Denny" in the downtown Philly area.

The NAD conference site is only two walking blocks to the majestic beautiful Philadephia City Hall. RLM ever seen one of the most spectacular city hall building in the United States. Very historic and eye-opening architecture within the city hall. Ever too many "hot-looking guys" in Philly! Gay guys are more "down to earth" and "perfect masculine" than fluffy and hyprocritical Miami and Fort Lauderdale gay guys!

RLM met an incredibly hunky 23 years old Puerto Rico, Italian and Salvadoran hearing guy with muscular body at the WOOF! bar last Sunday night and enjoyed the written conversation with very friendly guy whose have the 38 years old husbear, a priest! We chatted about issues on the superficality of looks and human vanity.

My heart still is for my ex, but both of us are still on the good term as friends. :) That is real important to me in many ways!

The hot potato issue is the selection of the new NAD CEO (Executive Director) to shape the future advocacy and direction of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE DEAF (NAD) on daily basis thru the organizational leadership. Four NAD CEO finalists were announced last month which created the endless comments and thoughts on those finalists by the social media - Facebook, YouTube and other means. Ricky Taylor aka "Ridor" urged the NAD Board to take the meeting of four NAD CEO finalists beyond the NAD conference site. See his vlog entry.

Ryan Commerson expressed his thoughts on the four NAD CEO finalists with his excellent ponders on question and qualification for "Who Should Be the Next NAD CEO?" via vlog posting.

Many leadership qualities issue facing the Deaf America are with the election of the NAD officers and board members. Looking forward to meet the likes of Sheri Farinha, Julie Rems-Smario and David Reynolds at the NAD conference for their incredibly amazing and tireless advocacy and leadership efforts on the behalf of Deaf America. Also could not wait to see John Ebgert again in person. His presence always bring real dignity to our deaf community on his endless advocacy of deaf children's given rights to the language, cogonitive , social and emotional development.

Too bad, Julie Rems-Smario and David Reynolds have to compete against each other for the Region 4 representative position. We really need both of them on the NAD Board. Hopefully, Julie Remo Smeario and David Reynolds and others could find some way to make both of them being available to serve on the NAD Board.

Or the NAD Board give the special position to David Reynolds to lead the ad hoc unit on the behalf of deaf babies and children working along with John Ebgert and others like the Deaf Bilingual Coalition to give the real hands (voice) to our deaf babies and children from being treated as an exploitative commodity by the cochlear implant manufacturers, eugenicists, audists, social engineers and clueless and ignorant public office holders.

Fruitful lists of workshops and presentations by Deaf Americans and hearing experts via subject(s) along with many deaf bloggers and vloggers (enclosed YouTube video postings) from Ed Bossoms to the Deaf Mom well known as the Shake 'n Steak Mom on the Accessible Drive -Thru.

If you have such strong feelings about the selection of new NAD CEO, I urge you to send letter(s), fax message(s) and email message(s) to the NAD Board in consideration of right person with qualified leadership to run the NAD on daily basis.

The arising question about the reliability of NAD contact form while one of the NAD CEO candidate is still running the NAD.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)
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  1. Ella Mae not attending? We need her voice at NAD, plzzze!

  2. Have a great time there.
    Sadly, I cannot attend. Where will the next RAD convention (2012) be held?

  3. Anonymous,

    I recently added the NAD Conference 2010 attendee list to see who is coming to the conference. :)

    I definitely agree with you about us really need Ella Mae Lentz coming to the NAD conference.

    That would be pretty costly airline flight and hotel accomodation like $175 per night for Ella to pay out of her own pocket. :)


  4. Hi RLM

    Are you worried about being confronted by Kirsten Poston?

  5. 2012 convention will be in Louisville, Ky, to answer Toby Wyler's question.

    Eddie Runyon