Monday, August 16, 2010

Spat Between Marlee Matlin and MDI CEO at LV!

Someone sent me a newspaper article about Actress Marlee Matlin had a spat with the Deaf International Pageant coordinator at the Deaf World Expo.

Kinda surprised to see Marlee Matlin let her personal feelings got the worst of herself at the given situation. Matlin's Svengali rep denied such occurrence.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. I have no respect for MM because she was "talking" (meaning without using ASL in front of deaf people - how rude is that?) with her interpreter at the Deaf Expo book autograph. That's an insult to Deaf community, wouldn't you think so? I thought she's nice but apparently she's not so nice after all.

  2. I think Jacobs was out of line for repeatedly asking for a photo. If someone says no, be polite, accept it, and move on. Don't be pestering important people with minor crap like this. How would you like to be photographed day in and day out? It gets annoying.

  3. MM do not have to act like that.

  4. lol, that's true... my buddy told me at the deaf coffee gathering last Saturday ,the story about spat between MM and Leek . I wish you were there to see the juicy gossip he carried from LV. He knew MDI CEO so well that he think Leek is big asshole in State of Florida and than MM.

  5. who is bgmaron8?

  6. Anonymous 8:45pm,

    I personally know who the bgarmon8 is. I guess that this commentator choose to identify hirself as "bgorman8, instead of hir own real name.

    I rather leave the identity all alone as it is.

    bgorman8 is a deaf vlogger on the DVTV, too.

    U could type bgarmon8 on the search engine to find out who this person is. Okay?


  7. Anonymous said...
    who is bgmaron8?

    Robert, Yes ,that's me. you know me so well then nothing wrong with my profile name on this.
    Deafread and DVTV run by Tayler.
    I have trouble with wordpress on Deafread so I type my profile name so you know who I am.

  8. Hi bgarmon8,

    Of course, I know who you are! I just do not want to reveal your true name. I rather leave to you to tell others who you are. :)

    I just hand off from telling the Anonymous 8:45pm. Okay?


  9. Oh that's you with tattoos on your body