Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Karen Kingrey Urge Us to Stop Whining, Start Real Action!

Just do a favor for Karen Kingrey, the West Virginia School for the Deaf. She is a big-time Deaf activist herself. Karen know many important people in her life. She usually get things done!

Here is her Facebook message at her urge and with her permission, too -

  • Karen Kingrey Yes, I see the deaf people kept talking about NO to CI. Where are our action? I wonder why we, the deaf people not protest at FDA and State Medical Associations on the sidewalks and make the noises. I strongly believe we should act more than talking. Look at ADAPT. they blocked the city busses from running cuz they were not accessible to the riders in the wheelchairs. They made impact and changed. We can change if we, the deaf people protest and made the change.
    27 minutes ago ·

  • Karen Kingrey Robert, I want you to write a blog with my permission. :-)
    23 minutes ago ·
What do you think of Karen's message?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Well it takes time since we are working on to educate Deaf people about Deafhood issue that is a good start for them to understand it better before we go ahead.. Does it make sense to you? We don't want to jump the conclusion for the wrong time/place as far as we have to be smarter than they are.

    Also, There is one thing that we need the most important thing to have it first in our Deaf community that I will not gonna to say it right now. Wait until the time comes then you will know it for sure. ;) Thank you!

  2. I respected Karen Kingrey until a few minutes ago. Just because I did not agree with her on something, she insulted me and banished me from her Facebook account. Ironically, in doing so, she pretty much proved my point. Why be proud of being deaf when many of our advocates are such intolerant idiots?

  3. You cant row the boat in one directions if you got everyone in it banging on each other with the oars. There's been too much infighting in recent years to get deaf people to think of being as one, to think of rowing the boat in one direction.

  4. I've never heard of Karen Kingrey.

  5. SweetMind,

    I see your point! :)

    Tom Willard,

    I am very regretful that you have a fallout with Karen Kingrey. I could understand your perspective about why more and more people would engage in one-way conversation nowaday.

    I really hope that you and Karen will come together to settle the hatchet and work together. :)

    I do believe that many deaf people feel under the systematic assault from the AB 2072 bill to AGBell's sleath campaign to eugencize the Deaf America. That's how someone like Karen get real emotional and have enough of "yes, but....." approach.

    Karen is a doer! :) I truly admire her very much. I am not trying to defend what happened between you and Karen on the Facebook.

    I hope that Karen will come to apologize for her rash behavior. Okay?

    Anonymous, 1:41am,

    I agree with you 100 percent what you meant about too many factions thinning us, Deaf America out with countless infightings among us.

    I really like your metaphor! :)

    Karen who?

    Karen Kingrey is a well-known deaf individual in West Virginia for her endless deaf activism in the 1970s and 1980s. She have a reputation for getting things done! :)


  6. What Stem Cell would do to all deaf babies and adults?

  7. Mason says "I hope that Karen will come to apologize for her rash behavior. Okay?"

    Mason / are you serious that Karen behaved bad?
    You are two faces !

  8. Anonymous 8:11pm,

    I tried to fluff the bad blood between Tom Willard and Karen Kingrey.

    Yes, Karen ought to apologize for being too harsh on Tom Willard.

    U never seen the FB conversations between Tom and Karen. I did!

    Most of all, we need to learn how to do things diplomatically than one-way conversation.

    No wonder why our country are full of ranters, instead of being willing to listen to both sides and be reasonable.

    We need more moderates, instead of hardheaded ones. Understand?

    I dearly love Karen very much.