Sunday, August 15, 2010

Misdiagnosis of the Deaf Within the AB 2072 Brought Memories of Institutionalization

The recent legislative maneuverings by the untrustworthy Tony Mendoza and his corporate wolves with the AB 2072 bill surely remind us much of often misdiagnosis of deaf children and adults as "feeble-minded", "unintelligent", "uncommunicative", "animal-like", "mentally unstable" and "need to supervise" in the past.

Too many normal-minded and intelligent deaf children and adults ended up institutionalized against their own wills at the state mental hospitals over two centuries. Past horror memories of deaf children and adults got placed in the wrong facilities shouldn't be forgotten at all.

In the past, many doctors often recommended to the distraught parents of deaf children that they ought to send their own deaf child to the state mental hospital(s). So parents tend to look at people in "white coats" to be knowledgeable on deaf people in general. Ever the prejudiced doctors urged many parents of deaf child to be sent to the oral school.

The recent case with the unjustifiable and wrong placement of deaf girl into the state mental hospital which took doctors more than 70 years to diagnosis the elderly deaf lady as most normal and intelligent person.

Audiologists are the new novelty of diagnosing deaf children which could cost the deaf child hir true potential ever hir own destinty. Of course, many audiologists are often pressured to do the "sale pitch" with referrals and recommendations which benefits their own firms and own pocket, ex. commissions.

Nothing new about the common treads lie within the professional fields - medical and psychological authorities to misdiagnosis our deaf children.

How much we should put faith in audiologists to make the "honest to God" recommendation to parents of deaf children?

Jeez, the latest ploy of getting doctors and audiologists to serve on the advisory board are the latest reminder of the energy industry running and dictating the regulatory board. See what happen with the BP oil spills are the best example of how we could avoid the costly mistake with the deaf child's own future.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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