Thursday, August 19, 2010

People Often Get Unsolicited Advice from Doctors!

The AB 2072 opponents have the legitimate reason to be skeptical of audiologists and doctors. Just read on and find out WHY!

More and more hearing patients experienced such an unsolicited advice from their own doctors nowadays beyond their given roles or duties.

So the opponents of the AB 2072 bill do not imagine anything at all! Look at the enclosed article from the USA Today to see how and why the opponents have the legitimate reason to oppose the AB 2072 bill based on their personal and professional experience dealing with deaf kids.

The licensed audiologist really could say nothing to parents of deaf babies/kids, but shown hir own body language or give some hints beyond the legal definition of the given law. Many people know how to find some loopholes around the law anyway. People could be very clever to get away with the law.

For example, the assigned primary doctor in Florida rudimentary signed in ASL to me at the end of our very first appointment - "I WANT SEX WITH YOU" with big grin last February 2010. That really appalled and disgusted me due to his unethical and unprofessional behavior. I left off in real shock! That very good-looking doctor in his early 30s crossed over the line.

Guess what? I was put in very awkward postiton since I just got the health care coverage and don't know what to do. I was going to file the complaint against that doctor. I decided to give the very same doctor another chance due to my "heart of gold". The doctor did make another inappropriate remark like pointing out to hairy-chested guys from the magazine left on the doctor's office on my third visit. I just nodded with very cool head.

Before seeing the doctor for very first time, the office staffers did inquire me whether I am gay or not. I replied "What is to do with the medical visit?" The staffers gave me a poke face and gulped. I was very shocked to learn that I was being screened for my sexual preference to see that doctor. Jesus Christ!

Another incident with different Florida doctor which the first "gay" doctor willingly refer me to see the "leg" doctor due to my past auto accident. I need the specified othropedetic support for the right leg.

Guess what? The leg doctor looked at me like a piece of meat and licked his tongue. He came to me and grabbed my buttock, then rubbed my belly and patted on my chest with his glittering eyes. The doctor had a wife! I was totally stunned about another doctor done inappropriate touchings on me.

I found out about the real incompetence of Florida state medicine board from disciplining the licensed Florida doctors anyway.

California have the lowest rate of serious disciplinary actions against doctors! Look at the enclosed link above!

Another similar occurrence to me in Washington, DC at the George Washington University Hospital. The medical male student intern was assigned to do the annual physical examination. He examined me thoroughly until he seen my male genital. That suddenly aroused the very good-looking intern. He did give me his email address with seductive smile. I was also shocked about him being unethical and unprofessional.

Few weeks later, I came to the hospital for another appointment. Guess what? The very same medical student intern approached me and asked me how come I did not write him an email message at all. I simply told him "Jesus Christ!". The medical student intern gave me his puppy look. I left with rolling eyes in disbelief!

I would be not surprised at all about audiologists to find some way to give and pressure parents of deaf babies and kids. Many medical patients or parents of deaf babies and kids really are not familiar with the existing laws or the "supposedly to do" professional and ethical conducts among the medical profession.

One nurse in Boston did hug me out of blue. Another nurse at the U.S. Senate's infirmary room hugged me pretty long in the early 1990s. I was dumbfounded when I was just only 24 years old. I asked that infirmary nurse why she done such thing. The nurse wrote "You are so adorable!" I said "Uh-huh".

See that???? The medical profession are not to trust at all. :(

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. how come u didn't sue the doctors for being unehtical so i didn't believe ur story at all! u're full of bullsh*t!

  2. videotape it or it didn't happen. I don't mean to be harsh if it is true, but stuffs like this is just too weird for it to happen.