Wednesday, July 21, 2010


STOP THAT, HANDFUL OF DEAF BLOGGERS WHOSE MISCONSTRUCTED, TWISTED AND UNDERMINED the progressive deaf movement to regain our cultural and linguistic identity and successful educational footings from the shackles of century-long AUDISM. Refer to such deaf bloggers like Mike McConnell aka the Kolonut Pundit, Barry Sewell aka the Holism, Gina Sutton aka Candy and Russell aka the Deaf Bunny.

Shelly Herrod dearly paid for telling her story truthfully what happened back 24 years ago as a coordinator of nonprofit organization at the NCCAP conference last April 2010. She was not a government employee at that time. The institutional and advert racism were very complex in our American history which too many people deny such existence of systematic racism. People dealt with racism in many ways from "reverse racism" to "sleath racism". The USDA backpedaled on the forced resignation of Shelly Herrod without reviewing the whole thing carefully. Uh-huh! NCAAP also issued its own regret for saying such unflattering thing about Herrod in the first place.

The likes of Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gina Sutton and Russell and the conservative blogger usually put their own ideology first without being willing to examine, analyze and review the extent of audism against the Deaf Eyes for more than a century.

The Deaf Blog/Vlogsphere ought to encourage the atomsphere of rational and honest revelations and discussions without resorting to such cheap shots.

Hopefully will see the changed attitudes among the deaf bloggers who diss, mock, sneer and whoop at the issues from Deafhood to Systematic Audism in near future.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. The first letter of her last name is "S", not "H".

    Incorrect == Herrod

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the literal correction. :)


  3. You wrote : Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gina Sutton and Russell and the conservative blogger ......

    Are they conservative blogger? Kidding me! They are very liberal open-society blogger. Are you trouble to adjust living in Nor'easter as liberal states yet?
    Time to examine your head first and maybe you should return to Florida as Purple State.

  4. lavender16,

    What RLM meant was: "Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gina Sutton and Russell and the CONTROVERSIAL bloggerS ......

    And they are not only very liberal closed-society bloggers but also very weird. There are more mental illness people in the society than you realize.

    Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gina Sutton, Russell, Richard Roehm, BigBenFactor and others do have some problem about socializing with deaf people and you can see why they will not show up in public.

  5. What does this have to do with NAD? Please take the time to enlighten us.

  6. Do not worry them. Stop wasting time talking about them. Concentration peace and relax. Important!!


  7. You guys better STFU or those guys will take over the deaf world. (it is happening now)

    When can you understand that you guys are going to destroy your very own world when you guys cannot shut up?

    Open-minded > Closed-minded, always.

  8. How could you leave out Ricky Taylor aka Ridor???? He started it all! He is one born troublemaker!

  9. Yeah Ricky is big baby. Must complain everything in his vlog. Your right don't forget Ricky in list!!

  10. Be careful Ricky leaves no stones unturned. He will dig deeper and expand his tenacity to find you for your comments.

  11. Of course, I shall bite your anonymous comments. Your comments are very puerile, to say the least.

    RLM is correct about one thing: Mike McConnell, Gina Sutton, Barry Sewell & Russell Errigo are all conservative pricks.

    They are not liberals, get that through your skulls.

    Why must I deal with tards like these anonymous comments from time to time?

    Jesus Christ!


  12. Get your facts straight, RLM.

    NAACP created and edited the entire video from beginning to end, then purportedly edited a part of the Shirley Sherrod controversy and released it on YouTube. Andrew Breitbart, via tips, picked it up and the rest is history. NAACP is a racist institutional mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and cease to be a civil rights organization a long time ago.

    Scores of black Americans defended the Tea Party and condemned the NAACP for calling Tea Party "racist". See here. Read the articles in full, they know the NAACP upfront and personally, and know what NAACP is all about: being a race-obsessed front for the far left-controlled black America (but never for other "colored" peoples or for the American melting pot). Can you dare to call them "Uncle Toms" or call up the KKK, the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party, to lynch these patriotic black Americans for speaking out against NAACP?

    Until you realize that being obsessed with one culture (or race) and exclude others does not make America great. Being obsessed with one culture (or race) divides and classifies everyone into something that made them feel LESS American, to the point that America is no longer a melting pot and that Americans are all not quite equal before the law. And another thing... the endless fight between the audists and the Deaf culturists does not do us anything good and, frankly, it's no longer about who's right and who's wrong, but it's about who's better and who's not.

    It's getting out of hand. It's childish, petty, and stupid. Grow the fuck up. There are such things called "choices". You all are entitled to opinions and beliefs and express them in any forum, but you all also are entitled to choices as well. Learn to live with what you choose to have and move on with your choice(s) in peace.

  13. Rob,

    I am not defending the NCAAP in any way what it refer to the Tea Party.

    I am speaking of handful of deaf bloggers, ex. Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Candy, Russell and whoever they are. Those bloggers/vloggers tend to twist, maim, deflate the Deaf Acculuration issues from time to time.

    I thought that the conservative blogger was the one whose edited the Sherrold presentation and sent to the FOX News.


  14. lol

    I'm far from conservative. RLM, you smell like a dictator. True dictators want to shut people up. I believe we all have every right to express our opinions and you do have every right to say what you want. Beware of the image you project to the world. I'd rather be discussing issues as versus gossiping and targeting individuals. What you need to do is to specifically state what it is that I said that warrants what you call "Twisting, maim, and deflate". Show me exact examples of that, and then again with English not being a strong point for some deaf people, wouldn't you say that perhaps they misinterpreted things? Think about it. You do have every right to write what you want and I'm not going to cry and I have every right to write what I want, please don't cry, RLM! ;)

  15. Rob, that was not true. It was Andrew Breitbart who edited the video. Get the facts accurate.


  16. Ridor, according to TPM (very liberal blogsite):

    "I don't have it," Breitbart told TPMmuckraker in an interview. Breitbart said his source sent him just the edited clips at first, but is in the process of sending the full video.

    Breitbart said he'll post the full video, if he can get permission from the video production company who filmed it for a local NAACP chapter. He also maintained that he didn't edit the clip and that it was sent to him already edited.

  17. Okay, okay, okay,Candy and Rob what you replied. :)